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  1. My Swing (alienator)

    I got a SkyTrak in the fall as well, and I think it is important to remember that the SkyTrak club speed is calculated and not actually measured.  Because of that, you can deduce that the calculation is being derived purely from ball speed(I am sure it is more specific than this but basic idea).  You can swing the club 140mph, but if you skull the ball vs hit the sweet spot, certainly the ball speed is going to alter, and therefore the calculated club speed will be off.   In the end, the ball speed is what truly matters to me, so I concentrate on that.  As my path becomes better, impact and contact, the ball speed increases, and therefore distance. Excited to see how the ST helps you out over the off season, as I am in the same boat, similar index.  I will be following. Good Luck. Kevin
  2. My Swing (NeedAJoker)

    I try to be as cognizant as possible of this, and spend 98% of my time here lurking and searching, so as to not make people have to re-iterate what has been said 1000 times before. That being said, this type of interaction is what helps it "stick" in my mind a bit better, which is the ultimate goal of a thread like this anyway I suppose. I will be excited once I improve more and can pass down some little tidbits that helped me along the way to others aspiring to improve their game as well.  For now its back to the garage... Thanks again Lihu. Kevin
  3. My Swing (NeedAJoker)

    OK that is almost exactly where I am gripping it, so that is great to see!  What a game this is, even if I can talk swing planes, wrist hinging, lateral sway, AOA, and on and on, its the little things like this that constantly remind me that I am a "noob" when it comes to golf, and really haven't even scratched the surface. Must be why I am so obsessed! Thanks!
  4. My Swing (NeedAJoker)

    Have a quick question...I started choking down on every club by starting my left palm 1-1.5 inches below the butt of the grip.  Not surprisingly I feel a lot more in control and am making better contact.  With better contact, distance has been increasing as well, but I just want to make sure I am not ingraining any bad habits before I continue down this path, and want to make sure it isn't just compensating for something else I am doing wrong in my swing.  Or, is it perfectly normal and correct to choke down a bit?  I was never truly fitted for my new set of irons last year, so they are stock length and lie, pretty much right off the shelf. I am 5'10, average build. Everything else is coming along nicely and I will try to get a good video and post an update later this week. Thanks, Kevin
  5. Something simple I have done is draw a big long line with a sharpie over the printed alignment line you find on the ball to extend it.  I bought a little plastic guide that the ball snaps in and allows you to draw the line perfect every time.  After I set it on my target line, my only thought is to make sure I try as hard as possible to roll that line over itself.  If I see the black line wobble as it is heading towards the hole, I probably didn't hit it square.  If it rolls over itself and continues a straight line, more often than not it will drop as long as my read was right.   Simple but it really dumbs everything when I am standing over the ball to "Make line go straight."
  6. 19HI-New Home Simulator-How Much Improvement?

    I got back from Vegas yesterday and although the golf courses(especially Wolf) were beautiful, I didn't have the most enjoyable rounds.  We absolutely missed the boat on having good weather, and both days when we arrived to the course it was below 40 degrees, and never warmed up much. TPC Summerlin: It was actually 34 degrees when we pulled in the parking lot and hit the range, but because there was no wind and the sun was out, it actually felt ok by the time we teed off.  The front 9 I couldn't really find my shot, but chipped and putted well.  I quickly realized there isn't a ton of margin of error on misses and with the greens being frozen, there was little chance I was going to score well at all.  I shot 100 on the dot, and it was one of those rounds where I chose to just remember the good shots and enjoy the day.  Something that was cool was Greg Maddux was hitting balls on the range with us that morning. Paiute-Wolf: Even colder start, and that deep in the desert, the wind was blowing all day.  Stupidly pretty out there, but I knew on the practice range I was screwed.  Not sure if it was the fact I had to wear 2 jackets, or the fact I don't think it got over 40 all day with the wind chill, but it was super tough and not all that enjoyable as I am not sure I made clean contact once all day.  Never once did I feel "loose," and I would have been happy to walk off on the 4th hole.  I play in crap weather all the time and it doesn't bother me much, but on a course that tough, the frustration was mounting. I didn't even keep score, but know I had 2 pars all day and a lot of GIANT numbers and lost balls.  Wouldn't have sniffed 100. Overall it didn't turn out to be the trip I wanted, but gave me a chance to see what top end courses play like which is great.  Wolf course to me seemed like trying to hit a shot and land it on a small frozen turtle shell.  A few times I hit what would be good shots for me, but if you miss by a couple feet on that course, you might be 30 yards down in a gully.  I am not good enough to play those course yet, far from it. As mentioned earlier in this thread, there is no way to simulate the varying lies at home, so those obviously presented the biggest challenges for me.  Also, when I lost my swing out there, I had no ability to hit a few balls to get it back like I can in the garage.  When it was gone, I was lost, and there was no way to fix it mid-round.  This just makes me realize even more how I really need to get things a lot more consistent before this spring, but also that I need to spend a lot of time hitting on real grass as soon as I can. I am going to take a week or so without even swinging a club, and be back at it in the new year. Happy New Year everyone, on to 2016! Kevin
  7. 19HI-New Home Simulator-How Much Improvement?

