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  1. ridgewalker added a post in a topic Good value ball   

    I do it occasionally when I'm getting serious about my game.  I'm no expert but I don't think all the balls are perfect.  I've definitely found some new balls (premium and otherwise) that were off.
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  2. ridgewalker added a post in a topic tee vs deck yardage?   

    My yardage is similar I'd say, but I hit the ball a higher and make better contact on average when it is teed up a little.
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  3. ridgewalker added a post in a topic Good value ball   

    Last week I bought a couple packs (12 balls each) of Nike PD Distance balls for $11 each at Winners.  I tested some of them in salt-water to see if the core balance was off but they were okay.

    I have been playing the RZN Black as well this year but I like the PD Distance just as much.  I'll probably go get a few more packs as Winners seemed to have a bunch.
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  4. ridgewalker added a post in a topic What do you think my chances are going pro   

    I'll approach this from a different perspective...

    Hit 1,000 balls a day for the next 5 years and I start to like your chances.  (Not that you won't need to practice other things)
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  5. ridgewalker added a post in a topic First time at the driving range   

    I find it's those guys with older clubs that are most apt to take your money on the course :)
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  6. ridgewalker added a post in a topic Wedge HELP! - I keep hitting 3 quarter wedge shots heavy!   

    On wedge shots I find choking up to the lowest part of the grip increases accuracy and would probably help with not hitting them fat.

    You could also try opening the face some which should allow you to use the clubs bounce more and prevent that leading edge from digging in.

    Best of luck!
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  7. ridgewalker added a post in a topic In one sentence, what's the best statement you can make which would describe your last round of golf.   

    3 birdies on the front, 0/5 sand saves on the back
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  8. ridgewalker added a post in a topic What will you shoot tomorrow?   

    I'm playing a short par 35 and I'm hoping for 38 or less. Although I see no reason why I should bogey any hole there.
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  9. ridgewalker added a post in a topic What will you shoot tomorrow?   

    For the 18 on Sunday I'll say 79.
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  10. ridgewalker added a post in a topic What's the lowest score you have ever shot?   

    76 from the blues at Springbank Links (Par 72).
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  11. ridgewalker added a post in a topic Your Workout Today   

    I did the GSP HIIT Abdominal and Core Conditioning Workout today.

    Time to lose the belly!!!
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  12. ridgewalker added a post in a topic Vokey or Cleveland?   

    I love my 56* Vokey.  Never had a Cleveland.
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  13. ridgewalker added a post in a topic Average Distances... How far do you hit each club? and don't lie...   

    Here are the yardages I would expect on an solid shot.  I live about 3,400 feet above sea level so that might help me a little.

    D:     280
    3W:  250
    2i:     230
    3i:     215
    4i:     200
    5i:     185
    6i:     175
    7i:     165
    8i:     155
    9i:     145
    50*    130
    56*    115
    65*     70   (delofted somewhat)

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  14. ridgewalker added a post in a topic Putting - the frustration   

    I believe PGA tour players only make about 50% of their putts from 8 feet so don't be too hard on yourself.

    Before I play I like to practice a lot of 3-10 foot putts (in addition to lag putts) as these are the key distances where my skill can help me sink the putt.  I like to start in close around 3 feet just to make sure my putting stroke is on.  Then I will work back from there, trying different angles and different holes.  On putts in the 6-10 foot range I try to go through my complete putting routine that I'll use on the course.

    I also prefer to only use one ball to practice putting, preferably the exact type of ball I'll be playing with.  Using just one ball is better for me because I focus more on each putt.  It means I can't just rake another ball over if I hit a bad one, and also that I can't rely on muscle memory for the speed.
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