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  1. TN94z added a post in a topic My Swing (TN94z)   

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  2. TN94z added a post in a topic My Swing (TN94z)   

    So here are my first videos as I work on getting back to single digits.....
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  3. TN94z added a post in a topic Picking the right Golf Instructor   

    For me personally, I like a teacher that will give me a copy of any videos that are taken. I agree with researching their teaching philosophy. A big component is how easily the teacher can help you understand exactly what they want you to do. Some can explain positions or feelings in a way that it is very easy to get there. Others have trouble and you end up spending more time trying to figure out an easy way to get to the correct checkpoints.
    I would at the very least go strike up a conversation with each teacher and just see which one you seem to "gel" with on a personality basis. Then you can take a lesson and review their teaching technique.
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  4. TN94z added a post in a topic Member Review: Sun Mountain 2Five Golf Bag   

    Very nice looking bag and good review. I may have to check that one out.
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  5. TN94z added a post in a topic My Swing (TN94z)   

    I figured I would drag this thread back up since I'm planning on getting back to golf. I thought we were starting to play a lot last year but many things happened that stopped those plans. But we are good to go now and I have a few goals in mind too.
    I want to get as close to being back in single digits as I can by this time next year.
    For sure back to single digits by the next Newport Cup
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  6. TN94z added a post in a topic Fowler replies to swing "commenters"   

    Oh, I agree. I wasn't singling out instagram. I just used instagram because that's where this particular incident happened. It happens on all social media no doubt
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  7. TN94z added a post in a topic What is your target score?   

    I have a memory of a round where this happened to me that I just can't forget.  I was going into 16 (par 5) at 2 under. BY FAR the best round I have EVER played. Walking off the 16th green, I told my buddy, I can go bogie, bogie on the next 2 holes and be even par which was my best ever at this course.  17 was a par 3 and 18 was an uphill par 4. Went on to drop one in the water on 17 and ended up with a double bogie. 3 putted 18 for a bogie.
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  8. TN94z added a post in a topic Anyone else find it hard to not buy certain golf clubs?   

    Picking from that list, I have to say balls. I have had the same set of irons for probably 12-15 years or so.
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  9. TN94z added a post in a topic Your 150 yd Club   

    It's hard to compare yourself with others because of the many factors involved. Could be as simple as your equipment.. I have Mizuno MP32s. My 150 club was originally a 7i.  As I started getting better compression and ball contact, it slowly went up. Eventually, my 8i was going a bit too far from around 150.  I wasn't all that great and backing off clubs so I had to use the 9i.
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  10. TN94z added a post in a topic Fowler replies to swing "commenters"   

    Keep in mind where the comments came from...instagram.  There are couch professionals in every sport.
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  11. TN94z added a post in a topic Lifetime Supporter and Elite Memberships   

    Very interesting. Looking forward to this being opened up again.
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  12. TN94z added a post in a topic Gun Laws   

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  13. TN94z added a post in a topic Why do some players use the very front part of the mat?   

    That's what I was thinking. All of the ranges I have been to with mats, normally have them on concrete.
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  14. TN94z added a post in a topic Gun Laws   

    I agree that more stringent measures should be taken to keep the guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. But I disagree with guns being the problem. I mean, they do not shoot themselves. It is like saying the fork is the cause for obesity. The gun is just a tool used to commit the crimes that these people would commit with another tool if the guns were not there. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens is only going to leave the law abiding citizens without guns. The criminals are still going to have them.
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  15. TN94z added a post in a topic Why do some players use the very front part of the mat?   

    Maybe so when they hit down on the ball directly, they can take a divot on real dirt instead of slamming the mat??
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