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  1. My Swing (Bogeyaah)

    @boogielicious I won't delete videos ever again. Happy New Year first all! It's 2016 and thanks to you guys I have got some positive feedback to share. I feel a lot more comfortable flaring my feet I feel a lot more comfortable rounding my back instead of sticking my butt out @mvmac's video helped a lot to improve my takeaway To cut a long story short: I stopped shanking the ball. I feel a lot more comfortable again hitting my shorter irons. I am still fighting a hook though - especially with my longer irons and woods (which I currently removed from my bag). I took a lesson from my local pro before Christmas and he identified an unstable lower body (I am not keeping the right knee flexed) + over-rotating/over-active hands (especially my right hand). He wants me to work on a much smoother rhythm, making a full shoulder turn during my backswing and rolling my right ankle through the downswing. The FlightScope is showing an in-to-out path - he wants me to swing a lot more left. Rolling the right ankle is a completely new feeling. Unfortunately, due to -6 degress Celsius outside, I can't do much filming right now. Could you guys recommend any good swing thoughts for a proper shoulder turn?  
  2. My Swing (Bogeyaah)

    Many thanks for the feedback @mvmac. The videos really helped. I will work on my takeaway and come back with an update asap.
  3. My Swing (alienator)

    OT: I think the video quality is great. I am due a free phone upgrade due to my contract extension and I am planning to get an iPhone 6s+ too to capture proper swing videos. The Sony Action Cam looks good too. Many thanks for your feedback.
  4. My Swing (Bogeyaah)

    Hi all. Update: I am still shanking the majority of the balls on the driving range - no problems on the course though. I having a tough time working on my hook too. I am trying to work on my takeaway a lot - looked very flat earlier on. Unfortunately I deleted my previous videos on YT and I am not able to edit my existing posts anymore. Any suggestions?  
  5. My Swing (Bogeyaah)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 17 months (May 2014) My current handicap index or average score is: 26.4 My typical ball flight is: slice/fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice, fat & thin shots Hi TST I already introduced myself twice ( here and here ) and don't want to bother you guys again with my story. I decided, for my own progress and discipline, to start a swing thread and use it as some sort of a blog and an opportunity to learn from you. I thought it might be best to kick-off my blog with an absolute nightmare of a swing - you're welcome! I went to the range today and focused entirely on the two drills my new coach gave me on Monday. After I finished my warm-up I started hitting right-handed chip shots - as suggested on Monday. The key points I focused on: flaring my feet (which I never did before), forward shaft lean, hands forward at impact. In total I hit 30 balls that way and was able to hit 3-4 good shots. I shanked, thinned and chunked all the other ones and wasn't able to connect with the drill. I felt confused at address and throughout the entire swing, which is simply a half-backswing. I really felt I learned nothing from the drill. Hitting the previous 30 balls I took small breaks in-between and used my pitchmarker to draw a line through the grass. I started swinging my gap wedge and focused entirely on making impact after the line - never before it. To cut a long story short: I managed. In comparison to the previous drill at least I finally had the feeling of learning something and improving at the same time. To end todays practice session I decided to hit a couple more 8i's and 7i's. A couple of times I had the feeling of hitting down and compressing the ball for the first time of my life - yet every shot of the day started right instantly. Out of 50 balls I hit at least 35 of them low and to the right. I think I shanked them, which I never did before (apart from the odd shank once a month). Perhaps my hands are too far forward right now and the angle of my backswing is too steep? Cheers Christian
  6. My Swing (Cthaeeh)

    My first feedback is: very positive throughout the last couple of days - especially with my iron shots. I am able to attack the green again - I still feel uncomfortable off the tee though. I am still working my way through all the fundamentals here. I am back with a new swing video very soon.
  7. My Swing (Cthaeeh)

