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  1. My Swing (TN94z)

    I got it figured out today, hopefully. I worked on hip turn and a full chest turn. I believe the issue was me sliding rather than turning. So far, so good. We will see if it continues
  2. My Swing (TN94z)

    Man have I been busy lately. I haven't had much golf time it seems, which you can see from the lack of posts. I'm hoping to change that soon as I have made my mind up to put 100% into practicing golf and getting back to where I once was.Anyway... Recently, in the rounds I have played, I have hit the ball descent and scored okay, but can do nothing but shank my SW. I have tried everything to get rid of it but it's just not working. I can pick up any other wedge or short iron and have no issue. I don't have this issue with any other club in the bag. But when I pull the SW out, shank. I can throw down 5 balls and every one will be shank. Any suggestions? It's in my head now too. I even avoid hitting the club because it will ruin any hole that I'm playing. Any help is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I don't have any video of the issue yet. @iacas @mvmac
  3. Losing Weight

    From my experience, just clean up your eating habits and start working out. You will lose. Counting your calories and completely changing your lifestyle is great, but I have seen it burn many, many people out who are just starting. If you cut out the sugary drinks and just eat more lean meats and veggies, you will lose. I have counted calories and got my eating down to the exact macro percentages that I wanted for each day and lost weight. I have also simply cut out drinking sweet tea and replaced it with water while eating a little more cleanly and lost weight. It's all going to boil down to what "you" can do on a consistent basis. If you cannot do it consistently, no diet is going to work that well.
  4. Cutting Weight/Rapid Weight Loss

    Do you incorporate epsom salt baths in as well? That always helped me drop a lot of water weight. Conor McGregor walks around about 170-175 from what I have read. I would have to find the article, but I'm almost certain I have read that. He is a really big 145lb fighter, so I don't think he is just 10lbs over that weight normally
  5. Product Name: "The Navigator" by Dirty Larry Golf Product Type: Training Aid/Putting Aid Product Website/URL: Cost: $50 to $60 Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 5 Durability: 5 Esthetic Appeal: 5 Link to Discussion Thread My Member Review After looking at the website and watching the initial video on the homepage, I was extremely excited to have the chance to review the Navigator. So I am very thankful to Dirty Larry Golf and TST for allowing me to review this training Aid. Upon receiving the Navigator and ripping into the package, I was blown away by the attention to detail. Initially, the pride taken in showing that the product was American made won me over instantly. I then get to the actual box that houses the training aid, and my first thought was "This is super nice packaging for a training aid." It was not until I began reading the easy to understand instructions that I realized the box was more than just a box. It was integral to aligning the training aid...brilliant! The Navigator itself looked very well made and actually has that "cool factor" to it. I was asked twice while on the practice green about the use of the aid and where I got it. So, I pulled up the website and recited the features: Attaches to any putter Adjustable for any lie angle Ultra lightweight Works for both right and left handed players Available in three colors Easy to assemble and attach 100 % Made in USA I felt like a salesman, but I can say that everything I told him was true. The installation was really simple. You can configure the training aid to fit any putter and to fit any user's liking with the two rod options and the 8-18 stainless steel thumbnail screws. I immediately noticed the putter face angle after aligning the rods with the box. The instant feedback of what I was doing with the face angle during my swing made the training aid's effectiveness just as advertised. The adaptability of the aid to any putter will allow all golfers to have a highly successful practice session. I know for me personally, this training aid will come out for every practice session for a while. I need the help. When I first began using the Navigator, I felt as thought I was being extremely stiff with my swing because I was focused so hard on the aid. Once I got accustom to it being attached to the putter, it immediately pointed out my swing flaws and I love any golf related training aid that gives instant feedback. I have always relied on my golf ball alignment for my line, but I always used the feel and misses as feedback on my swing. With the Navigator, I now have a more solid base to correct swing flaws. I really enjoyed this review. It was an eye opener to what to swing flaws in what I previously thought was a descent stroke. The price may be a little high to some, but with the 30 day money back guarantee (that even includes return shipping), you have nothing to lose. Thanks again Dirty Larry Golf and TST!
  6. Broke 80, eagle, hole in one. The hole in one was on a 172 yard par 3.
  7. Product Name: Train Your Aim Product Type: Training Aid/Putting Product Website/URL: Cost: 9.99 Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 4 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 4 Durability: 5 Esthetic Appeal: 5 Link to Discussion Thread My Member Review Having never really purchased a training aid specifically for putting, I was pretty excited to get the opportunity to review the Train Your Aim aid. A special thanks goes out to TST and David Keller for giving me the chance to try it out. Before I received the Train Your Aim training aid, I visited the website to get more info about the tool that was making its way to me. I watched the short videos and read the list of benefits. Everything seemed to be pretty straight forward and specified all that I would expect from a putting training aid. There are plenty of videos to watch so you get really familiar with how to use it and what to look for while on the practice green. Upon receiving the training aid, I was very pleased at the size of the tool. It will easily fit in my golf bag so I can take it anywhere. The next thing I noticed was the hard plastic material. This was also a huge plus considering it will be tossed around in my bag for the majority of its life. And lastly, the orange color will obviously not be overlooked. I really liked this aspect as well because the point of the aid is to focus on the club face and alignment. The bright color really brings this to the golfer's attention. The ease of installation gets another thumbs up from me. It takes no time to dig it out of my bag and snap it on the putter so I can start training my aim. It is also adjustable, so it's very easy to adapt it to any putter and fit the eye of any golfer. I have always used the line on my golf ball to line the putt up with my aim points. So in my training, I just focused on making sure the putter (and point on my Train Your Aim training aid) was aligned with the ball as usual. For me, the biggest benefit to this training aid was with my stroke. The bright orange pointer would immediately give me feedback if I was coming out of the stroke or pushing across the ball. This feedback helped me greatly! In the short time I practiced, my stroke became more consistent and it helped identify the fact that my stroke was pushing to the right which also fell in line with my miss. As strong as I felt my stroke was, the training aid showed me a big flaw. I am going to work this into every practice routine until I feel my stroke is where it should be. For the low price of 9.99, it is well worth the cost in my opinion. David has developed an inexpensive and effective tool in the most simplistic compact form.
  8. any truck gurus?

