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  1. wolverine_man added a post in a topic What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store?   

    Suoer Stroke Lite grip. Past year all-black model, which I prefer to the new white with splash of color 3.0. Looks great on my Mizzy Betti.
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  2. wolverine_man added a post in a topic Which set do you recommend: JPX800 Pro or JPX825 Pro ?   

    I just went through the task of finding replacements for my PCB Tour MacGregors.  I have some MP-14s and MP Grads as well -- I know all older sets.  I needed more forgiveness as I don't play as much as I used to, and was looking to update my irons as far as technology.  I hit both the 900 pro and 925 pro back to back.  I could see a slight difference in club head size, sole grind, badges, and topline thickness, but not enough for twice the price difference between new 825 pros vs hardly hit, used 800 pros. I hit them the same distances as well. So I went with the 800 pros.  I might add that I also did the Mizuno shaft optimizer first to find out that I was great fit for the stock XP S300.  I will be getting my clubs this Friday.
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  3. wolverine_man added a post in a topic What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store?   

    I bought my wife some Puma golf shirts, shorts, and pants. Trying to get her into golfing by enticing her with fashion first. She wants shoes next.
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  4. wolverine_man added a post in a topic Razr Hawk I-MIX Options   

    I ended up buying an I-mix 10.5 head with the RIP 60 S. I also just got a BB 63 I-mix shaft on eBay. Gonna experiment a little.
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  5. wolverine_man added a post in a topic Razr Hawk I-MIX Options   

    Very nice.  Thank you.  I have always thought I was teeing too far forward, but this shows what the optimal position is.  Very helpful. As far as shafts, I am now considering the following, with the Made For RIP 60 supposedly the lower launching:

    Diamana Blue Board 63 - Stiff
    Diamana Kai'li 60 - Stiff
    Aldila RIP 60 Made For Callaway - Stiff

    I could always get the RIP and the BB, as the I-MIX RIPs sell for only 70 or so on callaway preowned. I just kept feeling that the RIP shaft was a little harsh and that shots felt a little low on the launch monitor.  That being said, my spin rate was good with the RIP. low to mid 2000s. If I went BB, I would probably want the 9.5 head, and with the RIP, I'd be tempted for the 10.5 as an extra measure of confidence, but perhaps the upshot swing practicing would help out a lot. Unfortunately, the Kai'li is crazy expensive.
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  6. wolverine_man added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Razr Hawk I-MIX Options
    Hey everyone.  I've been MIA on this forum for quite some time. Anyway, I recently purchased a 9.5 Neutral Razr Hawk Driver, with RIP 60 S shaft from GG. I was kind of back and forth between a 9.5 and 10.5, but they just sold the last 10.5 in stiff.  My SS with driver is about 103/104.  I have a fast transition from the top down (slow take away).  My shot shape is generally very straight, to a power fade.

    With the 9.5 and stiff RIP 60, my drives were launching at about 11-15 degrees according to the crappy GG monitor.  Ball speed at about 148.  The drives felt like they were perhaps a tad low.  They were saying around 242-246 carry, and about 262-265 overall length.  I know the GG launch monitor is not reliable.

    I am having second thoughts, and I think I may go with a preowned I-MIX Razr Hawk head on callawaypreowned.com.  I am generally someone who launches the ball on the mid height trajectory.

    Anyone think that the 10.5 might be the way to go?  As for shafts, I was considering the I-MIX RIP 60 in stiff or else something that launches a tad higher with low spin, whatever that might be?  Fubuki?

    All opinions much appreciated.
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  7. wolverine_man added a topic in Marketplace   

    WTB: 09 Callaway X-Forged, 3-PW, Project X 5.5 preferred
    Looking for a set of these irons in good cond.  I would consider flighted and non-flighted shafts, but prefer flighted.  Please PM if you have a set for sale.
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  8. wolverine_man added a post in a topic How many wedges do you carry? Buying new set...   

    had a 47, 52, 56, 60 for a few years.  Last year, went to 47 (set PW), 51.06, 58.10 and I seem to be able to cover all of my yardages very well.  58 goes up to 85 yds, 51 is around 100-110 yds, and 47 is around 120 yds.  My 51 and 58 are the Mizon MP-T with a C-grind which I absolutely, absolutely love!  Best wedges I have ever hit.  Going from 4 to 3 wedges allowed me to add my 7W to the bag which I have found useful.  If I could somehow convince myself to drop my 3 iron, I would POSSIBLY consider throwing in a high bounce 56 bent to a 55.
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  9. wolverine_man added a post in a topic Which of your previous vehicles do you miss the most?   

    My mint cond. Flash Red 1993 VW Corrado VR-6 w/ 5 Speed (bone stock).  Sold it a few years back because of high maint bills.  Had a few after that before now getting my 2011 WRX ltd sedan.
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  10. wolverine_man added a post in a topic SW Bounce ....   

    I believe the courses he plays generally have slightly heavier, gritty sand, which would probably suggest less bounce.  However, like I said, he hits shots fat (due in no small part to issues with his swing) and if anything, he leaves the ball in the bunker by hitting it a little too much behind.  I've never seen him scull one out of the sand.  I think with the Vokey 56 you only have an option of 8, 11 and 14 bounce.    Perhaps I need to lean towards the 11, I dunno.
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  11. wolverine_man added a post in a topic SW Bounce ....   

    Getting my dad a Vokey SM Blk Ni wedge to replace his worn down Eye-2 BeCu for Christmas.  He was wanting a 56* but I wasn't positive on the bounce.  I know the Eye 2 has something like a 10 or 11 degree bounce but it has a very scalloped sole.  Also, 1) my dad doesn't get fancy, opening the face on shots from the turf or sand - he always hits with a square face; and 2) mostly do to a weaker swing, he has a large tendency to hit the ball slightly fat with his wedges from the fairway.  He pretty much never hits it thin.  The wedge will also probably get used as 70% sand and rough, 30% fairway.

    I was therefore leaning towards more bounce in the form of a 56.14 Vokey.  What do you guys think?  I supposed he can always return the wedge, but I just want to try and get it right from the get go.  He doesn't know anything about bounce, etc., so he'd probably just play what I gave him.

    Opinions much appreciated.  Thanks.
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  12. wolverine_man added a post in a topic How many of you still carry a 3 iron?   

    Interestingly, I just saw last night that Tiger mentioned he has put the 2-iron back in his back to attack the lynks at St. Andrews.
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  13. wolverine_man added a post in a topic Tiger Switching to Method Putter   

    I tried the Method out a few months back and I was very impressed. First Nike club that I actually liked. For some reason, I've actually always wondered how Tiger would putt with a flanged 8802 style putter like Phil uses.
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  14. wolverine_man added a post in a topic How many of you still carry a 3 iron?   

    3 iron, yes. It's my 200 yard club, especially useful on long par 3s. Seems that I play a ton of course with par 3s right around 200 yds. 2 iron enters the bag on windy days - most frequently in the fall and when playing lynks courses - replacing the 7 wood.
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  15. wolverine_man added a post in a topic What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store?   

    Titleist mesh fitted hat in black w/ white, for when I'm not wearing my white w/black. I love those hats! So comfortable. Not to mention they look so professional, I swear they shave strokes off my game. lol
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