    Many thanks for the help. I'll start adjusting my address position from today onwards and will post some feedback on Sunday. I will read through the threads you posted over the weekend - never heard about "A4" or "A5" so far. I think changing the takeaway and really slowing down the swing will make a difference. I played easy 9 holes yesterday: 48 shots! Nothing spectacular, but I am getting used to the clubs slowly.
  8. My Swing (Cthaeeh)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 13 months My current handicap index or average score is: 30.4 My typical ball flight is: no typical ball flight available The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull-hook/slice/fat-shots/ballooning-shots Videos: I am sorry for the poor quality of my videos. I used my iPhone's front camera to capture the videos. I will try to organize a proper camera as soon as possible. To cut a long story short: I was able to conquer my slice two months ago and started playing solid rounds. I always wanted to have the PING i25's and got fitted. Superb clubs, but since three weeks (since I have got the new clubs) I am fighting all sorts of difficulties: pull-hooks, some sliced shots, fat shots and ballooning shots. I think, due to the lack of distance, I started over-rotating again - but I might be wrong. The new midsize grips (used jumbo grips before) doesn't make life easier. I think a lot is mental right now. I lost a lot of confidence. I am sure, using this thread as a sort of diary, will help me to improve my game again. Regards Christian
  9. Many thanks for the feedback and the link - I'll read it after work. I picked up the "knees pointing inwards" thingy reading Ben Hogan's Five Fundamentals many months ago. Perhaps I overdo it? I always try to apply some pressure onto the inside of my right foot. If I stop doing so I start going to far right in my backswing and I start hitting fat shots. I will work on it!
  10. I asked my girl to take a snapshot of my grip - that's the result. Haha. More coming later on today. I will try to find someone taking a video of my swing too. I switched back to GP Tour Velvet midsize grips yesterday. They look tiny in my hands, but feel good. Because I am used to jumbo grips, the midsize grips give me a completely new feeling. I can rotate my hands better, feel the club through impact - at the same everything feels too loose sometimes.
  11. Hand more on top. The club face isn't actually closing, even though the clubs tends to turn a bit over to my left side pre-swinging. To compensate the my subconscious feeling I tend to forward-lean the club ... which makes my right hand coming over even more. The result is a massive hook.
  12. I followed your instructions - still: when I put the club behind the ball my right hand starts turning towards the target, therefore becomes too weak. Must be a mental issue?!
  13. Get Off the Darn Range and Go Play Golf

    I am working from 8am till 7pm - living in the middle of Hamburg doesn't make life easier. I need to drive 45 minutes to get to my golf club. Therefore I try to hit the range 3-4/week at a more local club (range is great, the course is really bad and not worth the money). I have to pay extra range fee for that. Do you think it might be worth driving to my club 1-2/week and play a round of golf instead?
  14. @mvmac : many thanks. @SavvySwede : he measured my hands and referred to PING's recommendations, yes. I must admit though that it is easier to grip the club more neutral with the midsize grips and hold on to the club with the fingers. With the jumbo grip I have to really work the heel pad and hold on to the club with the strength of my fingers. Nevertheless - the grips are not the reason for my right hand movements. I will check the first page as suggested.
  15. I am fighting my grip since I got my new PING i25 clubs two weeks ago. I started playing June 2014 (TaylorMade Speedblade clubs) and got used to my previous GolfPride Tour Velvet Jumbo grips. New clubs, new PING Midsize grips (smaller grips as a result of the PING fitting). The clubs are amazing, but I am fighting my grip since I swing the new clubs. I am fighting a strong left hand and a weak right hand. A couple of seconds before I start my backswing my right hand turns towards the target and gets really weak - I don't understand why and I simply can't fix it. Perhaps it is mental? I thought it might be best to swap back to my old grips - I am still fighting the same problem. I practiced a lot the last week and found out that I should grip the club more through the fingers with my left hand. Now the Jumbo grips are actually too thick? I attached two pictures. First one is the PING Midsize grip, second one the Tour Velvet Jumbo grip. What do you guys think about it? I am fighting a gap between the shaft and the thumb pad with the Jumbo grips too. But I can't get it "right" (what is right?) with the Midsize grip either. I am a little lost. I know grip changes never come easy. Perhaps it might be worth trying the PING Jumbo grips and compare them to the Tour Velvet Jumbo grips - not sure about that. And how to fix the weak right hand? I'd appreciate your thoughts and help! Regards Christian P.S.: Excuse the language - I am German. ;)