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  1. 19HI-New Home Simulator-How Much Improvement?

    Well obviously I didn't get my update in yesterday as we had the biggest wind storm in the HISTORY of my city and 140k of us are without power.  As soon as I am back up and running I will get up those stats and updates. Kevin
  2. 19HI-New Home Simulator-How Much Improvement?

    I actually really like that.  Besides the instant feedback, it also gives me a visual of something to "miss".  Ill try this tonight.
  3. Pete's Programme (Single Digit to Tour Player)

    This is unfortunate, as you have inspired me to follow a similar path in my first real year, getting a garage simulator, etc.  Where our paths differ is I am just trying to improve to maybe have the confidence/skill to play in a Men's League, and hope to break 80 some day.  From Day 1 you have said that this journey is about you achieving your goals, and in the nicest way possible you know your path, and you didn't want this to turn into a distraction, which is seemingly has.  If that is the case, I think distancing yourself from distraction is great, but selfishly I would love to keep up with your progress.  Maybe start a Blog without comments to allow you to keep accountable without outside input? If not, totally understandable and I will be looking forward to your updates in 4 years :-)
  4. 19HI-New Home Simulator-How Much Improvement?

    Hey everyone, sorry for not updating the thread, I checked back for a few weeks after posting and didn't have any comments so I figured I would let the thread die.  I will provide a bit of an update: I have now had the Sim setup for 6+ weeks, and have been going out there to swing almost every day a couple dozen balls as I read a tip on here, in Golf Digest, or on TV and want to emulate the feel.  I also usually try to go out and do a full practice round (100-200 balls) every other day as my back allows.  I still cannot believe how sore my back gets even after swinging a club 5+ days a week for the past 8 months now.  I expected it at the beginning, but thought it would wear off as I kept swinging.  The soreness has lightened up a bit, but it really is holding me back.  I am 31 and in pretty decent shape, but I am realizing that isn't good enough, so part of what I am going to do over the winter is work on a solid golf-oriented work-out plan to hopefully increase my flexibility and reduce my soreness.  I am sure it 1000% has to do with swing errors that I have and the whole idea of "swing easy let the club do the work" is still foreign and I feel like I am still "hitting" the ball rather than swinging the club through.  The last few days I read a tip regarding feeling like my shoulders are staying behind just a bit more and initially it is seeming to reduce my flip and increase my lag.  We will see if it pans out. Another reason for slower progress than I want is the fact that I was still golfing outdoors a bit up until last week since the weather was decent.  It is very apparent that while the changes I have made are beneficial, they have led to an inability to have much consistency and I have yet to "groove" anything that is repeatable.   Since it seems there may be a few people interested, I will roll with this thread a bit longer and provide some real updates.  I am going to put in a session today out there to set some baselines for everyone to see so we have measurable data points through the winter.  I will likely do 10 consecutive shots with a 9i, 6i, 4i and just for laughs I will do ten with Driver as well, even though it will be embarrassing but that is what will keep me working hard at it and it is where I undoubatly will see the biggest results over the winter, especially since it will reflect the closest to "real" conditions considering the ball teed up on a mat is the same as a ball teed up on grass(not considering a possible stance slope or uneven tee box). Thanks for the comments and I will provide a solid post today at some point. Kevin As I mentioned above I have been able to get out and play a few rounds since I got the simulator and what you say about uneven lies was apparent on my very first approach shot from the rough. Nothing indoors can simulate what is happening out there, even down to the mud on the balls you just don't get indoors.  That will be my hardest obstacle to overcome in the Spring, but I know that a more fundamental swing in those situations will be 10x better than my current swing in those same conditions, so we should have some progress.  I hope :-)  
  5. My Swing (NeedAJoker)

    Thanks Mike, that will be my main priority piece for the time being and I will upload another video when I feel like I have it dialed in a bit more.  Thanks so much.  
  6. My Swing (NeedAJoker)

