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  1. FlintyDoughy added a post in a topic What does your screen name / username come from?   


    Around 1998 or so I signed up for AOL, but any combination of my name was already taken, so I used the "Suggest a Username" feature and this is what popped up. Suprisingly, it is always available :)
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  2. FlintyDoughy added a post in a topic Why'd you choose the clubs you play?   

    Irons: In 2005 I was playing some hand-me-down Cobra clones; through a contact at a golf shop I got a line on some TM Rac LTs that were rental clubs at Banff Springs for 1/2 price. Most of the clubs had not been hit and the ones that were had maybe a round or two.
    With the driver, I had an old Big Bertha that was working fine, but I hit my dad's TM Burner (2007) at the range and bought one the next day (including the matching 3 wood and 3h)
    I was using a hand-me-down Ping putter, but after a putting lesson the pro suggested I use a mallet with alignment aids, so I ended up selecting a Ping Craz-E because it had the best feel to it.
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  3. FlintyDoughy added a post in a topic What kind of car do you drive?   

    2002 Ford Explorer 4X4. Great for the winters up here and lots of space for the clubs.
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  4. FlintyDoughy added a post in a topic Best Course you are planning on playing in 2009?   


    Beautiful course right in the Rockies. Next year I am planning on Banf Springs.
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  5. FlintyDoughy added a post in a topic Your strange Golf idiosyncrasies????   

    I always wear a visor and sunglasses, no keys, wallet or phone. I have a spare ball and tees in my left pocket, an orange divot repair tool and a purple ball market in my left. I also keep the ball and tee I am using in my right pocket when going from hole to hole. Like the rest of the people out there, each club has its' place in the bag.
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  6. FlintyDoughy added a post in a topic Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals   

    1 Golf at least once a week
    2 Practice at least once a week
    3 bring handicap back under 20
    4 hole in one
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  7. FlintyDoughy added a post in a topic Your Home Course Website.   

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  8. FlintyDoughy added a post in a topic Recommend a driver...   

    Some older Big Berthas can be had for that and they are very forgiving.
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  9. FlintyDoughy added a post in a topic 1 lesson, how much improvement???   

    I took 2 lessons to focus on chipping and putting and they helped a lot. I now have a better, consistent putting routine and I corrected some bad habits I developed over the last 10 years: moving lower body slightly when putting and corrected my weight being shifted from my back foot to front foot when chipping. Best 80 bucks I have spent.
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  10. FlintyDoughy added a post in a topic Cant cure my slice, help (Video)   

    Pro gave me the exact same advice yesterday for an intermittent fade I was having.
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  11. FlintyDoughy added a post in a topic What Are You Working On?   

    Working on keeping my weight on the left foot instead of right foot when chipping, also working on putting technique.
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