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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot a 43 in my League yesterday. Had a good round going through the first 4 holes, but hit a poor iron shot and lost the ball on the 5th hole which led to a Double. Doubled the next hole too. Got back on track for the last 3 holes though. 4 Pars 3 Bogeys 2 Doubles
  2. I think that hitting the ball well off of the tee is paramount to scoring well. When i keep my tee shots in play (and i do not hit the ball long at all) and putt pretty bad, I still am within range of my handicap.
  3. League Tournament opponent preference

    Lost the match. 2 up The good: Drove the ball very well (usually a solid part of my game) Medium to long range putts were very good (solid all year with these) The bad: Missed two crucial short putts that would have halved the holes, instead lost the holes. (weakest part of my game. I just cannot get those 2-4 footers in the hole) Second shots were really erratic to poor. (I need new irons. I have zero confidence with my really old irons) Chipping was mediocre (usually a strong point) Poor decision making ( this costs me more than it should) - essentially a bad decision off the tee on a short par 4 led to my defeat. I need a caddy!!!
  4. League Tournament opponent preference

    Round of 8 this Wednesday. I am giving 3 strokes (match play). My opponent is like me in the fact that he hates gimmes, so we will probably be putting everything out.
  5. Changing from draw to fade revitalized my game!

    Didn't Nicklaus and Tiger predominantly hit a fade? :)
  6. Should I buy new irons?

    It's an individual league, so I am my only teammate! :)
  7. Gimme Putts (God I hate them!)

    This a million times!!! If you are playing golf then the object is to get the ball into the hole. The main reason gimmes exist is so golfers can shoot lower scores. I would love to play in a league that does not allow gimmes. Alas, egos are too large for that.
  8. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot a 41 last night in the first round of my league playoffs. We play match play but count all strokes in case of a tie as the tie-breaker is net score. I hit a few drives longer than I have ever driven the ball thanks to some swing changes. 5 pars 3 bogeys 1 double (pin high in rough and took 4 to get down)
  9. Should I buy new irons?

    Thanks for the replies. My plan is to get a new set this winter. Does getting fit really make that much of a difference? I am not really sure I want to go through the experience of getting fit for clubs.
  10. is golf a social sport?

    For me golf is broken down into: > the social rounds with friends and maybe a little friendly competition, but the social part is more important then the competition. > League play where competition is first and foremost, but it's also a very social league with a great bunch of guys who shoot the bull the entire round.
  11. League Tournament opponent preference

    I won 1 up. My league also keeps stroke play count so if a match ends tied, the tiebreaker is net score. So you have to play out every hole even though it is match play. I shot 41 and my opponent shot 44. On top the next round of 8.
  12. Should I buy new irons?

    What range? I don't follow you.
  13. I have been playing a set of Wilson irons that I bought in, wait for it, 1991!! I guess I am long overdue for a new set. My question is: How much difference will a new set of irons make? I am a decent league golfer. Handicap around 8-10. I am assuming that all the newest technology will provide me with better results. I also seem to be lacking confidence in my irons because they are so old and the grooves are so worn down. Any advice? Thanks!
  14. I played a five-hour round Saturday

    Stop playing with them. Period. If playing with them negatively affects your enjoyment of the game, then why continue to play golf with them?
  15. League Tournament opponent preference

    Thanks! How about 5 and 4 ??? :)