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  1. 2ndswing

    Ordered to vokey wedges from, r they a dependable online store?
  2. golf bag options!

    Do you use a stand bag or cart bag and why? Im stuck the middle of what I want just need some opinons!
  3. 1sr round back

    Yessir and it cheaper to drive and go play a course than pull boat to lake and have to buy fuel for boat and truck then you go in into the tackle store to pay for boat ramp and you gotta try out these new crankbaits etc it adds up
  4. 1sr round back

    Was gone alot for army and then when I came over i was addicted to bass fishing I seem to switch back and forth often bass fishings got to exspensive for me so I just started golfing again!
  5. 1sr round back

    Bad ball contact on sand wedge and judging power i need to put on the putts
  6. softest golfball?

    I use to play callaway hx hots but want something diffrent not a big fan of pro vs i want a ball thats real soft off the irons but feels hard off the driver iguess a good 50/50 ball any suggestions?
  7. 1sr round back

    Played my first round in about 4 1/2 to 5 years, could still keep it in the fairways my approach shots were off target a little bit, best shot i had today was a par 4 had a good drive had about 140yd to the green and i bounced it off the pin left me 3ft birdie putt, ended up 16over for par70! Better than i thought id do after so long!
  8. Who makes the softest golfball in your opinion?
  9. any truck gurus?

    Nothing against ford at least they didnt take bailout money but aint seen an american motor break a million miles yet, ive got a 2014 gmc sierra 2500 duramax 4x4 and it aint near as tough as my toyota!
  10. any truck gurus?

    Got a 94 toyota pickup xtra cab 4x4 like to piddle with,and restoring anybody else got anything?
  11. Addiction

    Theres plenty of  em around!!
  12. Addiction

    Naw was in army for a while weapons dont excite me, I have a couple for huntin but just goin out to shoot or collect em just dnt get me fired up!
  13. Addiction

    Have to split money between 3 bassboat, toyota pickup, and golf!
  14. 5 year break from golf

    Johnathon from grapeland tx finally getting back to playing havent been since summer after highschool spent a some time with uncle sam in afghanistan and been mainly chasing largemouth around, I figured id pick up another hobby again use to average par to +2 cant wait to knock some of this rust off!!