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  1. MP 15 or 54

    Update, in case anyone is interested. have 5 rounds in with my new MP-15s and am loving them. Am scoring good and now trending at a 2.9 going to be my lowest index yet. Shot my course best 74 last weekend and gearing up for the club championship in a couple weeks. Hope to do well. Thought the fitting system Mizuno has is great. As well as all the shaft options. If not for that, I'd probably still be playing a lighter, more flexible shaft than I am now. Although I can't be sure the shafts are the reason I'm hitting better or just the confidence I have over the ball now. Either way, i'm enjoying the new sticks.
  2. Changing my iron set

    The difference in forgiveness will be slight, if any. IMHO, look more at being fit than the differences in clubs. I would suggest being fit for some Mizunos, just for the simple fact that they have so many shaft options. The shaft can sometimes make more of a difference than the clubhead. I just switched irons last month and my previous set was too long and not stiff enough. My dispersion has been noticeably better...and I'm hitting a less forgiving iron (MP-15). Bottom line - make sure you are properly fit, then make a choice on what club to play.
  3. Bubba Watson....Fan or not a fan?

    I'm a fan. Considering his background, developed his own game and earned everything he has. Definitely didn't grow up with a silver spoon like most guys on the tour did. Public school, Community college...
  4. MP 15 or 54

    Just ordered some MP 15s, went with the whole set since I was hitting them so good. Ended up fitting for dynamic gold x100, and hopefully they will be what I've needed. Looking forward to hitting them in the next week or so
  5. One thing I forgot to add. I did all this on my own, didn't buy any counterweighted products that are offered for $10-$20 per club. I only spent about $5 on materials. Would only spend another $5 to weight all my clubs if I want.
  6. I know this is an old thread, but I figured I'd weigh since I've recently done some personal experimenting with this. Bottom line, I agree with this quote, it is personal. I know there can be a lot to say for the numbers and the science, but those numbers also need to account for who is swinging the club and how strong they are. I just added 70g to the butt end of my driver and I love it. I have lost a little yardage, but I'd much rather his the ball 285 more consistently in the fairway than 295/300 in the rough or OB. I am also 6'3", 230 so that much weight doesn't mean as much to me as it would for others. So, again...it's personal. I also experimented with weights between 40-70g, went on the high end because I couldn't really feel much difference with the lighter weights. I haven't added any weight to my irons yet, but will when I get a new set. But with those I'll go closer to the 40g since I don't hit them as inconsistently as I did with my unweighted driver. Would be interested in any feedback. Thanks.
  7. MP 15 or 54

    Going to hit both of them again today, maybe I'll just get both. 4,5,6 in the 54s and 7-P with the 15s. I think i'm starting to think about it too much. Might have to pull the trigger this weekend.
  8. What's the lowest score you have ever shot?

    Lowest Tournament: 76 (72.6 rating) Stableford, took 1st Gross, 2nd Net Lowest Casual: 73 (+1) Lowest 9: 34...was only planning to play 9 that day but had to keep going. Was -3 through 8 and took a bogey on #9. On the back I fell apart, shot 42. I think I have a mental block about shooting par. Have had a few front 9s at or under par but can never keep it going on the back.
  9. Nice thread, enjoyed it and learned a little. Thanks
  10. The only ones I have personal experience with are the TM RBZ. Used them once as a rental set when traveling and hit them well. My brother plays them and he is a 19 hcp, he seems to like them as well.
  11. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    I'm new to this forum and just saw this thread...after reading the original post I imagined he was talking right to me. In fact, it was exactly that time (July 13) when I was trying to establish my official handicap. I had just joined a club and needed an index to join the league. Anyway, here is my story if anyone is interested. Been playing since I was about 12 (24 years ago) and was better than average in HS (about a 6) but never needed an index. I didn't play in any tournaments besides the school events, so no one cared about an index. We just played golf (lowest score wins). In college I didn't play seriously, just with some buddies every once in a while and if it was for money, same thing applied. Lowest score. After that I didn't play much and bounced around for a while (in the Navy) so didn't have a regular group to play with. Establishing an index never occurred to me, I just tried to go as low as possible. Never really played for money that much, which is odd to some. Then, once I settled down and could afford to play more I joined a club two years ago. Now the index means more than anything. It was a bit of a struggle at first, but getting used to it. It can be hard for guys like me when we are giving up 10 strokes to someone and get pencil whipped, but that is the way it goes. I can deal with it. I tend to play in events more when there is a gross winner. Feels like more of a challenge, especially when there are a couple of scratch players in the field.
  12. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Defense Contractor/Consultant Prior Navy Really just sit in a cubical thinking about golf all day.
  13. what iron set to use

    Dicks should fit them for you, right? I'd go with them either way over eBay
  14. Hello from Virginia

    Just checking in. Only found this forum when I started looking for some new irons. Already posted a thread asking about the difference between MP 15 and 54. Still have some looking around to do before I make a decision. Anyway, looking forward to some feedback and seeing what else TST has to offer (looks like a lot). Brian
  15. Counterweight & Lag

    Not sure about lag, but it could improve your game. I've added weight to the butt of my D, 3w shafts and I am more consistent. Can't say it did anything for distance, but I've been hitting more fairways. I'm going to experiment with it in my irons as well.