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  1. Poor choice of words. I guess I should have said I had never heard it referred to as the 'Nicklaus draw'. Jack was definitely a man before his time. With regard to the higher draw I think I was achieving that with my open club face with a neutral grip (as in your bunker shot analogy). Although I also seemed to be achieving excellent distance as well. I changed to the 'Nicklaus draw' technique because I found the set up easier to deploy. I am really at a crossroad as to which method I should persist with. I guess time on the range will tell me. Just getting off topic for a moment. I wasn't able to quote your post in my reply. I am noticing some weird behaviour when trying to quote posts in my replies. Clearing the browser cache doesn't seem to help. I am switching between Chrome and IE with some success but the behaviour seems to persist in both browsers atm. Also, how do you edit your own posts? I noticed I spelled "knew as "new" in a previous post but could not find a way of correcting it.
  2. This is the method I have been struggling with! Having said that, it is the method I find easiest to set up to. If find it simple to simply align myself right of the target and then align the face so that it is between the target line and stance line. I never new it was called the 'Nicklaus draw'. I think I might be guilty on occasion of having the club face too hooded which is affecting my swing and ensuing ball striking. I think I'll persist with this method and hopefully develop more consistent results. I guess I needed confirmation that I was on the right track with my methods for shot shaping. You have all been most helpful. Thank you.
  3. When I say "closed relative to my grip" I'm actually talking about how the club is sitting in my hands. Take a normal (neutral) grip and then imagine the club being rotated a few degrees anti-clockwise in your hands. Rotating it clockwise "opens" the club face relative to the grip. This is how I determine the starting path of the ball and I'm beginning to think that although I've had some success with it that it probably isn't a wise method. I'm thinking that I should be lining myself and the club face square but right of the target (for a draw) and changing the way I swing to manipulate the swing path so that it is aiming further right may be the smarter option.
  4. I am assuming you are manipulating the face path (swing path?) to be more open to the target line since your natural face path would be along the target line if your stance is also parallel to the target line. I am trying to come up with a repeatable shot that allows me to play my natural swing. I'm struggling to understand the remainder of the sentence after what has been bolded. If you say your stance is relatively along the target line (I'm assuming parallel). So how then does your club face be open to the target line if it is "about along the stance line".
  5. Thanks mvmac. I'll check out that thread.
  6. Thanks for the response natureboy. I understand that technically both approaches should work.. Although I believe an open clubface will result in a higher trajectory. I guess I want to know what would be considered the orthodox approach.
  7. Hi all. I first came upon this forum when a totally unrelated google search sent me to the "Common Golf Myths That May Be Hurting Your Game" thread. It was a pleasant surprise as the information provided on the correct ball flight laws was a real eye opener for me. It explained why for years I kept playing my ball directly at the obstacles I was trying to avoid . I will be forever grateful that I stumbled on to that thread and to the people that contributed to it. All of a sudden I was able to play fades and draws! A bit wild at first but after dialling a few shots in I was chuffed at the progress I was making. The one thing that has me stumped, however, is the doubt that has crept into my head about how I should be gripping the club. I'm hoping that someone can clear up the following for me. I first started to play a draw by lining up to the target, opening my clubface slightly so that it was facing right of the target, and then re-aligning my stance so that the swing path was aligned even further right than the clubface. The result when executed properly resulted in a high, long draw that was a joy to behold! In this setup the clubface was OPEN relative to my grip. I would also play a fade with a similar setup. That is, I would open the clubface relative to my grip so that it was pointing left of the target, while my swingpath was pointing even further left. This also seemed to work well and got me out of trouble often. The one constant in my setup for both a draw or a fade is that I am opening the clubface relative to my grip for both of these shots. My question is this. Should I be gripping the club so that the clubface is open relative to my grip? It makes sense for a fade but I am not so sure for a draw. The more I thought about playing the draw the more I thought that, while I was executing it reasonably well, maybe I wasn't doing it right. I started to think that I should line up my swing path to the right of the target and then CLOSE the clubface relative to the grip. The idea being that the clubface was open to the target but still closed to the swing path. It seemed to make sense to me but I am really having problems with this setup. I seem to struggle with good ball striking when I start to use a hooded clubface. I have seen my question posted in many forums but I am yet to find a definitive answer. I have no doubt that someone on here will be able to help.