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  1. allenc added a post in a topic What brand manufacture these clubs   

    771 CSI
    I haven't played them but am highly considering getting fitted for a set.
    According to the description they have minimal offset, relatively compact head, max game improvement features.  You've got to get it from a custom club builder but that's not a bad thing.
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  2. allenc added a post in a topic Your thoughts on my bag   

    I think it looks mostly fine.  There are two things I would suggest.  If you have trouble hitting your 4 iron high enough then replace it with another, higher lofted hybrid.  You could consider upgrading your driver.  Slightly used 2013 models can run under $100 and give you all the modern tech.
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  3. allenc added a post in a topic My Swing (allenc)   

    So I implemented the first point because it's easy.  My swings were at worst at least as good as before so that's good.
    I attempted swings exaggerating the second point for a few practice sessions and found it impossible to hit balls so I assumed I was doing it wrong and stopped.  I no longer have the videos but my backswing looked similar to those in my Practice Backswings video above.  Instead I went with the bit less extreme idea of just taking it away a little more straight back as I turn and it seems to at least get the club a little less far behind me.
    I then (about 3 months ago) took my swing with those tiny improvements for a session with an instructor I'd worked with before.  I asked him about my position at the top of my backswing and he did not think my arms were too far around and that many good players play with "stiff wrists", i.e. not as much hinge (cock? I don't really know the difference).  Again, I may have already improved both of those a bit from my original video.
    He did change my setup a bit so that my head stayed more behind the ball, but mostly he wanted me to concentrate on getting the "swoosh" of my through swing more in front of me.  This aimed of course at improving this position:

    Unfortunately, the best he could advise was just to work on doing it which is easier said than done.  He did advise working with a swing fan and we took some videos of me using a couple training aids which illustrated the look I was trying to achieve.
    So basically for awhile I just took some rehearsal swings trying to get the swing fan feel before making my real swing and sometimes it worked very well, even for a few days or weeks straight.  Other times I just couldn't get the feel and I struggled.  It was hard to figure out what was going wrong because all I had to go on was a nebulous feel.
    While I was swinging well I did manage 3rd place in a large tournament with an 82, 81.  And I won a local championship in my division.  And I shot several practice rounds in the 70s so it did seem like things were going pretty well.  I looked forward to a huge 4 day event (Golf Channel Tour) in PGA West and expected to do great.  Unfortunately, my swing went to hell, especially with the driver, and only managed a sub 90 round (89) one out of four.
    I more or less striped it on the range before every round so I really racked my brain trying to figure out what went wrong.  I decided I must have just put too much pressure on myself which amped up my tension.  And that my swing must just basically suck if a little pressure ruins it that bad.
    Back to the drawing board, here are a couple current videos of my backyard swing:
    Hmm.  Nothing seems to be working to embed a video on the new site nor is there an option to preview the post.  I'm probably just dumb.  Here are links to the you tube videos.
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  4. allenc added a post in a topic Buying advice for second set of clubs   

    Not sure why everyone is telling you to get fitted when you already said your instructor will fit you for free. I think the obvious thing to do is work out a budget with him that goes with your fitting. It's not clear what he means when he says 'fit', but if his plan is to use something like a Callaway (or whatever) fitting cart and system then here is one option: Go through the entire process and that will give some recommendations for their newest clubs with some particular specs and shafts. Now figure out what their analogous line is from a couple years ago and find them with the same specs and shafts with the same profile. If you can't find them exactly right you might then be able to have them bent, change the grips, or change the shaft lengths. Clubs a couple generations back, even if brand new, are often half price or less than the newest model.
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  5. allenc added a post in a topic Would you rather win a Major or the FedEx Cup?   

    I don't know if this post is sarcasm, but that quote sounds to me like he'd prefer to win the FedEx cup. He says it's one unachieved accomplishment he would like to add.
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  6. allenc added a post in a topic Would you rather win a Major or the FedEx Cup?   

    Given the limited information in the question, I would pick the FedEx cup. To win that you've necessarily had a great season, played lots of good golf, and probably did some winning along the way. It culminated in playing great throughout the playoffs and winning the final. If that's all you have on your resume, I think it will be a more memorable experience and give me more personal pride than just one week of good golf then never win again. I've won competitions in other games and I can say that the longer it goes on before you win, the better it feels. Also who knows which will be better for your legacy. To win the FedEx, you probably got more TV time over the year, and there are a lot fewer fedex cups winners tha there are major winners. To those saying future endorsements with a major win may make up some of the difference in prize money, I don't see why those shouldn't be as big after a FedEx winning season.
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  7. allenc added a post in a topic Newby-hybrid help   

    Your 5 iron is already 23 degrees which is a very low loft for an iron in terms of ease of hitting. Do not get a lower lofted iron. I agree with WUTiger that your club is a 22 degree TaylorMade or Callaway hybrid. Or some other brand but those will go with your set. Sorry tefunk, but unless you have a mental block with hybrids or are a plus handicap with a very high swing speed, nobody hits a 20 degree iron better than a hybrid. If you think you do you are wrong.
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  8. allenc added a post in a topic Am I ready for an X-flex shaft in my driver?   

    So you want an x-flex to show off to your friends or something? It sounds like you are driving it great so why would you mess with your driver? Is there something about your ball flight you don't like that you didn't mention?
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  9. allenc added a post in a topic Nike Slingshot 3h-PW   

    I checked eBay and a set of these just sold for $207.50. So no, you didn't make a mistake, you made 50 bucks.
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  10. allenc added a post in a topic beginner club advice   

    Hybrids typically go farther than irons of the same loft because of the head design and longer shafts. Since your hybrids and irons are all in the Nike Covert series, they probably took than into consideration and intended the 4 hybrid to be one club longer than the 5 iron. As usual your mileage my vary.
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  11. allenc added a post in a topic beginner club advice   

    I looked up the specs and the Nike 3 hybrid is 20* loft and 40.5 inches long. The Cleveland 5 wood is 18*, 42.75" and the 7 wood is 20.5*, 42.5". The extra shaft length of the woods should make the 5 wood at least a full club longer than the hybrid and the 7 wood should be about the same or a little longer than the hybrid. So the 7 wood and 3 hybrid are indeed the overlap. To be honest, as a relative beginner, you will be fairly inconsistent with any of these longer clubs and will probably be fine with just a well spaced two of the 5 mentioned clubs. Even an intermediate player is just trying to get it in the general vicinity from over or around 200 yards.
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  12. allenc added a post in a topic beginner club advice   

    Typically 7 woods and 3 hybrids are supposed to go around the same distance. Decide which of those two you like better and see if you can return the other one for a 4 hybrid.
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  13. allenc added a post in a topic Quickie Pitching Video - Golf Pitch Shot Technique   

    I have been struggling with this technique for a few sessions now but this tip really hits the spot. The knuckle down feeling is very strange to me since it is much different than my normal takeaway but it just works like magic for this pitch. It got me up from about 30% to 90% the outcome I want (on the practice range).
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  14. allenc added a post in a topic Upgrading Irons?   

    I believe the above image is common when you shoot a swing without high speed video. Your club is not really flexing like that, it's an illusion caused by your frame rate. Also, if it really were bending that much before you hit the ball, it should straighten by the time it gets there. My advice would be you've got nice new clubs, now just start playing them without going farther down the equipment rabbit hole. Regular flex will work fine unless you have a very fast swing and late release.
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  15. allenc added a post in a topic Took the Callaway Plunge   

    What's going between the 6 iron and 5 wood? I play the recoil 95s in f3. They feel really good and I like the extra weight. I'm sure you'll love the 660s.
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