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  1. ok, you seem like a decent person and clear thinker. there are some  egotists here that really have no idea , apart from over  indulgence in claptrap. what i am trying to convey and research, is a method of setup that isolates the left shoulder in total neutral phase that allows it to be pushed down around the upper horizontal spine, totally independently. that is how you get incredible torque on wind up in a grooved plane. this applies to all of us, even the wombats who think they are still having trouble in single figures. ok, i will not tell you what i have discovered whilst i was on a "forced "vacation, as i will no doubt be probably censored or "spat" at. speak about freedom of speech in the USA.
  2. you make a lot of very  valid points that will be lapped up by so called "believers"  , but you miss the reality mark by a conservative mile.  when you say that  if you set up properly to hit a baseball, tennis or bowl 'homerun" ,that is in fact a fallacy, as you yourself have no idea what that ideal setup actually is. sure, you can try and "mirror" the greats of this sport, but it"s akin to hitting your head against a brick wall from the resultant frustration if you are silly enough to follow this doomed path. ok, at least , i am only here to help as you must appreciate that i am 'handicapped' with my own inflexibility, so when i discover something that works for me it is not a case of poppycock-(cobblers is a better word when translated to masculine generics). that said, i must admit my advice on setup was totally wrong , but as i said in the past, this is a 'work' in progress. look, i think i have really discovered something, and it doesn't involve trying to address the ball in contrived ways as i said in the past. it is so simple , but it involves the grip  and the absolute neutral 'bend' to the ball at setup. i am just trialling this, but it could just confirm the title of my book which is probably in the wings - Golf is Easy, Golf is Hard-Your Choice.      
  3. Darrell Klassen

