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  1. Hey all.  This is my first post.  I'm a 31 year old husband and father of 3 living in Indianapolis.  I golfed a lot for a few years as a teenager, but only played sporadically until i was about 22.  I went about 3 years and played regularly and then got sporadic again for multiple reasons.  I've played a few times this summer and am loving playing again and hoping to get a lot more regular.  I've always taken to golf pretty well.  The only 2 times i've played on my own this summer i shot par (9 holes, easy course from the whites) & 81. I feel good about how I played & know I have some things in my game i can work on, but every piece of equipment in my bag is either a set my dad made for me in 1998 or something that's been given to me.  My set & distances are below.  The distances are REALLY rough.  As I said, I've only played a few times this summer and haven't gotten a GREAT handle on that yet. Driver: Taylor Made R580 9.5 loft (roughly 290) 3 wood: Big Bertha Steelhead 3+ (roughly 260) 5 wood: XPC Rough Rider 5+ 19 loft (roughly 240) 5 iron: Golfsmith Tour Cavity Professional Grind (roughly 200) 6 iron: same (roughly 185) 7 iron: same (roughly 165) 8 iron: same (roughly 150) 9 iron: same (roughly 135) PW: same (roughly 115) GW: K Fastback Tour (roughly 100) LW: Golfsmith Tour Classic Professional Grind 60 loft (only chip, don't hit full) P: Odyssey White Hot XG #9 I'd love some different thoughts on how I could improve my game on the equipment side.  I'm a pastor with 3 kids and a wife who doesn't work much...so to say I'm on a tight budget is an understatement.  What would be the first upgrades you'd suggest?  I think my GW is a 52, but i'm guessing that getting rid of it and going with  a new 52 and adding a 56 might be best? any thoughts?