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  1. Golf Trip

    Thanks for your you have a direct contact??
  2. Golf Trip

    Thanks for the input everyone......appreciate it
  3. Golf Trip

    Anyone try a site that organize the trip for you??.....or does anyone know of a travel agent who might help??
  4. Golf Trip

    Hello, I'm starting to organize a golf trip for January to Arizona.  I have 6-8 guys looking to get away for 3-5 days enjoy the sun and play lots of golf.  Does anyone have a recommendations?? agent?? help get me started.
  5. Indoor practice area

    Not sure about swing a driver, but I can swing most irons.  I already have a hitting mat because I have an area in my basement (netting), but like you mentioned, the ceiling is too low, which is why I wanted to convert my spare bedroom. I thought about bring the net upstairs, but was wondering if anyone had a positive experience with the impact screens for my situation.
  6. Hello, I wasn't sure what section of the forum this question should be asked, hopefully this is the right area. I have a spare bedroom in house where I'd like to setup a practice area.  Any recommendations on impact screens, nets, etcc......I've been searching online, but before I spend the money, I'd like to get anyone's thoughts.  I do have a spare mattress in my rental property garage, which is memory foam, do you think this would work?? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!!
  7. Clicgear push cart

    Good idea boogielicious and thanks for the welcome to the forum
  8. Other than the Clicgear bag, which cart bag works best with Clicgear??....I have a gift certificate to a local store that doesn't sell Clicgear bags....