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    Yes...but because they are in the industry, I promised to not say anything. I am sure Pat Wills is a good golfer, but just google his name. He plays in very few events where his scores are seen by someone other then family and friends. My stepson played on the same team as his son in high school and claimed he was known to stretch the truth :-).
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  2. Golfben24 added a post in a topic Golfer shoots 57 with 3 aces, 2 of which were on par-4's   

    I spoke to many gentleman in the golf industry and they know Pat Wills. They say he is a nice guy, but is delusional. The only tourneys he does well in are tourneys where he brings his own 4some and if you look at the past 3 Summer Solstices, some how he and his sons shoot 3 rounds under there handicaps every time. Sorry...he may be a good guy, but this is called cheating and I am amazed Laurel Hill or the Golf Channel have not called him out on this. The gentleman I spoke, to claim he does this all the time and his son Charlie is no better. He may be a good guy...but someone close to him needs to call him out and introduce him to reality before he gets an amazing dose of KARMA!!
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