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  1. My Swing (saevel25)

    Just wanted to stop by and say nice swing... :) I am struggling with the same thing, taking that club inside... though mine is much worse. You already know all the drills with alignment sticks, and what not, I'm sure, but thought I'd just mention that's one of my favorite drills now, and lately I've just been sticking it in the ground and leaving it as I work on other things at the range... it makes sure I don't yank it way inside like that.  Best of luck, and can't wait to continue watching your progress. :) 
  2. I watched this video awhile ago and was really hoping that I'd get something great out of it, but... I have to say, as a former flipper (every once in awhile a flip creeps in, but mostly I've just about fixed it I think), that quite literally the advice that made me stop flipping was to not throw my right wrist. After I finally learned and saw that the "release" should be a rotation style move (or at least, that's my feel), I'm doing so much better. I like lots of Monte's videos, but this video unfortunately was not the gem that I was looking for, as the title made it sound like :(
  3. My Swing (amoline)

    Well, just a small update -- Got a new driver today, woo! Hopefully I'll be able to do a small, just my opinion review with some decent info somewhere.. I'm still new, so I'm not sure if the new website has a place for these things yet.. :) Also, I did go out and get some new video about a week and a half ago, but there'd be no sense in posting it here, because truthfully there was zero change. :) Back to going slow with the alignment sticks, and this time I think I'm making some real progress, now that I know what it should both feel and look like. Also, it may not be the case, but I feel like I'm able to power through the ball better now that I've improved that. So, hopefully, I will be able to get some (actually) improved video up, soon. 
  4. 117 swing speed, and you didn't feel like you were just flinging around a pool noodle? EDIT: Also if you're looking for two options off the tee, why not just opt for a 3W? I feel it would be a much better option for more consistency than just a different driver. 
  5. I enjoyed reading your review! As I use TM drivers, it was interesting to see how the G30 compared to your SLDR. Glad that your G30 won out in the end though. It was really neat hearing about the fitting process, and glad it's not so scary if you aren't necessarily a very low handicap.    Thanks  for writing your review -- enjoy that super shiny new driver on the course. 
  6. My Swing (amoline)

    Absolutely need to get new video up. I've been to the driving range twice in the past week, which isn't as much as I usually go, but both times I'd have to say trying to do this drill I've not hit a single good shot. At all. I've buried the club into the ground an awful lot though, even on short shots.  It it definitely feels different, but it hasn't been the kind of different I am used to when I change something. It has been very uncomfortable different.  Just st have to get another video and see what's going on I guess. 
  7. Lifetime Supporter and Elite Memberships

    Great, thanks. Will check it out after the move then. : )
  8. Lifetime Supporter and Elite Memberships

    Just wondering if this is still something that we can do? Or when it will be available to sign up again?
  9. My Swing (amoline)

    Whoa, definitely wasn't expecting my own video! That's pretty awesome. Thanks so much for this. Can't wait to get trying these things.
  10. My Swing (amoline)

    Fantastic posts. Thank you very much. I'll definitely take a look at those more in depth in the meantime. I feel like a carbon copy of some of those pictures. Definitely good to see the good camera angle as well. Thanks for all of your help again. :) look forward to hearing what else you have for me soon! (P.S. Question -- camera angle was okay? Think I got it right but want to know if there's anything else I could adjust.)
  11. My Swing (amoline)

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check it out. When mvmac checks back on my elbow work (since he's the one who suggested that work in the first place), I can search for something else to work on, too. But would like to see how I'm doing on that first. I really don't feel like I have an issue with weight transfer, but I guess I can take a look. I only say that because I'm already off my right heel at impact, but maybe that doesn't mean anything at all. I'm not an expert
  12. My Swing (amoline)

    That looks like a funky drill -- I don't discredit it, but what is it supposed to do? I'd guess it would be a weight transfer drill, but I don't feel like I have any trouble with that (feel ain't real, perhaps) but it'd be good to know what it's meant for. I've never seen it before, but certainly looks interesting.
  13. My Swing (amoline)

    I come bearing beautiful DTL video! : ) (That would be the video, itself, is beautiful, and none of the content within. LOL). Sorry for all the previous bad videos. As I said no excuse with my profession really. Anyway, hope this helps a little bit and also I've been given lots more insight into what's going on too, I think. Darn, who knew about the camera angle thing. (No excuse for not seeing that, either. :) ) So I have a host of issues I'm sure, and if you ask me what I wanted to fix/change, I'd say "everything,", so instead I'll just see what advice I get here and what I should attack first.
  14. My Swing (amoline)

    Agree. And as a professional photographer it's quite sad I need to be told that. Oops. : ) Anyway, once I get a different tool for my tripod I'll be able to get my right camera set up at the correct height. Right now it has a screw that won't fit the bottom of my camera. Thanks for the article though. Will be sure to find a better way to sort that out. It's a bit tough because the driving range is by no means flat, but I'm sure I'll be able to get something sorted.
  15. Taylormade M1 Driver

    Also, the bane of my golf existence was a tommy armour driver that was some solid brick of I don't know what loft uniflex thing that I wanted to throw into the pond. It had a classic black crown with a silver face, and to this day I can't use drivers that look so similar to that. Which is too bad really. Wish I could get over myself because I get Srixon stuff at a discount and I hear good stuff about their drivers. Just brings back bad memories. : )