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  1. Joelamite added a topic in Welcome, Everyone   

    Hello from Portland, OR
    Checking in here to see if there are any active members in the Portland, OR area.  Always looking to add to my list of potential playing partners. I'm not a great golfer yet, but I'm getting better and I'm looking forward to playing all of the great courses that are in the Portland area.
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  2. Joelamite added a post in a topic My Swing (Joelamite)   

    Thanks @mvmac, I have read those threads, but it's pretty obvious I haven't fully implemented the knowledge. 
    Off to re-read and practice...
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  3. Joelamite added a post in a topic My Swing (Joelamite)   

    Not sure what is happening,  I am copying and pasting the right link, and the right video shows before I submit it, and then it changes after posting. 
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  4. Joelamite added a post in a topic My Swing (Joelamite)   

    Here are the videos from the first post that quit working. 
    7 iron 
    Wrong link pasted,  here is the driver video:

    Insert media is buggy on Chrome mobile.
    Another try:
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  5. Joelamite added a post in a topic My Swing (Joelamite)   

    So, after reading and re-reading this article - http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/ball_flight_laws - I'm thinking my driver issues stem less from what my arms and wrists are doing, and more from what my swing path is doing. 
    Now I need to track down some drills to help me learn how to swing more out to in...
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  6. Joelamite added a post in a topic My Swing (Joelamite)   

    Hit the range today - would rather shoot a round, and I still might if I can find a partner. 
    Worked on standing closer to the ball with my irons/wedges, as well as the tilt of my upper body at address as per @SavvySwede. The irons felt and looked really good once I got the first couple shanks out of the way.  Consistently hitting them straight, and really consistent distance-wise (nice tight grouping for each club).
    My driver continues to be a source of frustration - today I was working on where my arms and left wrist end up as I complete the backswing, and keeping the head in position throughout the entire swing.  Still have a tendency to slice, but it's not nearly as bad as it was.  I feel it is just a matter of finding the right rhythm of bringing my right wrist over my left, because when I focus on that I get more of a slight pull slice or straight down the middle..   
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  7. Joelamite added a post in a topic "5 Minutes Daily" Practice Challenge (October 2015)   

    Just got back from the range - hit 100 balls.
    Today I was working on standing closer to the ball with irons and wedges, so that my arms are hanging down more vertically.  This was very effective for me, and I was more consistently hitting them straight and into a fairly tight grouping distance-wise with each club. 
    I also took a few swings with my 5w, also working on standing a bit closer and keeping my head still throughout my swing. 
    The driver was the biggest frustration today, but I was working on getting my arms and left wrist in the right position at the top of my backswing. 
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  8. Joelamite added a post in a topic My Swing (Joelamite)   

    Awesome, great advice.  Thanks SavvySwede, something for me to work on - no wonder I'm not hitting down on the ball...
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  9. Joelamite added a topic in Member Swings   

    My Swing (Joelamite)
    I've been Playing Golf for: 3 months
    My current handicap index or average score is: 45 for 9 holes - 105 for 18 holes
    My typical ball flight is: Unpredictable
    The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Not hitting the ball first (irons/wedges)


    First - 7 Iron which I tend to hit pretty well when I make contact with the little ball before the big ball - after yesterday's 9 hole round my partner suggested standing closer to the ball, and I can see when I look at these swings my arms aren't "hanging down" and I'm reaching for the ball.

    Second - Driver which before this video I was having a horrible time with a hard slice right off the tee - usually landed farther right than ahead.  Almost immediately before filming these swings I came across the 5SK's and really tried to keep my head still.  It resulted in a much straighter, longer drive, but I'm still having issues getting my club face in the right position before impact.

    Thanks in advance for any and all critiques and advice.
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