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  1. sonomajake added a post in a topic Getting started in the golf industry   

    I have a lot of sales experience so I think I might be able to try the equipment route. I also have management experience though, but I think its true its very hard to become a course manager. Any thoughts on where to look for a job with an equipment manufacturer? Im wondering if I might have to go back to school for this...
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  2. sonomajake added a topic in Golf Talk   

    Getting started in the golf industry
    I recently was laid off from a bank management job and I was interested in getting a job in the golf industry. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how I would go about doing this? Would I have to go back to school first? Im not even sure what jobs are really out there. But I would need to make around 40 to 50k per year. I live in the bay area and we have a ton of courses so I imagine theres something out there. Thanks in advance.
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  3. sonomajake added a post in a topic Looking for feedback on my year in golf / recommendations for off-season   

    You need to take lessons. If you have swing flaws best to get them corrected early on or you will never reach your full potential. Even if you only got one to really learn the basics of the setup you would be way ahead.
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  4. sonomajake added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Mizuno fitting system?
    Has anyone tried this out yet? And what have your experiences been with the results?
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  5. sonomajake added a post in a topic Favorite golf course you have played.   


    Place. Was. Sick.
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  6. sonomajake added a post in a topic Getting ready for fall/winter season?   

    i live in the bay area so there is no real off season for me either. the days just get a little shorter. you def have to pay for this kind of weather though. cost of living here is a joke
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  7. sonomajake added a post in a topic Presidents Cup! Anyone From the Bay Area?   

    Im going during the Sunday round. Im sure parking is going to be bad. Where are you supposed to park anyway?
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  8. sonomajake added a post in a topic Lonnie poole golf course in raleigh   

    yeah i played there. had a rough round. was like 5 over thru nine and went 12 over on the back. but the course was in pretty solid shape. long for sure. i had a drive fairway wood on of the par 4s. stuck a pretty cool 6 iron from like 175 to with in 15 feet. thanks for the tip
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  9. sonomajake added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    need help buying new irons
    Im thinking between the wilson ci7's, mizuno mx 200's, taylormade r7's, and maybe the titleist ap1's. As much input I can get would be great. Ive hit them all except the wilsons as there is no dealer for them near me, but ive heard great things and they are by far the cheapest. Thanks.
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  10. sonomajake added a topic in Golf Courses and Architecture   

    Lonnie poole golf course in raleigh
    Anyone played this course yet? I know it opened pretty recently, but Im wondering if anyone has played it yet. Heard it supposed to be nice and I might play next week, but Im debating between this one and Finley at Chapel Hill. Thanks for the input.
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  11. sonomajake added a post in a topic Are you hybrid shafts same material as your iron shafts?   

    rock steel in both. better feel on the hybrid.
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  12. sonomajake added a post in a topic Tried the Camilo Villegas workout today...   

    camilo had some good exercises on there. i want to start to use the bosu and swiss ball more in my routine. i wonder how often he works with a trainer...
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  13. sonomajake added a topic in Golf Courses and Architecture   

    raleigh/southern pines area courses
    going to visit my folks at the end of the month and i want to play somewhere nice. not going to play pinehurst or pine needles and tobacco road is aerating their greens. any other suggestions would be welcome. thanks.
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  14. sonomajake added a post in a topic Hitting through greens   

    Its a combination of many things but I think everyone agrees you shouldnt get roll with a sandwedge or even hit one 105 yards. So hit down on the ball more. The drill that someone mentioned with the tee(or a towel) behind the ball should help.
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  15. sonomajake added a post in a topic PGA PGM program   

    im thinking about getting into something corporate with golf. either doing sales training for callaway or working for a club or something. im hoping im not going to finish and come out making 15 bucks an hour working as an assistant in a pro shop. im really trying to become a manager at a club or something like that.
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