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  1. Yoga for golfers routine, medicine ball routine and backswing drill. Have made a nice effort in January. Overall have built up some solid routines to take to the range and the course.  Learned this week that my club will not open this year and they returned my membership money. Several local clubs offering discounted membership to our members. Will wait and see where club pro goes before deciding where I go. My next session is 2/10/2016 with him. I've been watching KJ Choi's swing during Farmers. I like the position of the elbows at top of backswing and at finish and using mirrors at fitness center during medicine ball routine to emulate. Of course, all this may change whenever I get to play again! And, as often reminded, golf is a hard game. It' hard not to beat yourself up. 
  2. Hitting balls into net. Backswing drill, pivot drill and hit each club through series of swings.
  3. Trip to fitness center today to do yoga for golfers routine, medicine ball routine and backswing drill with weighted club. I made a few swings with driver at home afterwards, sweet! It was so lite. Also noticed that the weight of the medicine ball just naturally drops the hands into the slot at start of downswing. I can only imagine in my past swing, that move was hands going out and club over the top. Harder to move hands out when pushing a medicine ball.
  4. In the barn hitting into net.Backswing drill, pivot drill through each of 7 clubs in my winter bag and hitting each club through series of swing types. Today's focus was exaggerating posting on the left side. As mentioned before, this feeling my left side is a whole new feel.
  5. Backswing drill, pivot drill and hit each club through series of swings hitting into net in barn. Not seeing any ball flight, I focus more on hitting certain positions and the way my body feels. I know if I was at the range, where the ball ends up would be focus. There would be no connection between how/where I feel my body and result of where my ball ends up.  
  6. Yoga for golfers par level routine, medicine ball routine for driving performance and backswing drill. 
  7. Mostly doing pivot drill 100+ reps to feel hip and shoulder turn when hitting ball. Nice feel of standing on left side post and face square at impact. Left arm and club shaft aligned and face square at impact.
  8. Back in barn hitting into net. Backswing drill, pivot drill and hitting each club through series of different swings. Only few days under my belt doing medicine ball routine but it already feels less strain in getting into top of backswing. 
  9. Yoga routine, backswing drill and medicine ball routine. Not hitting any balls, just visits to fitness center. Thinking I will visit SIM coming week and hit balls indoors.
  10. Started sessions in local fitness center. Doing yoga routine from Karen Roberts, par level, backswing drill with weighted club using mirrors in center and also started medicine ball routine as mentioned in LSW.
  11. Last night was session #3 of 6 with club pro. We. Discussed key concepts that were pretty much in line with LSW. I'll be working on. Keeping head still and checking at top of backswing drill. ( FO mirror view) Today I put in a half hour session at local SIM. Using driver only and doing backswing drill most shots went left of target line with draw. Some went straight and a very few went right with a fade, (aka slice). Big change there for me!!
  12. Backswing drill and hitting each club through series of swings into net in barn.Trying to focus on getting onto left side when completing full swing during backswing drill. ( Noticed I was getting stuck on right side, even doing slow motion swings. ) Another "ah ha" moment.
  13. Back at it after short recess. Backswing drill. Retained body movements and feels after missing few days.
  14. Backswing drill and pivot drill when hitting ball. Again, more aware of weight distribution. Am off skiing for MLK weekend. Will have to find sometime to swing club only no hitting. Taking one club with skis!
  15. Backswing drill, pivot drill and each club through series of different swing speeds. Using mirror FO to evaluate Key#1 and slow motion helps be aware of weight distribution at top of backswing, Key#2. I like what I'm feeling , especially that I might actually understand what I am practicing!! ?⛳️