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  1. I got a set of black dot Ping ISI-K irons used about 5 years ago after I decided to pick up golf again. I played non-seriously in high school on our small school's team and averaged around a 38-40 on 9. I now get about 10-15 rounds a year in and have been shooting between 75-80 without practicing much and no range time. I've always had a pretty natural swing and believe I have some potential if I ever decided to put some time in and try to improve. Well, I'm getting the itch to see how well I can do and do some range time and possibly get some lessons from an instructor. Before I go ahead and start practicing I was wondering how much club technology has improved since these Pings came out 20 years ago? I hit them pretty darn well so I've been reluctant to change them. As far as how far I hit them I do about 130 PW, 155 7 Iron, 200 4 Iron etc.  I have a ~10 year old Taylor Made R580 9.5 degree stiff that I drive around 260-280. I'm not a long hitter by any means, and my drives seem to be much longer than other guys that hit irons around the same distance. I'm open to spending up to $1000 for new irons, minus wedges. I've been using an Adams SW, GW, LW Tom Kite kit I got for $99 about 10 years ago which I do like. Any insight is greatly appreciated.