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  1. Triggers added a post in a topic My Swing (Triggers)   

    Sweet, they are back :)
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  2. Triggers added a post in a topic TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.   

    Noticed that all of my videos that I've posted seem to have been turned into pictures.
    Will I need to reupload all these?
    I don't see anyone's signatures either, is there some setting I'm missing?
    Love the new feel/layout of the site :) 
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  3. Triggers added a post in a topic My Swing (Triggers)   

    Hmmm, new site looks good; but do I need to reupload/reattach my old videos?
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  4. Triggers added a post in a topic My Swing (Triggers)   

    Had a pretty crappy range session yesterday, but put in a lot of extra time putting afterwards and at home recently.

    Had an insane round today. Again at my local muni course... +6 through 18. FIVE birdies, all on the front 9.  ( third row is putts )

    edit: apparently I misclicked when entering into my app.. actually had a bogey on 18.

    I started on the back 9, so I was thinking I was having a pretty good round. Doubled on the 1st after hitting my second shot short in some water :(

    Proceeded to have the craziest/best 9 holes I've ever played lol. Haven't had more than 2 birdies in a full 18, nor have I hit birdies back to back.

    Biggest take away for me was seven 1 putts, no 3 putts... Hit almost all my fairways on par4s and hit a ton of greens. Best I have ever played by far :D
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  5. Triggers added a post in a topic My Swing (Triggers)   

    Heh, I just saw your pre edit post and was like "He's right!" but the red line does not drop the same way ( referencing the trees ).

    I think it was due to the cropping in w/e program @chspeed was using
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  6. Triggers added a post in a topic Full turn backswing   

    Would help to post a video of your swing, but I think I have a similar issue.

    In the couple short lessons I had, one of the biggest criticisms I got was that I was going way too far in my back swing. He told me to take "half a back swing", and showed me the video... I was like 90% of my normal swing; but didn't throw off other things.

    Have you tried recording your 'shorter' backswings?
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  7. Triggers added a post in a topic Good Idea to Make Practice Swings with No Ball   

    I don't know how beneficial it would be to just go out and swing. If you have something specific you are working on in your swing, seems like practicing without a ball is fine.

    No reason a ball needs to be there if you are just working on 'steady head' or 'centered hip turn' etc.
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  8. Triggers added a post in a topic My Swing (Triggers)   

    Yep, that illustrates it perfectly.

    Btw, is that software mac os only? ( took a quick look at the site, seems so? )
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  9. Triggers added a post in a topic My Swing (Triggers)   

    Updated swing videos:

    7i FO

    7i DTL

    Driver FO

    Driver DTL

    Looks like I need to get back to focusing on keeping my head steady in the back swing. I haven't been focusing on it as much ( practice and swing thought ) and it shows... I don't look to be sliding back with my hips, which is good. Almost looks like I'm getting some distance from the centered hipturn

    Just gotta get the head in check.

    Also seems like I'm casting the club, but will work on that in time.
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  10. Triggers added a post in a topic My Swing (Triggers)   

    Still no vids! Been playing more often than going to the range.

    Decent round yesterday, I think I was +19 but it was my first round with 2 birdies. I had 2 holes where I hit approach shots into the water, that resulted in 2 triples... otherwise woulda been a really good round.
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  11. Triggers added a post in a topic My Swing (Triggers)   

    Played a bit with the new midsized grips + extra length, definitely like it but I need to put in some range time to get used to them :)

    Hopefully an updated video soon
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  12. Triggers added a post in a topic My Swing (Triggers)   

    Thanks Jon!

    Just finished adding 1/2'' to my irons. I ended up getting remeasured, being 6'2'' with a 37'' wrist-to-floor measurement. The 1.5'' that was suggested seemed a bit crazy.

    Did the extensions and regripping myself, probably will take them to check the lie angle next week sometime to see if they do need to be adjusted.
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  13. Triggers added a post in a topic My Swing (Triggers)   

    Played a few rounds since the last update.

    Shot 95 on a course I hadn't played, not great... lot of trouble off the tee.

    Also played my local muni course, and got my first eagle! :)

    Almost feels like cheating since it only a 230 yard par 4 ... pin was on the front of the green and I hit a 3 iron to about 6'.

    Other than my first 2 holes ( double, triple bogey ) I played great with all pars/bogeys. Ended up with a +13 which is close to my best round there.
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  14. Triggers added a post in a topic My Swing (Triggers)   

    Well, not to say that the swing is exactly the same I guess; but the general mechanics of it are. The address should take care of differences in club lengths ( ball more forward, axis tilt, standing further from the ball ) all seem to flatten the swing plane and produce the driver swing as an example. What I mean is that I just 'feel' uncomfortable in my swing which is probably mental / over thinking.

    I was/am a bit weary of adding an inch, but that was the suggestion from the lessons / fittings I had done; he said possibly even 1.5''. I do have pretty short arms for my size ( I'm 6'2'' ) so idk, maybe get a second opinion?

    Back on the hip turn to the bold; that seems like my issue as well. I'm overly conscience of it during my driver swings and leads to bad things lol
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  15. Triggers added a post in a topic My Swing (Triggers)   

    Another pretty good round on a par 63 course, +16 for a 79.

    I need to get to the range to work on my driver, I'm not sure why but I have it in my head that I need to swing completely different than my iron swings. Haven't decided if I'll go to the range this week or play a round. Will try to get video either way

    Pretty happy with my progress lately, should be getting my irons adjust next week :)
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