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  1. pahonix added a post in a topic My new SkyCaddie "SG3"...Review   

    Is anyone using a SkyCaddie under BootCamp (or Parallels) on an Mac? A friend of my boss bought a SkyCaddie without realizing that he couldn't use it on his Mac. So naturally I get asked about how to get it to work heh. I notice both SkyCaddie and GolfLogix promise Mac support in the near future (whereas SureShot actually says on their web page that Mac support is provided by using their Windows software under Parallels) but it seems that the alternative to telling this guy to return the unit is to suggest BootCamp and it'd be nice to hear that someone's using it this way before I recommend it.
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  2. pahonix added a post in a topic 2005 ESPN Fantasy Golf League   

    I'm sure glad I set my calendar to remind me on Wednesday mornings to edit my ESPN team. I went and checked today and ALL FOUR of my players from last week are not playing this week, lol!

    But here's something weird, I picked all new players and did it so that I had exactly 50.0 points. I got this message:

    Your foursome's salary exceeds the limit of 50.0. No statistics will be accumulated until you reduce your salary below that threshold. Please change your foursome.
    TEAM VALUE50.050.0 --

    WTF? Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but some calculation is wrong there. I'll go substitute another player in the mean time so I can have my stuff counted. Then I'll go find where to submit a bug report.
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  3. pahonix added a post in a topic Presidents Cup   

    Ok, US vs. the World. Keep that around. I hate to think that quality players are exempt from competing in a US vs anybody competition just because of their country of birth. Or am I misunderstanding the qualifications of the Ryder Cup? :)

    At any rate, I like the whole macho pride tournaments, except when the US isn't winning, of course. They're fun and different from regular tour events. Kinda falls in the same league as the International where they use that modified scoring system. I always try to catch that action when it's on.
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  4. pahonix added a post in a topic Still No Tiger   

    Maybe this is true, but Tiger has only *not* played the AT&T; the last two years. From '97-'02 he was there, and even won it in 2000 (what DIDN'T he win in 2000).
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  5. pahonix added a post in a topic Presidents Cup   

    I'm with you on the Battle at the Bridges. That was my first real look at Hank Kuehne and even thought he played like crap, IIRC, it was interesting. And I love the events where the players are mic'ed up and they're more relaxed and joking around. Something Erik alluded to in another thread.

    But I didn't vote, cuz I don't know what the heck the President's Cup is. Maybe I'll go look it up and once I refresh my memory (is it the US vs. World thing?) I'll come back and vote.
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  6. pahonix added a post in a topic Super Bowl   

    I'm bordering on the same thing myself. I thought this morning about calling friends to see if they really really wanna watch it... otherwise, I might just catch up on some other stuff on TV or watch a movie or something. Or even go out to a movie. Might be one of the best times to find a good seat.
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  7. pahonix added a post in a topic 2005 ESPN Fantasy Golf League   

    So what's that saying about my team, also at -4 at the moment? Heh. Stupid Ernie Els not playing.. Stupid tournament starting on Wednesday. Going to set up some kind of reminder on my calendar to go fix my team every week...
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  8. pahonix added a post in a topic 2005 ESPN Fantasy Golf League   

    That reminds me to go look at my team (which carried over from last week cuz I forgot to go edit) to see what's happening. I'm glad I don't have Duval... +7 after 10. Ouch.
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  9. pahonix added a post in a topic good to be here   

    Great to have you here! I have been meaning to break out my TW ps2 game. I got frustrated with my first round at Kapalua a long time ago and haven't picked it up since. But every time I see Erik say he shot in the 40's, I just know I'm missing something and want to try my hand at it again. Especially since I've had a renewed interest in golf since buying the game (I have the TW2004 edition) so that should help.
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  10. pahonix added a post in a topic Bun in the oven   

    Fantastic! Glad everything went ok, too. Congratulations.
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  11. pahonix added a post in a topic Favorite Piece of Technology?   

    I'm going with high definition tv (HDTV). It has totally revolutionized the way I watch both movies and tv shows. I stick my nose up at 4:3 Fullscreen movies/shows now. Heh. If all I got in HD was sports (football, baseball, etc... still waiting for someone to broadcast a PGA event in HDTV), I'd be just as happy. Sometimes I watch the Discovery Channel and PBS just cuz it looks great, not that the material is all that interesting - though I'm surprised sometimes - there was this great show about the Egyptian pyramids a while back that I was totally enthralled with. And hey, I learned stuff!
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  12. pahonix added a post in a topic Ferrari Enzo sighting!   

    I have officially been trumped.
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  13. pahonix added a post in a topic Indoor Putting   

    Talk about the possibility of getting your fair share of weird stares!
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  14. pahonix added a post in a topic Ferrari Enzo sighting!   

    For my personal driving pleasure, I'd probably get a Lexus SC (two door hardtop convertible), but for having other people drive me around, the Maybach . *drool*
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  15. pahonix added a post in a topic The NHL   

    First and foremost, I agree. Fuggem.
    Of course, born and raised and still living in Florida, I could not care less about hockey - the only time I ever intentionally watched hockey was when the Lightning streaked through the playoffs and won the Stanley Cup, but only because I'm a St. Pete boy by birth, so hometown team and all that. Plus, at the time, I had quite a few co-workers from Calgary, so the whole Tampa vs. Calgary thing really had meaning here. But then again, there are other sports that would desperately love to get ESPN (or even ESPN2, for that matter) coverage, even for just one event (largely thinking disc golf here). But I get what you're saying - based on the supposed big-ness of the sport, it being relegated to ESPN only and no network coverage, is troublesome.
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