    Just hit about 200 balls and worked through the entire bag to try and get some distances before I leave for the trip on Saturday.  I started off fading the ball and I couldn't do anything to get it correct, while laying down the club as much as I wanted.  I don't have time to keep working on that before I leave, so I just went back to focusing on my left wrist all the way through my swing, and the shots started dropping nicely.  After I was warm, I ran through each club and hit 5 consecutive shots.  There were 2 shots that I deleted(a 5i and a 3W) that were total miss hits as to not screw with my averages, but besides that they were all consecutive. It is odd to me that my long irons feel so much better to me than my short irons.  I attribute part of it to spending this entire last season teeing off with 4iron as I couldn't hit my woods, so it just feels right.  Regardless, I don't expect to break any course records next week down in LV, but my ball striking and flight path is getting better each week.  Below I will throw up the stats for Short/Mid/Long clubs, and the corresponding flight paths for each type.  Distance variation at the moment is going to be a real issue for me, especially with altering lies, but if my biggest problem is being a bit too short, or a bit too long to the green, that is 100000% better than searching for my ball in the woods(or I guess desert this week, never played in the desert.) I will get in some swings on Friday as long as I don't hit the Bourbon too hard, then off to Vegas first thing Saturday.  I will upload the scorecards from the rounds here next week when I get back, and hopefully it will give us a decent idea of how much of a difference this simulator might make. Kevin Short: Mid: Long:  
  8. 19HI-New Home Simulator-How Much Improvement?

    My coach cancelled our Friday as he was doing an interview presentation to go for the head pro spot at a course in town. So, didn't get a new piece to work on, but honestly the night before I started wishing I had more time to groove the new changes before adding any more complexity.  I practiced on Friday, and was certainly getting my hands and club shaft in much much better positions at the top. I was having a problem trying to get my shaft to lay down a bit, and noticed my right thumb was really directing the club a lot, so now I all but keep it off the club and it is all the difference in the world.  There is still a lot of inconsistency, and it still feels a little weird, but it feels like everything is really beginning to click.  I still can't believe how such small little tweaks on one part of the swing(takeaway, top, etc) can impact so many parts later(follow through, rotations) if that makes sense.  Once you get on the right plane and the right axis, it all starts to work together and in such better balance. Was out of town the past 2 nights so haven't done much since Friday.  I was itching to hit a couple shots tonight when I got home, and I was really impressed with them. I probably hit 20 shots, and 15 of them were stellar.  5, were not.  I will get in a solid session tomorrow and follow up with some pictures.  I will likely practice every day this week as I leave for Vegas Saturday morning first thing, with this waiting for me in one week, which is a far cry from the foot of snow I plowed off my driveway today, can't come soon enough...
  9. Hello everyone, long time lurker

    I actually did pick up an Arccos earlier this season, which is effectively the same thing as GAME, but you don't have to tap anything on your belt, just have to have your iPhone in your pocket.  I am a super stat junky with golf, so I really like it, but actually stopped using it halfway through the season as it was getting a bit daunting trying to correct all my scores by having to add so many penalty strokes, extra putts, etc. I will start using it again this next season, especially now that I should be keeping the ball in play a lot more and not playing ping pong back and forth across the fairway.  Hopefully.  The stats should be a lot more relevant to my actual skill level this season, and I should be able to start deducing more from them once my swing is grooved and yard averages and dispersion is more stable. Kevin
  10. Hello everyone, long time lurker

    Welcome!  You and I are similar in time spent on golf thus far and handicap, so I will be following your progress as well. That being said, I don't have a single round in the 80's and certainly don't plan to sniff the 70's for a while, so congrats on getting there/close so quickly! Kevin
  11. My Swing (NeedAJoker)

    OK, watching that video make sense to me. Thanks as always!  I have another lesson tomorrow so I am going to try and nail my shaft position down as best I can before so I can get a new priority piece.  Kind of moving pretty fast with a lesson every week, so ill be happy to skip the next week due to Christmas and get a little time to let my body catch up to my brain. Kevin
  12. My Swing (NeedAJoker)

