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  1. Is there a big difference between a 10.5 or 9.5? I know my loft on my 9.5 can be adjusted up to 11.0 but wanted to know if a degree makes a difference?
  2. My wife bought me a set of Tour Edge clubs. And when I was out with my friends they said the clubs look to short for me. They are men's clubs I assume standard length. Also have my father in laws clubs which are the taylormades. When I put the 2 different clubs together the taylormades are about a 1" longer in the shafts. Which club is better? And how do I know if the Tour Edges are to short for me?
  3. Decision on clubs

    Sorry what do you mean by fitting?
  4. Hi everyone, I had a question about the clubs I have now and ones I may purchase. Right now I have TaylorMade clubs they RAC'S with a a R7 driver. Don't know if I should keep the irons and upgrade my Driver and putter or purchase a whole new set of Tour Edge HP20'S with everything including the bag. I guess I'm asking which clubs are better.