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  1. Usually my right hand. Often the pinkie since I overlap and a few bad chunked shots will lead to a nice swollen knuckle. Seems to be happening less as my swing improves. 
  2. Speed golf anyone?

    Would be good to play with just 5 clubs. Maybe driver, hybrid, 7 iron, PW, and putter. 
  3. Speed golf anyone?

    I'm sure many people would. I just wouldn't. I hate to run. My idea of exercise is lifting the heaviest thing I can for about 45 seconds and then sitting down for a few minutes. It closely matches my golf game haha.
  4. Speed golf anyone?

    This would defeat most of the purpose I play golf for. I already do strenuous exercise. Golf is for the weekend when I want to relax.
  5. How Long to Play 9?

    I usually can do it in about an hour with a cart.
  6. Why won't they take steps to improve?

    I am always willing to try some friendly advice...on the range. Nothing irritates me more than advice on the course because when I try something new it's almost always guaranteed to throw me off so I try and be nice about the advice but chances are if it's swing related I am going to ignore it. Course management advice is a bit different though
  7. If you ever travel to South FL I'll play a round with you if you don't mind playing with someone who is new and working on breaking 100. Some nice courses around that can be played under $150.
  8. Declining returns of swing form

    If you can see your ribs you need a few things. The main one is diet. You need to consistently get the calories up to at least 3k a day to start and implement some weight lifting. Something easy like the strong lifts 5x5 would be a great start. Maybe get a coach if you can't nail the form down on these lifts just from videos. I can't promise you this will make you hit further but I bet it will help if you're that weak and you will look much better.
  9. Distance Differential Per Club

    CARRY a 9 iron 200 yards? I think your range markers are messed up.
  10. Tee shots

    On a good day it's a push and on a bad day it's a bigggg slice. Yesterday on the range the balls we're traveling as far to the right as they were straight ahead.
  11. 3 month golf experiment comes to an end

    You need to bring your calories down if you're putting weight back on. I'd also keep exercising regardless.
  12. Best Shot of the Week

    Hit my furthest drive ever on Saturday. 270 on a flat and soft course so that was mostly carry. Landed in the fairway too.
  13. Member vs. Pay as you Play

    Seems to be a member of just about anywhere around here you need to live in the community the course is built on. Not really any private courses that aren't part of housing developments. The ones that are will cost a fortune to join. 
  14. How do you 'train' yourself to swing less than 100%?

    Funny I worked on this with my instructor last night. I have been trying to swing way too hard with too much pause at the top. He had me build up a tempo and start with hitting an 8 iron about 30 yards and slowly working my way up to a smooth full swing. I am hitting about ten yards less than my max swinging out of my shoes but it's a lot more consistent which I value over ten yards with irons. 
  15. How nervous do you get when you play?

    If you're getting such a bad adrenalin dump that your hands are shaking you should talk to your dr about beta blockers for performance anxiety. They actually work very well to keep you a bit more steady.