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  1. First mens club outing

    I recently joined my local mens club, and I really enjoy it.  Everyone is different, most of the golfers are just having fun and trying to do well, others take it a bit too seriously, even walking off the course if they're playing a bad round. For me it's nice to finally play by the rules in a like minded foursome.  Have to putt everything, OB counts, no improving lie, it's more fun for me to play the game properly.
  2. Game golf issue?

    I wish I could still use my GameGolf, the tags kept breaking in half along the seam and the antenna would fall out and get lost, others would just pop off the clubs.  I've considered buying a new set of tags but if the problems continue I don't see the point.
  3. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    18.4 to 19.3 I played in my first tournament last Saturday and shot 109 terrible, Which pushed my best round off, I'm still losing too many balls.
  4. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    20.4 to 18.7 I have achieved my goal of breaking 20 by the end of the year.  Now I have decided to quit my nasty smoking habit, so while I will still play over the next couple weeks I won't be reporting my scores until the next update even if I shoot a great round due to my lack of golf focus during this time.
  5. Gambling on the golf course is it a necessity?

    I don't (casino) gamble anymore, I just never won more than I lost and failed to see the point.  However I'm not certain I would call it gambling if my friends and I put money in on the outcome of our golf match.  To me this just feels like any tournament I've ever been in, I've paid my entry fee and I may win money if I win.  I guess I'm nitpicking but playing for money and gambling mean different things to me.
  6. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    22.6 to 20.4 almost have reached my goal of getting under 20 by the end of the year, I just can't seem to get everything working together, I get my driver under control and now I'm hitting irons fat, so I fix that, and then all my chips go super long, so I work on that, now My driver is slicing again, work on that, now I can't putt anymore... It never ends.... Someday.
  7. Bogey Golfers Only (HI From 16-22)/Breaking 90 Thread

    I think I'm close, I had two approach shots today at 180 yards and got both on the green, one 5 ft from the pin, and still three putted it.  I don't always putt this bad, but I also don't usually hit my irons this well, so I guess the golf gods are just trying to keep things even.
  8. Bogey Golfers Only (HI From 16-22)/Breaking 90 Thread

    First tee time at sunrise this morning and shot an 89, 50% GIR, and 43 putts and 3 penalty strokes. I can't believe it myself, I had 9! 3 putts, I just can't seem to get consistent putting.  If I eliminate 3 putts and get better at chipping it close I'll be in the 70s no problem.  So frustrating.
  9. Swing speed vs. loft of driver

    The loft on a driver is shouldn't be related to your age or swing speed, your swing determines the loft you need to get a launch angle of 14 to 16 degrees.  If you swing way up or down on the ball you will need less loft.  Adjustable loft clubs are great as you can adjust them as your swing improves. shaft strength does depend on your swing speed, but be sure to try a stiffer shaft than they recommend, not all R shafts are the same
  10. Best Shot of the Week

    Hit my first par 5 in two yesterday, bombed my drive down the middle, 220 to green center, I decide to just try it.  The green is a narrow shot behind trees (picture provided) and I killed a 3 wood right down the middle to land on the right edge about 20ft from the hole.
  11. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Went out this morning and hit a bucket before my round and everything was wrong I couldn't hit a ball to save my life.  Thin fat topped, driver slicing.  I'm not feeling it today.  I get grouped up with a threesome hit a good drive off the tee and then proceed to shank my 100 yard wedge to the green into a hazard ball lost.  Second hole par 5 good first two shots, shank the approach wedge again ball lost.  I carded a 102 from the forward tees. Now I'm just mad what the heck is going on? I go into the shop and tell them I want to go around again. (Learned in the process you can replay all 18 for just $10 good to know)  This time I get paired up with 2 older ladies, and I absolutely crush it.  I shot an 84! which is not only the best score I've ever shot, it's also the most pars or better in one round (8) and the first time I've ever made a par 5 green in two shots.  I hit an absolute bomb on 18, only 220 left to the center, green is a narrow shot between trees over a creek, my score is so good I decide to just try it and absolutely crush my 3 wood perfectly straight through the gap and on 20ft from the hole.  2 putt birdie. Crazy day, I'm exhausted.
  12. Do You Use a Divot Repair Tool?

    To me divots are not the same thing as pitch/ball marks.  I always carry my pitch fork and repair my and others marks.  Most golfers do as I have seen. Divots on the other hand, most golfers I have seen just leave the big holes in the fairway.  You should find it, put it back in the hole, or at the very least fill it with sand.  
  13. Help - Tournament Tee Boxes

    I belong to a men's club so no ladies to worry about we have two flights one for the single digit players and one for everyone else.  We all play from the same tees, sometimes it's the tips sometimes it's forward sometimes it's combo.  I can't make a par usually from the tips but my course handicap is much higher from there so it feels fair to me.
  14. Hong Kong Golfers Now Need a License to Drive A Cart

    All of my local courses require you to sign a liability waiver for the carts, no one ever reads these but they do say you must have a valid drivers license to operate the cart.  And I also checked and my car insurance does cover me for cart incidents if I'm driving,
  15. In my quest to get my HI under 20 by the end of the year I went out this afternoon to play a round with the intent to report it afterwards.  The front 9 was fine, I shot a 46.  Higher than I wanted but OK.  Then all of a sudden the wind picks up big time 35mph gusts I tee up on the long very downhill par 5 10th hit it pure and straight into the wind and by the time it lands it's coming back towards me and then rolls uphill backwards 15 yards.  It took me a 7 iron 4th shot to get on when I can usually do it in 2 or at least have a chip for 3. While I'm aware wind is an important factor in golf, this is a bit ridiculous and made the course much harder than its 116 slope would indicate, which makes reporting the score feel like a disservice.  Winds like this are not normal for this course.  I ended up with a 52 on the back.  I don't believe any amateur regardless of index is playing at their handicap in winds like this. i ended up reporting it anyway but I'm curious if others just don't bother if the course is experiencing abnormal conditions?  Another course I play has been letting the greens grow for some reason and the ball bounces instead of rolls there now, I've  been reporting those rounds too but am thinking of stopping.