    ok, this is my view on darrell so obviously you should all listen. i was once an inner Circle Member just for a month. what he teaches is absolute truth to a "degree". what i mean by that is , he is probably the greatest teacher for all those golfers that have his same flexibility. ok, you can look at his physique and ask yourself- what flexibility. he has the "born" flexibility' to turn his shoulders freely. i am only guessing at percentages, but i would say that  most golfers here are actually  blessed with natural flexibility, but sadly  just lacking a bit of flexibility between the ears. that said, i hope a lot of you will revert to his teaching method . you must remember that i am only here to see the game progress, regardless of my own obvious, physical  shortcomings.      
  4. there is one problem in golf that seems to elude most. at least you understand what the word "feel' actually means, which you should be applauded for, as you posted against "the grain". in a typical backswing manoeuvre, that is implemented correctly, all consequent downswing antics that are suggested by our peers are just a hindrance, as all and sundry outcomes are and should be in auto mode, rather than contrived manipulations . ok, you seem to be on my own playing field of communication potential as i was an aspirant once of becoming a flamenco guitarist, but i had an accident with my fingers. anyway ,i  think you appreciate that you can't necessarily teach with video or pictures or even more importantly, a "boys club" attitude . please keep in touch as it only takes one little iceberg to sink the Titanic.
  5. that"s the problem, i can quote people like you all day long, and i will never change your mind , as obviously by your comments, your mindset is perched precariously close to intellectual disability. it"s sad really, as golf is full of egotists at any cost . that said ,GOLF is in essence the simplest of games, but has been totally hijacked as there is too much vested interest in NOT getting to the real truth. as i said before over and over, all golf problems relate to setup. i have been trying to work this out and i honestly think i have found the pro setup, which "forces" you to swing like a pro. i can"t describe this as i am bound to censorship restrictions, but  i can assure you that it is so simple , but totally overlooked.
  6. ok, i am bound by rules here and that is fair enough as no one in their right mind wants me  to actually crack the code as this is a threat to their whole existence. i know that pictures and the more modern day acronym -"videos", are worth more than a thousand words, but in my case, a few words can actually dispell this nonsense theory . that said, i have discovered something quite amazing and as you know if i tell you about it and do not post the results on video or photo, then i can be docked more penalty points. anyway, i have found something out today that could explain the way the pros "walk" into the ball on setup. actually, it is probably the most important discovery i have ever made after 30 years of trying. i must apologize for not reporting this , but i am only a guest here getting very close to the truth and obviously the "hierarchy" are getting very nervous, which is totally understandable.
  7. hi iacas- people here think that i have found the perfect swing and can shoot in the 70:s, so they say why am i not game to post it on video? i will tell you why- i have not found the perfect swing at all. one thing i can rest easy with is that at least i am trying to solve an elusive riddle without following mainstream hysteria. you know and i know that my posts can seem a bit hit and miss ,but at least i appreciate that you always comment on their authenticity. that makes me actually think about the feedback and try to question my own hypotheses. anyway, i have an absolute eye opener of a discovery today for you to digest. it involves the grip- the palms of the hands should be totally facing each other.ok, the only way you can appreciate this is if you are a hacker, is to just join your hands together without a club, and then do a setup as per normal. when you join the hands, make sure that they are totally clasped together . that is what you want to achieve in a normal golf set up with the BACK of the palms parallel. then all you do and this is paramount ,you MUST push down your left shoulder- it will automatically get into a "grooved" position on the backswing, but because your right palm is in the correct position, the takeaway is almost guaranteed. by the way, i think the fact that golf grips/shafts are tapered ,just adds to the complexity of such a necessary, simplistic approach. sometimes i think my talents are wasted . the trouble is that if i 'crack" all this golfing diatribe and end up writing my own book, then there are not going to be too many happy authors out there.          
  8. thanks mvmac- at least you seem more approachable than most here without being over bearing  and threatening. i know i should try to post some sort of video, but i feel as though i would be totally embarrassed and humiliated at this stage of my new swing, as there seems to be an unforgiving and fanatical segment lurking here on the forum , accusing me of different user names. anyway, i am not here to get any special notice, as some people here suggest. you see, everyone's physical makeup is different. you can look at the antics of the pro's swing all day, but you may not be physically capable of doing it yourself. that is what i am about- trying to find a setup/swing that actually fits me and all i am doing when i find it , is to report it. i do not expect the negative diatribe though from self opinionated book writers and hangers on. anyway thanks- you seem independent to the crowd.            
  9. thanks iacas- at last a bit of deserved recognition with my own thread into probably what i must admit, has been my savior. what i mean by that is something that may sound stupid to you, but it has turned my whole swing around and that is probably why i come across as being a bit half smart. anyway, the crux is that i was bending down to the ball by collapsing my left pelvic muscles rather than my right, as i always set up with the left hand only. ok, so i fixed this by allowing the right to collapse instead, but also freely allow the chest to turn to the left without any hindrance. this is in direct contrast of teaching , as most people are of the belief that the shoulder must be pointing to the target . also, i just discovered that if i "allow" my left shoulder joint to come forward without tension at address, and not to stand with a posture like someone has a poker inserted in my proverbial, i can actually get a 'grooved " swing by pushing the left shoulder down and when i do this, i do not dip like before , it just rotates around the upper horizontal. the only problem now is that i am only hitting practice balls,  but still the changes to my own swing are so severe on my body during the follow through, that i am not that sure about being able to continue with this  as i think i have now a 20 year old"s swing in a 60 year old"s body. that is what i would really like to pick your brains about- is it advisable for me to keep playing golf this way or should i just revert back to my hacker self ?          
  10. ok, at least we have liftoff. we have genuine discussion and that is why i am here. i am only trying to get debate, not opinionated opinion. anyway, i would like you all to consider this, but i know i am only a lowly 15 handicapper who hasn't written a book, but please be cautious as to your reaction as i could actually be your savior of the over hyped golf swing . anyway, i only stumbled on this miracle swing since i joined this forum, so i must give credit to all those that questioned my antics, as it actually forced me to think outside the typical nonsense that is bandied about. the fact is this- GOLF is a VERY SIMPLE GAME, but is convoluted to such a level of idiocracy that it almost defies belief. so let's get to my setup routine in more detail- if you bend down to pick something up from the ground, you will either collapse your right side or left side near your pelvis depending on whether you used your left or right hand. you will also notice, which is absolutely critical to a golfing setup, that your chest will want to turn to the left if you are right handed. you must not try and alter this turning during a golfing setup, even though your chest is about 10 to 15% to the left and you are about 70% weight on the right foot. if you get into this natural position, then the best way to get max "whip" is to 'chop" at the start of the backswing, rather than the conventional 'garbage" that is taught en masse. have a look at the wrist motion of the specialist long drive champs if you have reservations. by the way, in  closing, maybe i should write a book . at least with my teachings i know that i am genuinely helping all those unfortunate golfing illiterates.      
  11. Shoulder Turn

