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  1. My Swing (Golfingdad)

    Pretty noticeable changes in the comparison. Very nice!
  2. Restarting the Sand Trap Podcast?

    The thing about periscope is it's live and only stays up for 24 hours. I have one guy I follow that gives really good info but once that info has gone, it's gone. I am trying to talk him into doing a youtube channel or something so the videos will last. I vote to bring it back. I think the member of the week is a good idea. I believe that would actually make the members feel like part of the community more. It would be great to hear multiple opinions on subjects or swing issues. I think once a week would be good. If you get more frequent than that, I would be afraid content and redundancy might become an issue. The length will depend on the format you choose. 20 minutes or so would be good unless you are interviewing or decide to have question and answer type stuff. As far as a about something simple like TST Golf Talk   I voted for equipment and tour talk in the poll, but the more I think about it, the more I could see that really eating up some time on a podcast. Plus you have the sports channels for that. I might would limit it to instruction, swing talk, and member questions or interviews. Personally, I would enjoy that.
  3. My Swing (TN94z)

    I didn't have a camera but I went to the range this week and really tried to focus on hip turn. I think I made some good improvements on the backswing hip turn, but I still feel like my hips are stopping on the way through to impact. The reason I say this is because I get that "cramped" feeling at impact which causes me to extend vertically and is the big reason for my wrist flip. I also noticed that when this happened, I pulled the ball which I "think" is because the hips stopping causes the swing path to become out to in?? It didn't happen every time, but I think I now have that as a cue to when my hips are stopping. I had quite a few thin shots, a couple fat shots, etc... Pretty much my expectation for working on a swing change. My next practice plan is to really feel that rotation through impact. So, still working on the hip turn basically. I will say this, when I got the good hip turn on the backswing and the hips didn't stop on the way through, the shot was great. I took divots on many of those shots that I have never really taken. The ball started and finished pretty close to what should be expected from a good swing...start right of target with slight draw back. And it had a really good sound at impact.
  4. My Swing (TN94z's 13 year old)

    No worries man. I completely understand. You would for sure get more help creating a topic specifically for your questions because there aren't a lot of people that will come in here to look at my son's swing...haha.  But again, no problem man. You have picked a great forum for information! Jacob hasn't had a chance to get back to the range yet but I have worked with him a little to help him understand the hips and shoulders' role in keeping the head steady. I want him to understand why he's working on the things he is working.
  5. D1 team practice regimen

    That's the first time I have ever seen a regimen for college golf. I really thought there would be more to it.
  6. Once you leave a conversation to delete the PM, if the other party responds to the conversation, does it open it back up on your side and add you back to the conversation? Or do they need to create a new pm for you to receive a response?
  7. My Swing (TN94z's 13 year old)

    I would really rather keep this thread about my 13 year old's swing. I would create a topic about that issue all to its own for something like that.
  8. My Swing (TN94z's 13 year old)

    His issue is definitely not a physical limitation. His flexibility is off the He's just never had proper instruction of swing mechanics. We will get to work on those drills. Thanks
  9. My Swing (TN94z)

    Great explanation in that link. I will begin working on that immediately. I could feel it happening at the range, but didn't really "know" exactly what it was until the video. I can't wait to use the alignment stick drills! Thanks
  10. I want to create a swing thread for my 13 year old. He doesn't get on the internet much but we want to keep up with his changes without including them in my thread. His goal is to play for the high school team and just go from there So here is where we are for now. His miss is usually a straight push that trails off at the end.
  11. My Swing (TN94z)

    The things I see: 1) My head looks okay laterally but moves vertically quite a bit 2) My hips stop turning on the downswing which I think contributes to the "scoop" at impact and the chicken wing after 3) I think my path is more inside that it used to be. My big problems in the past were the scoop, chicken wing, and rolling my forearms at the start of the back swing. I had a descent over the top move which caused my shots to start somewhat straight but cut quite a bit. Yesterday, my main miss was thin shots and shots that started right and either stayed there (straight push) or would start right and fade from there. Also, the big issue (which obviously stems from the flaws above), is my swing arc bottoming out to soon and hitting the ground before the ball  
  12. My Swing (TN94z)

  13. My Swing (TN94z)

    So here are my first videos as I work on getting back to single digits.....
  14. Picking the right Golf Instructor

    For me personally, I like a teacher that will give me a copy of any videos that are taken. I agree with researching their teaching philosophy. A big component is how easily the teacher can help you understand exactly what they want you to do. Some can explain positions or feelings in a way that it is very easy to get there. Others have trouble and you end up spending more time trying to figure out an easy way to get to the correct checkpoints. I would at the very least go strike up a conversation with each teacher and just see which one you seem to "gel" with on a personality basis. Then you can take a lesson and review their teaching technique.
  15. Very nice looking bag and good review. I may have to check that one out.