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    OK guys, there's a lot of discussion here around whether the top dogs hit a long draw or a lazy fade, but the the real truth here is not what comes naturally. The true masters of our game adapt and evolve according to the shot in hand, surely the purest shot maker drills it dead straight and adjusts the height and therefore the softness that it lands at will. The ability to bend the ball into the target at a top level is hole/shot specific. Faldo could hit the ball dead straight, but when he wanted a cut he'd set the clubface to target, aim to the intitial flight path of the ball and swing it and watch it fly in, same for the draw ball. I think we should all stop trying to decide whether it's best to cut the ball or draw the ball and correct ourselves so, think about it and make it a goal for 2009 to hit the ball straight on and target. Then and only then think about bending the ball in the air. Hang in there Seve, respect.
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