    sorry to hurt your feelings mvmac as i didn"t even realize that you were the instigator of the post. i honestly just thought you were some smart ar.e having a lend of me. anyway, that is why i gave such a skewed response as it was in jest .  anyway, i did not also realize you wrote a book and i can now understand why you think golf is such a challenge-GOLF is HARD. i would like to take this opportunity to clarify my position with the setup. whether you push down the left shoulder or not is immaterial as long as you are in a neutral setup position .i know you dispute this, as you keep going on about how you think you know what neutral actually is. i will repeat this again -if you can find a perfect, neutral setup position , the swing is then automatic. what you have probably had problems in your teaching pursuits with, is that some golfers can find that position more readily than others. i think you should hold back on your pious attitude just because i am a 15 handicapper until you can digest the real connotations of my alleged diatribe.          
  12. Shoulder Turn

    exactly 'Golf is Hard', everything will be rubbish to you which is totally understandable from your defeatist nametag. ok, let"s get back to some reality here as i seem to have damaged a few over inflated egos. that said ,i don't deal in trivial matters. when i said that it is how you set up that is critical, i will now tell you how to go about this all important procedure. the only way you can push down on your left shoulder is to have the accommodating appropriate stance. when you bend towards the ball, you must collapse your muscles on the pelvic right side, so you almost feel as though your weight is on the right foot and your foot will turn in somewhat automatically to accommodate the extra weight. i will not go into too much detail as to why it works , but if you think it through and do it correctly then your swing will no longer be "pure rubbish"
  13. Shoulder Turn

    ok, we all  seem to have a problem here of accepting beneficial change. this is a  totally normal reaction, but is detrimental to the game long term. anyway, just to add a few points as to my proven 'theory' on left shoulder down around fixed upper horizontal spine, you must set your shoulders at address correctly, otherwise it will not work. when i say "set", that is ironically the worst thing you can think of to actually get the shoulders in tension free set mode. all the garbage i see bandied out about set up positioning is preposterous. in other words, the only way you can swing freely with your shoulders and "force" your left shoulder to go down max. for optimum wind up power with utmost consistent, in groove results, is if you understand what and why i am trying to get across.        
  14. Shoulder Turn

    ok, i am going to try and answer all queries in just the one post. in regard to the query on shoulder turn, the wrist hinge artificially manipulated  in a backward hinging motion  will be a better way to start the backswing, although not the real answer to this dilemma. the only way you can guarantee results is by pushing down on the "total' left shoulder, almost perpendicularly, around a fixed upper horizontal spine. when i say the game is "screwed " for money, that is fairly obvious if you just look at the "wombats " who get a license to teach questionable antics . it is not rocket science , this revered golf swing. a lot of the videos of so called great swings i see here worry me greatly, as they are not at all natural, and require huge adjustments to the person"s natural movement . this is a huge problem if you are just trying to play the game without possible future injury or permanent health implications as a result of being foolhardy .      
  15. Shoulder Turn

    ok, i had shanking issues in the past and i actually found that my shoulder joints were the culprit and were  allowed to 'collapse' a tad forward involuntarily during the backswing, which caused the hosel of the club to come in to play with devasting consequences.  that said,  forced address collapse did not cure this problem totally for me , but was still a resultant huge improvement anyway. what i found out just recently to totally fix these issues was something that came to me from left of field analysis . i think that a possible x%(0-100)  of golfers are just trying to copy  videos of so called  great swings, but have no idea how to manifest these gyrations into their own golfing world. my own take on this is simple and it involves the takeaway and what you think of as a "chop". you can chop up and down or back and forward with your wrists. most golfers think that a chop is up and down motion with the wrists. you should start the backswing with a chop of the wrists in a backward hinge motion. provided that the wrists are set, facing each other on the grip, so they can collapse in unison during the backswing. that will allow your shoulders to turn naturally and that is all what golf is in essence- just a natural game that has been so  "screwed" for money  that the real past masters of the game must be turning in their graves.