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  1. ACE added a post in a topic Let's Talk Balls   

    The Srixon Z-star never scuffs and plays like a pro-v1.
    I was also impressed with the Penta in terms of performance and durability. I also feel it had the best feeling when chipping and pitching.
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  2. ACE added a post in a topic best putters?   

    For a good putter for a good price... I agree, there are these Cleveland putters that are currently available. I forget what they care called, but have a red grip and a milled face. They should only cost you around $80 and are more then worth it for that price.
    If you enjoy an oversized putter, the Spider putter by taylormade has been more then popular, and you can get the original for $99. If you have issues opening the face through impact, checking out the Spider might be a good idea.
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  3. ACE added a post in a topic Golf ball question   

    I love the pro-v1, but the only ball I love better is the srixon Z-star. It feels and prefroms the same (in my opinion) however I find the cover on the Z-star is much more durable, and is rather hard to scuff.
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  4. ACE added a post in a topic taking a huge leap of faith re Golf dream   

    I read an interesting article the other day about Ian Poulter. Apparently when he turned pro, he was a 4 handicap. He's now making millions on tour. Anything is possible, you just need to confidence and belief. Good Luck!
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  5. ACE added a post in a topic Players Irons or Game Improvement Irons   

    I think the decision between 'Players clubs' and 'improvement clubs' really depends on what you want to achieve. If you hit the improvement clubs, you will probably fairly quickly knock a few strokes off your game, but wont challenge you to progress your game any further. If you are just wanting to enjoy the game at your current level, this is a great option.
    If you strive to get better, you might want to go with a blade because it will challenge you to become a better striker. At first, you may loose a few strokes.. but over time you will learn to hit them consistently.
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  6. ACE added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    The Shaft Forum
    As most of us know, the shaft plays a huge part in the performance of the club. However, with so many shafts that have become available to us, it is hard to really know and understand the benefits of them all.
    So I prepose we create a forum, just for shafts. Any information you can contribute to any shaft is welcome.
    The more info everyone contributes, the more information we will have.
    Ill add the first contribution. I'm posting on the Voodoo because really, I have never hit a shaft that felt so consistent.

    Aldila VooDoo
    VooDoo shaft has the new S-core technology -- a patent-pending stabilized core technology. The S-core boasts a high modulus carbon stabilization rib running the length of the shaft. The technology's sole purpose is to increase distance and accuracy through stabilizing the shaft's cross section. The technology has been reported to increase the shaft's hoop strength by as much as 80% over conventional graphite shafts and as much as 60% over competitors. The stabilization of the shaft significantly reduces ovaling and deformation. The end result? Maximization of energy transfer.
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  7. ACE added a topic in Instruction and Playing Tips   

    Anyone do it? Have you noticed any improvement in any areas of your game?
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  8. ACE added a post in a topic Lightest Golf shoes on the market?   

    I just had some product knowledge from FJ and Nike, and the lightest shoe on the market right now is 100% the Nike Vapor.
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  9. ACE added a post in a topic Adams hybrid vs Nickent hybrid   

    Adams - no question.
    Besides, why not match it to your 3 hybrid? Keep it concistant.
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  10. ACE added a post in a topic Footjoy reelfit   

    If you are walking everytime, and play ofetn, you are going to want to invest in a good pair of Golf Shoes.
    I've personally never had reelfits, but I constantly hear good things. The fitting system allows for your foot to be comfortably snug in teh shoe, which is important because a golf shoe should be very snug on you, similar to a Hockey skate.
    Personally I use the Adidas Tour 360 LTD shoes. At the end of a round my feet just feel great. I would recomend the Tour 360 LTD's, or FootJoy's Synergy shoess - Another high quality golf shoe.
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  11. ACE added a post in a topic Shaft Question   

    If your driver is still, Your 3w and 5w most likey should be too.. But yea, go to a Club Fitter.
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  12. ACE added a post in a topic Bit the Bullet.......   

    This putter should alst you for the rest of your golf career. good investment!
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  13. ACE added a post in a topic Are you going to stock up?   

    Pro's are not allowed to play spinmilled wedges next year.
    For us recreational golfers, we will be allowed to play them in local tournys for the next 5 years.
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  14. ACE added a post in a topic Oh Boy!   

    Best wedges period.
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  15. ACE added a post in a topic Any of you change ball for windy days?   

    I stick to the same ball persoanlly.
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