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  1. Your Best Advice For a Beginner

    Do not learn to hit balls off a mat. I'm sure there are people who find practice from a mat useful, but for a beginner do not learn this way.
  2. I think basic rules and etiquette would be good. As for some kind of practical to check your ability, it's not needed if you actually demonstrate the correct etiquette. If you're going slow, you let people play through. If you are spending all your time letting people play through, it's back to a shorter/easier course or the practice area/range.  
  3. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I work at a sign-making company. We do more visual management than signs. I have the title of 'general assistant' which seems to mean I have zero authority but can be made responsible for anything the management care to blame me for.
  4. Hey, Been playing since about August. I'm enjoying the game even though I'm terrible at it.   Thanks for having me