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  1. johnwmson062 added a post in a topic Club Fitting - Ping Eye 2   

    I am really dissapointed ping either does not actually have any demo days or they are not loaded into their website.
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  2. johnwmson062 added a post in a topic Club Fitting - Ping Eye 2   

    I am generally assuming most Ping fitters are not going to be receptive to fitting me for clubs when I am not planing to buy from them or have them make the adjustments.

    I could go in and pretend I intend to buy a set from them.  I am neither all that comfortable with or particularly adept at such deception though.
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  3. johnwmson062 added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Club Fitting - Ping Eye 2
    I played golf a few decades ago and my SO is pushing me to get back into it as she is starting up.  I no longer have my old clubs, square groove BeCu Eye 2s, but I think I want to get the same.  I have hit a fair number of other irons and never felt the feel of anything else compared.  I am quite certain there are irons I could get better distance from, but not the same feel.   I can't remember the specs on my old clubs, not sure I am the same height anyways, and not so sure my old ones fit me right anyways.  I would really like a Ping factory rep to fit and adjust a set for me, but I can't find any local fitting sessions listed in my area.  I live in Dayton, Ohio.  I can easily travel to Columbus or Cincinnati.  I can probably make a trip to Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, most of the major tourist cities in Florida, or Houston to coincide with another trip if I need to.  A reputable custom club maker could do the work for me also, I just don't know any in my area now.  I have looked up the cost of this work with several locals, so I have a ballpark n the cost.  I just don't know how good of work they do.  I used to know of a guy with a pretty good reputation, but he shut down some time ago.

    As to the inevitable question as to needing to know my skill level swing consistency before judging if a fitting would benefit me:  I took a Medicus iron to the driving range and had no problems.  I haven't played a round in more than five years and not regularly for more than 15, but I think my swing is still pretty consistent.
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