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  1. Is 43 to 50 still a too big gap really? The 47 is sounding like the better option. Then keep the 52 55 58.  The alternative I guess is 43 50 55 60.  I know I need to check yardages but just looking for opinions on those options.    Cheers
  2. Thanks a lot for the feedback folks. I hit the 52 around 95yds and the 58 around 75yds. The PW is going to be around 120yds for me.  I can see how with the GW it would be fairly balanced at least on lofts with my current 52 and 58.  I'm definitely going to need something in there though.  As it stands I'm carrying 13 clubs.  I guess one option is to get the 47 and work with what I have opening up the face etc.  Obviously yardage gaps are key rather than the lofts themselves. 
  3. Hello all, Had a recent change of irons, my last set stopped at a 44degree PW so I had a 52 and 58 degree pair of Cleveland 588's in the bag. My new set has a 43 degree PW and also a 55 degree SW. Do my current additional wedges work or would I be better to change the gaps maybe a 50 degree. The set does have a GW option which is 47 degrees.  Thanks
  4. When I first started out years ago I didn't play a driver or woods, I just had a driving iron but I was confident with it and played well. Thing is I can hit the driver and my 4 wood now so it's just trying to find something that really suits.  Thanks for your comments, I think I'll pop to the golf shop and just hold a few and see how they look at address o give me an idea then I can look at what in the used market is of a similar type
  5. Looks like I'm going to be trying out an awful lot of clubs, thanks for the advice
  6. Think 's for all the replies. Lots of options so far. Looking at the club test the 588 did pretty well. No surprise to see Adams on top but the Nike Covert ranking pretty high too.  What I have found is a lot of hybrids with stiff shafts but pretty sure a regular would be better for me. 
  7. This what I mean, the speed line range, straight away there is the s, the ls and the xtd. Is there a way to find out the differences between them? 
  8. Does it exist?  I'm looking for a hybrid to go between my 17 degree 4 wood and 25 degree 5 iron.  A club between 20 and 22 degrees would seem appropriate but what's out there, preferably used, that gets the ball up well, can hit from the rough and the fairway and offers good forgiveness.  I've heard good things about Adams Idea Pro but there's so many models, also good things about cobra bafflers but again lots of models, any specifics people can help me with? Thanks for your time
  9. Used drivers and 3 woods

    Thanks for all the replies, in the end I picked up a used cobra biocell. It will allow me to use a 12 degree setting but adjust if I need to as I improve and it got a lot of good reviews for forgiveness too. Picked it up barely used with head cover and tool for half retail so I'm a happy chappy. 
  10. Used drivers and 3 woods

    Nice, I have an R5 Dual but it's 10.5 degrees and seems quite low in terms of ball flight. I would say I hit it around 175 total distance. 
  11. Hello folks,  I've checked out a few of the old threads, I'm sure some of it still rings  true but these questions tend to change over time as new technology comes through.  Looking at buying a used driver and possibly a 3 wood. Playing off 25 with a round about a 90mph swing speed.  I know clubs need to be tried but want to narrow the field, what's a good used purchase for these two clubs? I've heard good things about Cobra (bio cell in particular but also old models) and Ping (g10 and k15) . Also what sort of loft should I be looking at for the driver, wouldn't say I get the ball up with ease.  While we're at it 4 hybrids?    Thanks folks. 
  12. Your thoughts on my bag

    Thanks for that folks, sounds like what I have is good enough for the job but I can change when I want. I like that reward system, I had been playing over my handicap but played to it yesterday which was nice. Might try out a 7 wood to see what that's all about. I'll give the driver to 4h a run out too and see how they perform, I've never really looked at the faces on them, what's the difference? 
  13. Your thoughts on my bag

    Any articular models spring to mind? Thanks for all the replies so far. Played today, can't hit the 3 hybrid I have so that's out, 4 hybrid is good for little punches from the rough but I can seem to hit it off the fairway. 4 iron was OK but only used a couple of times. 4 wood hit a couple ok off the tee but didn't really use it other than that. The driver and 5 iron onwards were fine.  I feel I've got a major gap between the driver and 5 iron. 
  14. Hi there,  Great forum here, lots of good info, first post for me. I'm looking for some opinions on the clubs I'm carrying and also some recommendations. I'm no tour player pretty high handicap at just over 24 but I'm having lessons and I'm getting better.  My current bag consists of a Taylormade R5 Dual Driver, Ping G10 4 wood, Taylormade Superfast 2.0 4 hybrid, Mizuno Jpx EZ 4i to PW and 52 and 58 degree Cleveland wedges.  So first question is what are your thoughts on that setup. The 4 wood I was using off the tee and I can still hit it well but I hit the driver pretty good these days too. Don't know if a 3 wood would be any good but think I may struggle off the deck with it which I can hit the 4. Also 4 iron and 4 hybrid keep both? Get a 3 hybrid or even a 7 wood?  Driver wise for someone like me is there anything which could benefit me? I just got my current one as one to start with as I wasn't really using the driver but now I am I sometimes feel it could go further as my 4 wood seems to be getting almost as far.  Fairway woods, any favourites out there, the G10 is pretty good to be fair.  Anything I would buy would be used so I don't mind going back a few models.  Thanks for your time.