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  1. mando235 added a post in a topic New Clubs? Forged/ Cast/ Game Improvement/ Combo/ Offset irons and fitting?   

    The fitting process should be where you're deciding what you want/need. Hit with a lot of stuff. First work out what kind of shaft you need. Simply going in thinking you need a stiff flex based on your swing speed is wrong. Especially given each manufacturer has a different idea of what stuff flex is. You need to work out what length and shaft bend profile you need along with weight and even shaft material. Once you've got the engine (shaft) sorted out then move onto what kind of club heads you need. Nothing should be decided before you've hit with it Unless you know exactly what you need from a previous fitting
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  2. mando235 added a post in a topic Nike Slingshot 3h-PW   

    What do you need out of your clubs? Do you know what shaft length, flex profile, weight and stiffness suit you? And how about appropriate lie angles? What's making you wonder if you made a mistake?
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  3. mando235 added a post in a topic Shaft/Club advice   

    Thanks for the reply. Why do you recommend a brand name? I've been recommended alpha clubs And had some decent hits with them. What can brand clubs do for me that others can't?
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  4. mando235 added a post in a topic Shaft/Club advice   

    also found these. Any thoughts? http://m.3balls.com/product-productid/485699/NIKE-MENS-SQ-MACHSPEED-X-IRONS-RH-USED#0 Or http://m.rockbottomgolf.com/cleveland-golf-588-mt-irons.html Or http://www.golfbox.com.au/Cobra-Bio-Cell-Irons-Steel-Shafts_p_218866.html
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  5. mando235 added a post in a topic Shaft/Club advice   

    Or something like this http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-MENS-COBRA-BAFFLER-XL-RIGHT-HAND-IRON-SET-5-SW-STIFF-GRAPH-SHAFT-7-IRONS-/111740438607?_trkparms=aid%253D222007%2526algo%253DSIC.MBE%2526ao%253D1%2526asc%253D20150519202357%2526meid%253D07671aa11f9946d183ca9572e4dab84f%2526pid%253D100408%2526rk%253D2%2526rkt%253D16%2526sd%253D331600488870&_trksid=p2056116.c100408.m2460
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  6. mando235 added a post in a topic Shaft/Club advice   

    Sold my irons for $330 today. That's roughly $230USD. Now the hunt begins for a new set of irons. Any advice re manufacturers or makes would be appreciated. Any thoughts on these? http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/331600488870?_mwBanner=1
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  7. mando235 added a post in a topic Shaft/Club advice   

    Thanks for the tips guys What kind of clubs should I be looking for though? Any suggestions? Game improvements are the obvious go to type but does anyone recommend a particular brand or model? Thanks
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  8. mando235 added a post in a topic Shaft/Club advice   

    Hey all. thanks for your advice

    I've been hitting for a couple of weeks and talking to various people geting advice etc

    I've decided I will sell my clubs and look into a second hand set more suitable to me and develop a consistent swing before forking out bigger money for custom fitted clubs.

    I guess now I'd appreciate any advice on where some of the better places to get clubs are?

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  9. mando235 added a post in a topic Shaft/Club advice   

    That'll be about $140aud. What would make you shy away from smaller brands? I've had a chat to the guy fitting my clubs who is known to be the best club fitter in the state where I live and he doesn't really sell any big name brands. He believes brands like alpha are much better quality etc. Prices are the same mostly. I tried a set of Cobra Fly-Z XL's the other day with longer graphite shafts and they were still cheaper per club. Actually really liked them to be honest
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  10. mando235 added a post in a topic Shaft/Club advice   

    The guy I've been seeing seems to thi k I could get $300aud for my clubs because they're in very good condition! He's also concerned about breaking them when changing the lie angle because they're quite stiff and he's had some snap before. If they're only worth $100 it could be worth the risk though
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  11. mando235 added a post in a topic Shaft/Club advice   

    And do you think it's worth risking the lie angle change? As I said my club heads have been said to break when changing lie angles
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  12. mando235 added a post in a topic Shaft/Club advice   

    So do you think alterating what I have would be a good way to go or just start again? I have considered just lengthening my clubs and leaving lie angles as is. That would obviously lessen the value of my current clubs though of course
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  13. mando235 added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Shaft/Club advice
    Hey all

    I bought myself a set of off the shelf Taylormade Burner 09's years ago. Played a bit here and there but ultimately never really enjoyed myself. I'm very keen to get back into golf now.

    Unfortunately when I got my clubs they were standard with S shafts. I'm around 6foot4 and the clubs are too short. I don't really have a consistent swing as yet.

    I have had my clubs looked at and had my swing assessed for changes that may be needed and longer shafts with potential lie angle changes are needed. Problem is there's a very high chance my clubs will break if i change lie angles.

    I have been advised to sell up as my clubs are in very good condition and just start again. If I do this, the guy I'm seeing is thinking of fitting me up for Alpha RX-1's. Does anyone have any info re these clubs?

    Last question would be is it worth me holding off on getting fitted and waiting until I have a consistent swing? Doing this and playing with my current clubs (which i would at least get extended) would lessen the value on them of course.

    The guy selling me my clubs won't sell me a thing until he is happy with my swing which is good. Problem is what do i play with until then?
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