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  1. Westopherr added a post in a topic so how often you put money on the line when golfing? :)   

    i only do it on nice courses. probably once a month.
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  2. Westopherr added a post in a topic From Phoenix   

    welcome! play more now that its cooled down a little. I have no idea how you can play in those summer conditions.
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  3. Westopherr added a post in a topic New to Golf   

    said it best. however he forgot to add
    e) golf clubs will be all over the house f) golf channel on all the time g) golf shop employees know you by first name! have fuN!
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  4. Westopherr added a post in a topic Hello from Sunny South Florida   

    since nobody else said anything. welcome! enjoy the forum
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  5. Westopherr added a post in a topic Age   

    23 years young!
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  6. Westopherr added a post in a topic What Do You Do for a Living?   

    work at the good ol DMV, IT.
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  7. Westopherr added a post in a topic 16 degree hybrids?   

    i've used a 16 nickent genex. I preferred it over a 4/5 wood. Its better out of the rough and in tricky areas.
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  8. Westopherr added a post in a topic Yes another one of these threads! LOL! HELP ME!   

    you could try looking into nickent used clubs. i know the 3dx iron set it great for new players. you can find them used for around $100-$150. they have hybrids also which is a plus. Then invest in a good used driver $75 and the rest you should save for lessons and range time! goodluck!
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  9. Westopherr added a post in a topic Cally X forged Iron Proj X 6.0   

    lefty- thanks for the comment. Yeah i've been making a pretty good run this year dropping my index from 18s to high 14s. I'd really hate to be mentally defeated and call this a lost year.
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  10. Westopherr added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Cally X forged Iron Proj X 6.0
    So it has been a month since i got these new irons. I haven't gamed them yet because I haven't had a decent range session. Compared to my CCi's the head is a little bigger which i thought would be a little more forgiving. however, since the shaft is different, i keep thinking thats the reason why i'm hitting inconsistantly.

    I had an old demo 6 CCI forged iron that i got used with a proj x 6.0 shaft. Hit em great. just as good as my dg s300 but it had a lower ball flight (good!). so now i know it isn't the shaft

    my question is. If this were you. what would you do?

    1. Keep them and work through them (score is going to suffer initially)
    2. Sell them and change the shaft in my current ccis? ($$$)
    3. get a new set of cci with X6.0 shaft in it.
    (not sure i can find new with shaft i want)
    4. Sell them and keep what i have.

    Please comment. If any 07' x forged users would like to talk about their experience and thoughts, that would be awesome!
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  11. Westopherr added a post in a topic TaylorMade XD Ball?   

    i found one and tried it. It seemed pretty hard. Distance was good. no greenside control. high ball flight. durable. Not a ball of my choice but I do think it is worth its price. For the same $ i personally would go top flite d2 feel. Good ball with similar characteristics, but a little softer and a little, and i mean little greenside spin.
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  12. Westopherr added a post in a topic Just ordered my first scotty cameron!!!   

    Mr. West:
    Nice cameron putter and all, and i'ma let you finish, but the SG9 putter is the greatest putter of all time

    Congrats on the new putter
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  13. Westopherr added a post in a topic Your favorite -- or least favorite -- golf clichés   

    Some from my group of dumb friends:

    hasselhoff - when in the bunker
    Nice lay up - Topped driver
    You going for it? - short par 3
    little d*ck - a friend that refuses to use his driver even on wide open par 5s
    big stick b*stard - someone that hits driver good all day
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  14. Westopherr added a post in a topic Narrowed down my new iron set to 2 choices....Need help!   

    I game the CCi forged. I was also in the same boat as you. i hit both the same, but i went with the cci forged because they were a lot cheaper (mortongolfsales @ $269 *new)
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  15. Westopherr added a post in a topic Which Irons to Buy?   

    I would look into the taylormade tour burner irons. With markdowns at retail stores and good deals on ebay, its a club that you can grow with for a long time. I have two buddies that use them, one a 23hp and one a 9. The last thing you would want to do is out grow your supergame inprovement irons within a couple of years. The tour buners would be a good start IMO.
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