    I'm a dummy and can't figure out how to embed the videos so I apologize.
  7. My Swing (NeedAJoker)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 2-3 Times a year for 10 years, this season was my first season taking golf serious, played about 40 rounds and hit the range ~75 times.   My current handicap index or average score is: 18 HI, Shot 91-92 10+ times this season but never got over the hump. My typical ball flight is: Swing has been changing constantly all summer, started as a typical hacker slice, moved to a bit straighter with my miss largely being a straight dead pull or occasionally small push.  Very inconsistent. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: My best ball contact(feel) seems to be on my dead pulls, I have eliminated the slice mostly with all but Driver.   My main priority pieces I have worked on eliminating this year are to 1) Stop Flipping and 2) Minimize Lateral shift back.  I think I made strides in both, but I can see in my FO video I still am flipping at the ball so I need to fix that.  I am really curious about my swing plane and if that is remotely correct, as well as my weight shift and shoulder turn. I installed a full golf simulator in the garage for this off season so if there are any drills or things I can focus on all winter that would be great.  I appreciate any responses or help in advance. Kevin FO: DTL:
  8. Bogey Golfers Only (HI From 16-22)/Breaking 90 Thread

    Hey all, I waned to introduce myself after a season of lurking.  I am 31, and this past year was my first serious season of golf and I am officially addicted.  Golf is wrapping up for the year here in the PNW, but I just installed a home simulator so with any luck and a lot of hard work, I will break 90 when the courses open again in April.  I have shot 91 and 92 quite a few times this year, but always seem to find myself heading into the final 2 holes needing a par and a birdie or something that I just don't have the ability to accomplish yet. I actually started another thread in this forum with more detail about my sim setup and my goals, so depending on interest level, I may or may not be updating that over the winter in efforts to see how much improvement can be made without actually stepping foot on a golf course for 6 months.   It has been great reading everyone's experiences and I hope I can contribute some here as well. Kevin  
  9. 19HI-New Home Simulator-How Much Improvement?

    I replied to this a little bit ago, not sure where the post went.  Pretty much stated that I am very cognizant of this right now, and as I have been videoing my swing over the course of this season to be able to compare and contrast my swing changes, I can't see any reason why I wont continue to do that over the winter, likely even more since setting up a camera at home and taking numerous videos is much easier than at a full range. Secondly, due to the fact that I will have those 13 lessons over the winter, hopefully if I get going down the wrong path, my instructor should be able to get me straightened out fairly quickly before I groove the wrong swing. Lastly, I have already noticed just based on my practice swings in the sim that I am not confident with swinging full yet.  I know for a fact that I can't physically hit the wall or ceiling even with my longest clubs, but even knowing that, i still find myself having a bit of a "sawed off" follow through.  I have combated this by using a Jason Day Style eye close before I hit a shot to imagine I am outside on the range, lol.  Hopefully the need for this goes away as I get more confident indoors and I will keep a close eye on it to make sure it isn't messing with my swing long term. Thanks for the input! Kevin
  10. 19HI-New Home Simulator-How Much Improvement?