    I've always been into anything with an engine. We race karts right now. I haven't had anything in a while as far as projects. I inherited my dad's 98 silverado when he passed that I plan on fixing up once we are done racing karts. I currently have an 06 Trailblazer SS, but it's pretty much been kept stock.
  9. Nice info @Train Your Aim Unfortunately, my course has been closed recently due to inclement weather so I am down to putting in my living room which isn't ideal. I can't wait to get it out on the greens and actually put it to use where I can get some good feedback
  10. That might not be a bad idea. It doesn't bother me that they are the same color though. But I haven't had a chance to get it outside on a practice green yet either
  11. I received my Dirty Larry - Navigator today as well. I was pretty impressed with the packaging. Although, I do believe the cost could have been a little less with a different packaging system. I agree that it is very obvious that it is American made and there is a lot of pride in that fact. The Navigator included a nice set of instructions that tell you everything you need to know. It installed very easily and using the box for setting it up really helped. I think that was a nice idea and I'm sure is the reson for the box in the box. He doesn't want the main box getting destroyed in shipping and lose the alignment capability. I look forward to getting this out to the course and trying it out! Disregard that putter shaft. I have had it for years and it stays in the garage...
  12. The Train Your Aim putting aid by David Keller arrived on Saturday which I was very impressed with. The shipping time gets a definite thumbs up from me. My initial thoughts upon first opening were that the TYA aid was compact and should fit in my bag with no issues. This is another thumbs up as it will be very easy to carry at all times. The instructions on the back of the package were also very simple to follow, but did not mention that the pointer was adjustable. Other than that detail, using the aid should be pretty simple as well. Installation on the putter is self explanatory even without the instructions. I actually like the bright orange color because it stands out and allows you to easily focus on the pointer and the face angle. One of the immediate things I noticed was how easy it was to see what your club face is doing. So far I like it and the 9.99 price tag. Once the weather breaks and I can take it to the practice green, I will make a final opinion on the TYA and update.
  13. TST Fantasy Golf 2016

    Yeah, I've got to figure out a strategy as well. But like you said, plenty of time to learn a strategy. Worst case, it will be great learning experience for next year's strategy
  14. TST Fantasy Golf 2016

    I missed the deadline today because of work...Oh well. I'm sitting descent so we will see
  15. TST Fantasy Golf 2016

    Got my roster set!