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  1. RosinJaw532 added a topic in Golf Talk   

    Fantasy Golf?
    Thought about giving it a shot. What site do you guys like?
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  2. RosinJaw532 added a post in a topic I Really Dislike the "Golf Dinosaur" Commercials   

    Love them.
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  3. RosinJaw532 added a post in a topic From Range to Golf Course   

    Let's clarify this. For years I was a "scooper" I didn't know to drive the ball down, I thought the divot came before the ball. I got lessons and was finally told different. I played on the job for years to pasify my boss and to blow off steam while hacking at the ball and enjoying a few beers. My outdated driver and my up and down helped me keep up. I never could hit my irons, I worked on my SHORT game in the yard and my putting just came natural. Just looking for info on how to keep something that didn't come natural. I realize the range is very different and sometimes misconceveing. Thanks.
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  4. RosinJaw532 added a post in a topic From Range to Golf Course   

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  5. RosinJaw532 added a post in a topic From Range to Golf Course   

    Lots of great info, thanks. I just know that what I did on the range was way better than what I had been doing,range or course. My irons have never felt comfortable before, so I'm hoping I'll keep that feeling.
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  6. RosinJaw532 added a topic in Golf Talk   

    From Range to Golf Course
    I hacked at the ball on and off for years, finally getting serious. I hit the ball better than I ever have today while at the range. How do I keep that? Show up Tuesday morning and have a nice start off the first tee. My home course doesn't have a driving range. Would hitting a couple plastic practice balls before my first shot help? It finally felt natural hitting my irons today and I don't wanna loose it.
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  7. RosinJaw532 added a post in a topic What Do You Do for a Living?   

    I'm a hired hand on a ranch. The only hired hand.
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  8. RosinJaw532 added a post in a topic First Hole in One   

    Congrats. Can't wait for mine, been close a couple times but no dice.
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  9. RosinJaw532 added a post in a topic In which sports can women equal men?   

    Trap. It's so easy to teach a female the proper way to make a shotgun preform.
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  10. RosinJaw532 added a topic in Welcome, Everyone   

    New Guy
    Oklahoma here. Finally got a swing coach and trying to fix years of bad habits.
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