    I suppose since I have a few of them posted on YouTube I may as well link a few swing videos that I uploaded in June.  Obviously since then a lot has changed, but I am shooting similar scores so it should be a fairly accurate baseline. FO: DTL: Thanks, Kevin
  11. I have been lurking here all year and figured with all the great things I have learned, I should contribute to the forum and join up.  I am in a semi familiar spot, where I am just wrapping up my first real year of golf after a decade of playing 3-5 times a year and never breaking 100.  This was the year I decided I was going to take golf seriously, and over the course of the season, I was able to play about 30 rounds, hit the driving range 4-5 days most weeks, establish a handicap, take 8 lessons, and bring my scores down to where I am just on the edge of breaking 90.  It certainly hasn't come easy, and even though I wasn't playing much in those 10 years, I had developed a ton of bad habits and breaking some of them has been a tough task, that I believe will only continue getting tougher. This similar story has been written about on here numerous times by noob golfers in the same spot as me, early 30's(I'm 31) and just now having the time and resources to begin taking the game seriously.  Where I expect my story to differ, is I am trying to determine the answer to the common statement I hear in my group of friends: "If I just had a golf simulator at home, I bet I could knock XX strokes off my handicap in a single off-season.." Tonight the final(mostly) pieces of my DIY Home Simulator build arrive, and with any luck, I should have my first session ever on a simulator tonight/this weekend.  Up to this point, the only time I have hit on anything similar to a simulator would be when buying clubs at the local golf store, but even when I did that for my new set of clubs this year, I was still so bad that I was getting 160 yd slices and almost missing the target net when testing out drivers, so I just went with what I thought I could grow into.  As far as time on a Trackman or Flightscope, I have never hit a single ball or had anything measured.  It was a bit of a jump to decide to take 1/3 of my garage and make it into something that I had never even used before and isn't cheap, but I got so addicted to golf this year, the thought of 6-months during the winter where there isn't an open golf course for 150+ miles was too much to consider, so the sim build started 2 weeks ago and with the help of my wife, it is looking pretty damn good.  As mentioned, the SkyTrak arrives today, and although my projector and screen arent up yet, the cage is built and I will be able to run the driving range and challenges off my iPad.  As soon as the Sim software is launched(hopefully this month) I will complete everything with a new gaming computer and hopefully can play with some of you guys in the virtual world this winter.  There are a few "tours" that some other forums put on so if I can even remotely hold my own, I will try to get involved there as well. So to the main point of my post, how many strokes do you think I could cut off my game over the course of this off-season without ever stepping foot on a grass tee box?  Now obviously this is super subjective and there really is no way of you all making a truly educated guess without seeing my swing, physique, current skill level, current strengths and weaknesses, so I am just curious of peoples "fun" guesses.  If anyone is seriously interested in my progress, I don't mind posting some videos of where I started the year, where I ended, and throughout the winter, but obviously I don't intend this to become a "Member Swing" thread.  I have done a few trip report and forum blog type posts before for other hobbies, and I like the accountability of "followers" or others that are interested in maybe doing the same thing.  I am not really too sure how interesting it would be, and since I have never been on a Sim before, I am not sure what I would be showing, and if for instance I play Pebble Beach this month on the Sim and shoot a 110, and then by April I shoot a 95 on there, what will that really translate to the course?  Anything? Nothing?  My Guess: This is totally a shot in the dark, but based on what I know about my game, I think I will come out and my first round in 2016 will be sub 90's, and then I think I will shoot an 85 in the first month after courses open.  I know I am not going to be able to practice some of the most important shots such as bunker play, putting, and inconsistent lies, but currently my biggest weakness is off the tee, and approach accuracy >100yds.  A current round for me usually has 2-3 "3 off the tee" holes, a lost ball or maybe two, and usually a few 3-putts due to lower putting skill and long distance from the hole on my approach shots.  If I average lets just say 250 swings with my driver per week over the winter, that should be 5000+ swings, and I can't imagine with my determination that I am not able to be putting the ball in play consistently, which should be the lone difference in me breaking 90 right off the bat.  Add in that I hopefully should have a closer dispersion on my approach shots, which should take some pressure off my putting and hopefully mask a few of my inconsistencies there before I start getting some touch back after the first few rounds of the year. I attached a image of my handicap rounds this year, which were rounds that I either played solo, or with friends that are serious golfers.  I make the determination before the round if I will count it or not, and try to stick to it as best I can, in efforts to get to a point next year where I am counting each and every round to really determine a true HI.  The rounds I didn't count were all the others where I played with my normal group with whom nobody is below a 25HI, and they were all just for enjoyment with quite a few adult beverages consumed.  I think that is one of my favorite things about golf, the fact that one day I can be out having a blast with my friends, and the next day I can be walking the front 9 by myself, playing 3 balls, and working on my game. Other Considerations:  I still have about another month or so where I can play, so there is a chance I may break 90 before the year is out, but I realistically will only have 3 or 4 more rounds in me this season.  Secondly, I signed up for an indoor winter series with my instructor which I believe is 13 lessons on a Flightscope spread Nov-Apr.  I signed up knowing the Sim was coming so I can have a second set of data to back up what I am seeing at home, and to have the ability to truly go home and work on what I learned in the lesson instead of just trying to remember it all in anticipation of the 2016 season. Long story long, I think this could be fun to see and if anyone else is interested, just let me know so I can keep this going, or let it die off and just follow up in the spring. Kevin