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  1. My Swing (val_vadino)

    Ok no problem thank you guys!
  2. My Swing (val_vadino)

    Thank you for your help im new to this as you see 
  3. My Swing (val_vadino)

    Hi everyone i have been golfing for 1 year now. I started at a 22 handicap and i cut it down to 11 so far. Before i would go out and just play but now i want to go to the next level. I have worked very hard on my swing this year. Played well here and there but this offseason im trying to improve so much. Here is my problem. I am flipping the golf club. I video tape all of my swings. When i take a practice swing with no ball i can get my hands equal with the ball:  The first photo  is at impact with no ball. The second  is at impact trying to hit the ball...ive researched this a lot and i understand i have to swing the club instead of hit it but no matter what i do i flip my hands....i have tried shortening my backswing, and slowing my swing down so i do not throw it at the top but i still do. As soon as there is a little white ball there to start my downswing i throw the club. Please if you get a chance send me some ideas to work on. Thank you so much, hope you are enjoying the holidays.Val