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  1. Donald Trump for president?

    If you're 30 years old and you're making minimum wage something went really wrong. You most likely earned a pretty shitty life by not spending the last 12 years developing a marketable skill or your intelligence is too low to ever have much a life here in America. Hopefully said 30 year old has parents to live with while he sorts this out or finds someone to split some expenses with.
  2. Donald Trump for president?

    I agree. The market should set the price for labor.
  3. Donald Trump for president?

    I don't get the minimum wage issue here. Why should anyone be rewarded for doing the bare minimum? 
  4. Donald Trump for president?

    Not to mention $15 an hour being a living wage really depends on where you are. I make more than double that and have a very hard time making ends meet and I am single! I don't know how anyone survives on their own with $15 an hour. Not that I think the government needs to do anything about it but you're really scraping the bottom at $15 an hour to have any sort of life.
  5. New GolfNow layout is Awful

    Maybe part of why I don't mind this layout is I just use the find courses near me option and just check hot deals. I rarely travel far to play considering there are at least 30 public courses within 20 miles of me. 
  6. Rickie Fowler's new high-tops & pants...NOOOO!

    I'd rock that look. Then again my off the course style is similar to Rickie's so we probably have similar taste.
  7. New GolfNow layout is Awful

    I find it much more modern looking and easy to navigate. 
  8. New GolfNow layout is Awful

    I actually like it better.
  9. Addiction

    Lots of gun and guitar guys here. Guitars are cheap for me. My first guitar was a Gibson Les Paul Classic and I have never felt a need for another guitar. I started with it and I will end with it. Nothing feels as good in my hands. The NFA collection does keep multiplying and that gets expensive in a hurry.
  10. The Stinger Wedge shot

    I've actually perfected this on my own. No video required.
  11. How to save an overgrown course?

    This has bad idea written all over it. File this in the if you have to ask it's not for you category. 
  12. Spoiler I have always really considered eating clean to be eating within your macros and sticking to nutritiously dense foods. I'm a big believer in controlling insulin and breaking meals into protein/fat and protein/carbs. I keep the fats low when an insulin spike is going to be caused by consuming carbs. Insulin being a storage hormone loves to save fat when a better source of energy is available (sugar).   
  13. It's a BB thing to a degree due to the sheer amount of food. If you've never taken in over 4k calories a day of clean food I don't think you realize how difficult that can be if you don't spread it out over 5-6 meals. It all comes down to what your goals are. If your goal is to just not be fat and maintain an average level of muscle mass I see no reason you can't accomplish that in 2-3 meals a day. If your goal is to be over 200 and under 12% BF now you have a real challenge. Some people have freak genetics and can get jacked and lean eating a loose diet and pushing lawn mowers but for the rest of us this requires a lot of quality food. Even to hold 185 at 8% BF requires a pretty strict diet for most.
  14. That's about where I stand. I've cut down a little bit to get leaner to try and improve my flexibility for this season but I still keep the same protein intake as I am about 200lbs to try and keep as much muscle as I can while I'm burning fat.
  15. I could but I can't imagine why I would want to. Rather eat 5-6 500-600 calorie meals than try to get all that in at once.