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  1. 2ndtimegolfer added a post in a topic My Swing (2ndtimegolfer)   

    thank you mvmac I really appreciate the screen shoots you took and used to show the difference. I will be working on those 4 things for a sometime and then post another video to see if I have improved any.
    Thank you for taking the time to help me!
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  2. 2ndtimegolfer added a post in a topic Bubba Watson Bought a New Car   

    true it has been only about 2 months but if he cared enough to make a statement or mention that he is going to change it to show he is not a racist or bigot, wouldn't he want to get it done quickly? I just find it ridiculous that he "cared" enough about it to say he was going to change it but isn't really going to change it. Its a very political thing for someone to state they believe a certain thing and then do nothing to actually prove it. It would be the stupidest thing for him to change it cause he has spent over 100k on the car and changing the flag will significantly decrease the value of the car. Even stupider than him saying he would change it and not then not change it.
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  3. 2ndtimegolfer added a topic in Member Swings   

    My Swing (2ndtimegolfer)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 2 months, used to play 15 years ago as a young boy but just got back into it
    My current handicap index or average score is: average score is 100(par 70)
    My typical ball flight is: pull slice/straight
    The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: just trying to get better form and ball striking


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  4. 2ndtimegolfer added a post in a topic Bubba Watson Bought a New Car   

    Has anyone lost some respect for him since in july he said he would be changing his general lee to the american flag instead of the confederate and from what I understand he has not yet changed it? He was just lying to look good for the sake of political correctness. He is a great golfer and I respect him for that but there is no need to say your going to do something to appease a certain group of people or make a political stand when your not even going to follow through with it
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  5. 2ndtimegolfer added a post in a topic Average Par 3 Score?   

    yeah at the one that I play in north Texas there are 8 par 3 holes ranging from about 90 yards to 180 yards and 1 par 4 hole that is at 350

    I mainly use a 9 and 7 iron off the tee and then chip if need be and putt
    there are quiet a bit of small hills around the greens as well as some deep long grass bunkers
    I am glad to hear that 4 over is a good score, I am really wanting to have an even round
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  6. 2ndtimegolfer added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    maxfli varsity
    I recently got a set of golf clubs to get back into the game. I purchased them off craigslist from someone locally. Everything I have found on them indicates that they are juniors clubs but they seem to be good for my height (5'10") and the bag and everything seem to be pretty different than the ones I have found on line. Since I cannot find much info on these clubs would that be a sign of them being inferior to starter sets? like wilson and others

    My main question is how/when do I know that I am ready for new clubs?
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  7. 2ndtimegolfer added a topic in Golf Talk   

    Average Par 3 Score?
    I am wondering what your average par 3 scores are on a 9 hole course. I used to golf in middle school and over the summer I picked the game back up about 13 years after I stopped playing. I cannot hit my driver straight so I have not even tried to play an 18 hole course, I have stuck to the local par 3 that is by me playing it approximately 10 times. I have hit anywhere from 4 over to 15 over with my median score being around 8 over. Today I played a round and shot 4 over which I am pleased with. I am just curious to know what others here are shooting since I don't play with to many other people.
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