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  1. My Swing (iacas)

    I want the same thing lol. I over flex the arm in the backswing, then flex it more and it gets behind me. I love Robert Rock's move from p4-p6  
  2. My Swing (iacas)

      This video explains it. I've been told by several very good instructors that I work with (all MOrAD), that as my arms get deeper I won't do my right are down and back, especially if I get deep and come over and allow the wrist to down cock the club. This may just be me though.  Have you tried it? Watch the video and let me know your thoughts. When I start to get higher hands at the top, it hinders my pivot and I get tons of arm lift, which I hate.
  3. My Swing (iacas)

    Then backswing  shouldn't matter at all.... Left arm and wrist need to internally rotate and shaft will flatten regardless of where the club is at the top. The deeper and less flexed I get on the backswing, the easier it is for me to OTT from the Inside. That's just me though and it varies from player to player. 
  4. My Swing (iacas)

    @iacas have you tried getting the hands deeper without over flexing right arm and right wrist? If the arm and hands are Deep, the only thing they can do is go out. Or at least it becomes much more difficult to drop them behind you even more reason for them to go out. Give it a try, key it to get the left arm deep without over flexing or over hinging. Trust me, not easy! 
  5. Show Us your "Opposite" Swing!

    I'm going to work on my lefty swing, it will take some work to improve the down swing pivot. I'm definitely getting a few left handed clubs to start working on it. I'm going to use the same MOrAD principles.  Thanks!
  6. Show Us your "Opposite" Swing!

    Thanks!!!! It looked a lot better than it felt. I need to work on my hip action through impact.
  7. My Swing (iacas)

    If you go to my swing, I struggle with the exact same thing and it pisses me off!!!!!
  8. My Swing (coop6)

    I understand!
  9. My Swing (coop6)

    So you feel I lose a little axis tilt I. The backswing? Heading to the course now. I'll work on it. My main thing I feel is not over flexing the trail arm.
  10. Show Us your "Opposite" Swing!

    I want to learn to play lefty. I'd love to break 90 from about 6300-6500 yards. 
  11. My Swing (coop6)

    Mvmac, what did you mean by Mac CF??
  12. Show Us your "Opposite" Swing!

    I'll post mine tomorrow.... Is it cheating if I use a left handed club ;) my boss is left handed. I can barely make half a backswing. It'll be funny! I've never seen it on video lol.
  13. My Swing (coop6)

    I agree 100%. My coach keeps stressing that the trail arm needs to stop over flexing.   He believes that is a great reason why I struggle to get the trail elbow working correctly.  I have to feel like the swing is about 50% its length lol.  I'm committed and look forward to getting in on the "5 minutes of practice a day thread" for Feb. I appreciate the feedback. What would Mac say about my swing lol....... Mac CF is???   Thanks!