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  1. why did ping make irons out of beryllium copper? does this improve feel, distance, or forgiveness and why so expensive
  2. meadow links

    here's a link to it on google maps https://www.google.com/maps/place/Meadow+Links+%26+Golf+Academy/@39.2754294,-84.5497833,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x8840496022f97503:0x11f608a1d97479a3
  3. found these on amazon wondering if these were good quality because of the low price: $175 
  4. i was looking for a driving iron on ebay and found a ZERO IRON anybody seen one or used one. let me know if you want a link to this club
  5. 2015 TST Holiday Gift Guide!

    this might sound weird but i want money to get an old set of ping eye 2 irons
  6. taylormade SLDR driver

    the only problem with those is the price. the SLDR was the cheapest one on ebay
  7. would the weight adjustment in the SLDR help my slice? i know some of it is my swing but would the sliding weight adjustment help
  8. 3-iron

    i have an old macgregor challenger 3 iron and i use it a lot on the driving range. its just fun
  9. i have seen some pretty cool custom golf carts! post pictures of cool golf carts here i'll start with this one
  10. i recently found a company, Louisville golf that makes wooden woods (and uses hickory shafts on their irons and some drivers) they also make wooden putters. does anyone think these would perform good with all the metal woods, putters, and graphite shafts today?
  11. bigger drivers

    does anyone think that they might change the legal size limit for drivers because they have gotten so big since drivers were first made
  12. ping eye 2 irons

    i found a set of ping eye 2 irons (3-SW orange dot) for $115 and was wondering if that was a good price for those. if i got them i might re grip them depending on grip quality and how grippy they are.
  13. Really Bad Divots

    anybody made a really bad divot, like really bad and if so what club. worst one i ever made was with a 66 degree wedge and it was about 10in by 3in. then there was the time i really chunked one at the driving range luckily it was artificial turf.
  14. farthest drives

    what is the farthest drive you have ever hit? i hit 200 yds with my driver
  15. What's the worst, most embarrassing shot you've ever seen?

    here's a really bad trick shot one time i tried to hit a really big drive and i did but my divot went farther than the ball