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  1. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic what happened to college golf........   

    Here where I live, we get The Big Ten Network and they have been showing the recent Big 10 Championships this week.
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  2. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic Most Birdies in a Round? Post Yours (Poll)   

    Congrats on the five birides! I have had 3 birides in a round multiple times, however I have never had more than 3.
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  3. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic LPGA Player Erica Blasberg Found Dead at 25   


    From the article:

    "Cho’s caddie, Missy Pederson, was supposed to carry Blasberg’s bag on Monday. She said she retrieved a text message from Blasberg on Sunday morning saying that she was not coming.

    The text was sent in the middle of the night, which worried Pederson, who sent Blasberg a text message saying she hoped everything was O.K. Pederson never received a reply."

    Terrible News. R.I.P Erica.
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  4. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic How you started golf   

    I have been playing for probably about 12 or 13 years now. My dad has always played golf and I remember him taking me to the driving range when I a lot younger.
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  5. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic What's YOUR Golf Store?   

    If you're from SE Michigan, Carl's is the only choice.
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  6. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic Anyone seen The Hangover?   

    Baby Carlos Rules!
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  7. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic Buyers remorse....   

    Definitely give it a shot. Who knows, maybe you'll end up liking it. I love my Odyssey putter.
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  8. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic Cheap Golf Apparel   

    I buy all my clothes at Kohl's. In fact, this weekend I bought three new golf t-shirts, new pants, and new shorts... all for just under $90!
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  9. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic Poor Goydos!   

    Yeah. Back-to-back 9's on 14. That green is eating people alive today.
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  10. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic Ally Bank Commercials   

    Ben, I think you just want a pony. Am I right?
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  11. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic The Worst habit one of your regular golf buddies has   

    People giving unsolicited advice is BY FAR the worst. I consider myself fortunate that none of my "regular" golf buddies give advice when it's unwanted. Don't get me wrong, if I ask for something I feel they might have a correction for, I'll ask it. Same goes for them asking me. However, I enjoy golfing solo a lot and have been paired up with many random people over the years who are always giving advice. Nothing bothers me more during a round than that.
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  12. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic Tournament, and other golf advice....   

    You're a 2.9 handicap and not even in high school yet? Dang, where did I go wrong?
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  13. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic mallet putter   

    I have the Odyssey White Hot XG 330 Mallet Putter and love it!

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  14. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic Need some Playstation3 game advice   

    Definitely agree with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! Actually, I'm going to go play it right now.... see ya guys later.
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  15. Silzildrummer added a post in a topic Tiger Woods voted Associated Press' top athlete of decade   

    I believe ESPN had reported Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, and Usain Bolt were also candidates for the award.
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