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  1. i recently found a company, Louisville golf that makes wooden woods (and uses hickory shafts on their irons and some drivers) they also make wooden putters. does anyone think these would perform good with all the metal woods, putters, and graphite shafts today?
  2. bigger drivers

    does anyone think that they might change the legal size limit for drivers because they have gotten so big since drivers were first made
  3. ping eye 2 irons

    i found a set of ping eye 2 irons (3-SW orange dot) for $115 and was wondering if that was a good price for those. if i got them i might re grip them depending on grip quality and how grippy they are.
  4. Really Bad Divots

    anybody made a really bad divot, like really bad and if so what club. worst one i ever made was with a 66 degree wedge and it was about 10in by 3in. then there was the time i really chunked one at the driving range luckily it was artificial turf.
  5. farthest drives

    what is the farthest drive you have ever hit? i hit 200 yds with my driver
  6. What's the worst, most embarrassing shot you've ever seen?

    here's a really bad trick shot one time i tried to hit a really big drive and i did but my divot went farther than the ball
  7. My swing (GolfClubbas)

    oh i'm using a 3 iron
  8. My swing (GolfClubbas)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 2 years My current handicap index or average score is: ive only played one 9 hole course a couple times and i usually get 4 over par My typical ball flight is: somewhat high but still decent distance The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: a really bad slice and my clubface is open sometimes at impact
  9. macgregor challenger irons

    here it is
  10. macgregor wedge

    here it is
  11. macgregor wedge

    i have a macgregor byron nelson grad-u-wate 66 degree custom built wedge that some guy was throwing out and was wondering what year it was made?
  12. i have an old macgregor challenger 3 iron i got from a guy and was wondering what the loft would be and if it wold be worth any money. its in pretty good condition and its still shiny
  13. driving irons

    does anybody use driving irons. i was thinking on getting one to make at home from hireko golf but dont know if they are any good. if you want to see it i will post a link. oh yeah i was gonna get an 18 degree. the reason i was thinking about gettin one is because i slice my hybrids really bad.
  14. bad driving ranges

    i am not foreign but we didnt have room to take our whole bag on vacation so i guess its my fault for not bringing tees but all the driving ranges around me have artificial turf.
  15. power play golf

    is power play a good brand for drivers