    So in working on the above flat left wrist at top, I uncovered a new problem.  See in the pictures below, that my shaft at the top is pointed WAY "across the line" I think it is called?  In most of the pro videos DTL, it seems like the shaft almost disappears as it is almost pointing straight away from the camera, which makes sense as the camera is pointed DTL, and therefore the shaft is close to DTL also.   Are there any feels or drills for this?  Just more mirror/video work to get it grooved? Feel like I am shortening my backswing?  I want less this(I know I am still cuppy at the top here, but it was pretty flat until the club started dropping behind my head. Maybe that answers my question, keep it really flat and it won't cross the line?): And more this: Thanks, Kevin
  13. My Swing (NeedAJoker)

    I apologize to anyone reading my other thread as this is going to be a lot of the same.  My goal was to keep the technical stuff here, and everything else there, but it seems to be redundant so I will have to figure out if I should do both or drop one. Mods if you have any input let me know.   Regardless, the past 9 days seem to be some of the biggest strides I have made thus far in my swing.  It is crazy to me how a few little changes can really bring the picture all together at once.  Now that my hip turn is a bit more centered, eliminating the cupped left wrist has absolutely changed everything.  I am really surprised as I feel like with all the reading I have done here, golf channel, etc, I haven't seen a lot about cupped left wrist and what impact it seemingly has on everything, but that is likely just my misinterpretation, or potentially its just not a problem a lot of people have.  It certainly was the "click" so far for me at this stage in my swing, and the results feel nothing short of amazing(for a 19hcp).   I won't repost all the stats and numbers, they are in the other thread if you are interested, but I will post the two ball flight pictures.  In the first picture(Dec 1st) you can see the inconsistency, with two snappy hooks, 3 or 4 big cut/slices, and maybe 1 or 2 draws.  In the second picture(from today), it isn't amazing, but the ball flight is so much better, with only 1 or 2 playable fades, and the rest a draws with a few loose ones.  On top of that, I feel like I am swinging at 80%, where before I felt like I was swinging out of my shoes, but the contact wasn't there so I was still struggling to get distance.  This resulted in nearly 15 yards gained with the average going from 118 to 133, once again, swinging "easier". I am happy as can be and am so excited to groove this and start working towards the next priority piece.  As soon as I can get some better lighting in my sim area, I will get some updated videos.  Thanks everyone for the help! Dec 1st: Today: Kevin
  14. 19HI-New Home Simulator-How Much Improvement?

    After these shots I pulled out my driver to see if the magic carried over...it did not. After I wrap up work tonight I am going to get in another practice session and work through the bag, as well as try to play 18 simulator holes and see what I can do when I am not hitting the same club back to back as we all know that can change a lot.  I won't bore people with all the charts and graphs, but I will certainly keep people updated on my progress. Also, we are going to get to test out how this translates to the real world quicker than I thought, as I just booked a trip to Vegas the end of the month, and have tee times at TPC Summmerlin on the 27th, and Paiute-Wolf Course on the 28th.  From what I can tell these courses both look stupid hard for someone of my skill level, but the two "scratches"  I am playing with are pretty jacked about it.  I don't really have any score expectations as my putting, sand, driving and chipping game isn't all of a sudden going to be good, but I am very excited to see how my approach shots hold up. Kevin
  15. 19HI-New Home Simulator-How Much Improvement?

    Short of winning the lottery, I am not sure anything could make me as happy as I am right now!! I literally can't really believe how incredibly different my swing is from 9 days ago when I posted the baseline stats.  I am not going to discuss the swing change here, and will keep it in MySwing thread, but it all just makes so much sense now. I warmed up for about 50 shots at least with 8 iron and 9i, working on my priority piece, and I think when I post the stats here for 10 consecutive 9iron shots, you guys likely won't believe its the same golfer.  I am not exactly going to be standing in line to register for Q school, but in my short time of taking golf serious, this is the best I have done. In regards to chat above about the stats looking weird, I think these ones look quite a bit more correct.  As I mentioned in one of the first few OP's in this thread, I always have felt like I am "hitting" the ball versus "swinging" the club, and with the way my wrist was breaking down, it makes sense why my contact was so crappy and I had to swing out of my shoes to get a 9i 120 yards.  Take a look at the club speed(calculated, not measured) and how much lower it is now, yet the carry distance is 15 yards further.  Contact is a different world, as I have seen written a million times but never been able to replicate, is the fact I feel like I am swinging at about 80% of what I was last week. I apologize for the gushy over excitement and sounding like a school girl, but after so many hours spent trying so hard this year, it feels good to see real measurable results. Certainly far from perfect, but great for me at this point: Kevin