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  1. Chamblee: Lift your Lead Heel

    I have recently taken up golf again after about a 45 year gap. When i first learnt (aged about 15) lifting the left heal was how I  learnt. Coming back to golf after all those years I still do it by nature - but apart from assisting in helping turning in the back swing the planting back of the foot is one of the main trigures (at least I think so for me) in initiating the down swing. 
  2. Fairway Wood Choice

    I also have a mini driver - taylormade do a 12 & 14 degree version. I got the 12 and can hit off the fairway if a good lie.  Calloway do one with an adjustable hosle but a lot more expensive.  I have now (mainly) ditched the 3 wood and carry the mini a 5 wood and a 7 wood (love the 7 btw). 
  3. This idea may be of use or not - I have a small narrow practice  mat which I use in a high ceiling room. Concerned about the divot issue I cut off a section of the front of the mat (about 4 or so inches) and re connected/positioned this to the rest of mat initially using elastic cord*. The practice ball is positioned on the join or just before - the idea is that the cut off portion of the mat will move/fly forward to simulate divot.  *the elastic cord broke after a while so don't bother with this and just pick up the loose bit of mat and re-position it after a shot.