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  1. Primate added a post in a topic playing without a glove   

    I found this thread interesting so today I tried to play without a glove to see how it went. I will not be doing that again
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  2. Primate added a post in a topic The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing   

    I just watched the 1st disk and part of disk 2. It all seemed logical but it was a bit overwhelming. They throw a TON of information at you. I felt like I was back in college. As soon as the weather clears I will see what I have retained.
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  3. Primate added a post in a topic Driver sound   

    Lol just so happens I use the Cleveland HiBore... Gun shot is what I am told as well.
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  4. Primate added a post in a topic Driver sound   

    Any driver I use sounds the same to me. I just hear 'TINK, but the people I am playing with say it sounds like a gun shot 'BOOM,?
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  5. Primate added a post in a topic What ball?   

    A lot of people say Pro V1 is the best ball and it might be.... for the pros. If you strike like a pro, work the ball like a pro and score like a pro then I would say go for the ball the pros use. But, if you are a mortal like most of us then most balls will work for you.

    I like Bridgestone E6, Wilson Zip and any Top Flight. I have found balls around the course and have really liked Strata and Precept though I am unsure which line they were. I did buy a bunch of Pro V1s because of all the hype around them, and they were not for me.

    **Edit** I have seen a lot of people playing noodles but I have no personal experience.
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  6. Primate added a post in a topic Master "Forged vs. Cast" or "Blade vs. Game-Improvement" Iron Thread   

    Just an update since the new purchase season is coming back around and someone may find this thread of use.... The 52's, while not a true blade, was still the best purchase I have made.
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  7. Primate added a post in a topic Master "Forged vs. Cast" or "Blade vs. Game-Improvement" Iron Thread   

    My MP-52's showed up yesterday. They are sweet! I hit a bucket of balls and I played 18 wihtout any issues. They seem to hit a bit longer than my old clubs but if I toe it the ball goes about 5 feet lol. I would make the purchase again in a second!
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  8. Primate added a post in a topic Master "Forged vs. Cast" or "Blade vs. Game-Improvement" Iron Thread   

    The pic above didn't take:

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  9. Primate added a post in a topic Wedgie Madness   

    So I finally got to try some wedges. I tried the 588 54*, vokey 60* and a Wilson TW9 58*. This was the first time I have ever hit a 60 and man that is some cool stuff. My biggest issue with using my TA7 D wedge to chip is that I am worried about hitting it too hard so I tend to stub it. With the 60 I could crank it and have no worry about the ball going to far. The harder I hit the ball higher it went vs flying over the green. The 54 wasn't any different than my D wedge as far as play goes but the form factor is totally different and the 58 seemed like the perfect wedge. I was able to get what I wanted from the fringe and out about 70 - 75 feet. So I purchased the 58* but I might add a 60 just because it is such fun to hit ;) From the test I could not tell a difference in feel from one club to the next. The Vokey seemed to give me more spin but that may be because of the extra loft. I did notice the TW9 really chewed by ball up but I didn't see the extra spin for the damage done. I don't know what to attribute that too?
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  10. Primate added a post in a topic Master "Forged vs. Cast" or "Blade vs. Game-Improvement" Iron Thread   

    This article was quoted a couple times in this thread. You anti blade guys need to find some more material instead of using the same stuff over and over ;)
    This article is BS IMO. The author does not take into account what the golfer WANTS to play. Also, I don't buy into the "Only the top 1% of 1% can play blades" theory. From all the information I have read; The only DESIRED requirement for blades is that you strike the ball fairly well and consistently. If you get on the green with an eagle or birdie putt and 3 putt every time then which iron you play has nothing to do with your double digit handicap.
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  11. Primate added a post in a topic Master "Forged vs. Cast" or "Blade vs. Game-Improvement" Iron Thread   

    I think the poster had to be kidding. To start playing golf with with a 15 handicap seems a bit off to me.
    Then, To go from a 15 handicap to a 4.3 in a year wold take a lot of time and dedication, if possible at all. Then you add in that the poster is saying he is playing blades when he s playing CB and I get the impression this post was a joke.
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  12. Primate added a post in a topic Master "Forged vs. Cast" or "Blade vs. Game-Improvement" Iron Thread   

    Doc, The writer is not taking into account what a player WANTS to play. If the game is more enjoyable to a 30 handicap if he/she plays mp-33 then I say go for it. The best player in the world plays Nike clubs but that does not mean that Nike makes the best clubs in the world. So, just because 70% of the pros play CB doesn't mean you are an idiot if you don't play them. But, I am not a person that looks to the pros when I choose a club. I look to my fellow Joe average to see what he thinks.
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  13. Primate added a post in a topic Master "Forged vs. Cast" or "Blade vs. Game-Improvement" Iron Thread   

    This artical lost me at
    "he is a 12-handicapper who has no business swinging such sticks."
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  14. Primate added a post in a topic Master "Forged vs. Cast" or "Blade vs. Game-Improvement" Iron Thread   

    Hi all,

    A lot of you took the time to reply to this thread so I thought I would update it. I could not hold out any longer. I did get the lessons but I also went ahead and purchased the MP-52. I asked my instructor after a couple lessons and he said I should be fine with the 52's and that I really needed to go to a stiff flex shaft anyway. I Didn't know I was using regular flex but on my swing videos you can see my shafts doing the Schwarzenegger (Flexing wicked hard).

    The specs are

    2* upright
    standard loft
    project X 6.0 shaft
    DD2 Grips
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  15. Primate added a post in a topic Playing for a year, getting new clubs, suggestions?   

    Did you hit these clubs before you ordered them? Obviously not this exact set but other x-20s? Fitting isn't just about measurements it is also about finding the club that feels the best to you. This can only be accomplished by going out and hitting a bunch of different clubs. I guess it is too late now bu,t you will still want to take your clubs in and get them fitted as others have said. It DOES make a difference. GL, I hope you enjoy your new clubs for years and years to come :D
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