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  1. The best tip you have had, but not from a pro

    The best tip I ever got from a non pro was to "just work on your short game and putting. Forget about all that other stuff." It isn't good advice but all the other tips I've gotten were even worse.
  2. Simplifying my set? Suggestions?

    I stopped carrying my 3-wood and play 13 clubs. My 19* hybrid has enough extra accuracy that the 3-wood is just always a worse choice. The times I am somewhere awful more than detract from the extra 10-20 yards I might get. I could probably also take out my second hybrid with seeing a scoring change. From over 200 yards I'm just trying to get the ball somewhere in the vague vicinity and I often mishit longer clubs a bit so it shouldn't matter much. On the other end I use a 54 and a 60 and those options help me at least a tiny bit. However, the 60 is pretty much a just specialty club for downhill lies around the green or if the pin is very close to the front while I'm closer than full swing range. For all other times I could replace them both with a 56 and be fine. Even for the above situations it would probably only cost a fraction of a stroke per round.
  3. Wow! PING G Crossover!

    So are you getting all three lofts then, to replace 3-wood, hybrid, and 3 iron? That would be a fun bag -- all irons.
  4. More Career Majors- Day, Rory, or Spieth?

    Although I am on the bandwagon thinking Day is the best golfer out there right now he's not my pick by a long shot. Rory already has 3 more majors at the same age and I can't believe he's even close to three majors better than Rory. So the only match is between Rory and Jordan since Jordan still has 5 years to win just 2 and even the score. I'm still going with Rory and his 2 major lead because a major is just hard to win and who know what the future will bring. Also I feel Rory's length gives him a long term edge. Jordan is more likely to mess up his swing chasing more distance than Rory is likely to mess up his putting stroke trying to improve that.
  5. My first golf set

    I am not familiar with it but I'm sure it's fine. All putters work and you won't really know specifically what style you want as a beginner. To expand on my earlier post I've used the R7s and tour Burner driver for years, albeit with the upgraded shafts, even though I have the budget for new clubs if I wanted them. I even use Cleveland wedges, although mine are the recent models so not exactly the same. All great clubs and if I switch it won't be for performance reasons, just shiny new toy reasons. Also, there is a good chance there is a gap between the 9 iron and the wedges. It will hardly matter as a beginner but keep in mind that as you progress you may want to add some kind of pitching wedge.
  6. My first golf set

    Imo #6 is excellent. Used good stuff is always better than new cheap stuff.
  7. WWYD: The case of the oblivious golfer

    I've never seen such a thing. I would just laugh and expect never to see such a thing again.
  8. Shot Zone theory - does it work?

    I've thought the same. For example, someone may be able to clear a 180 yard water hazard with a good shot but could very easily not. However, if they lay up with a 90 yard shot they could blade it 120 into the water anyway, or if they are successful with the layup they could chunk the next shot into the water. If they go for it now it's like they get one extra free swing to clear it and they will at least get the distance anyway.
  9. Shot Zone theory - does it work?

    I agree with @saevel25's post. I'd like to add that for an erratic enough golfer actually determining your shot distributions may be tough. You may be slicing one day and hooking the next. I don't think the following was brought up in the book but as far as I can figure there are two possible ways to handle that. Find your shot blobs over many trips to the range or simulator to make sure you get an accurate sample of all the ways you may hit the ball. Then when playing you assume all of those shot are equally likely for that day and plan accordingly. Or you make several trips to the range and record a different shot blob (what are they called again?) for each. You label them names such as "slicey day", "hooky day." Then on the course you see how you are hitting them that day and choose the appropriate blob. Which method you use depends on wether you believe the fact you hit more (for example) slices one day and hooks the other day is simply a matter of random variance; or whether there is actually something different in how you are swinging that leads to different shot patterns on different days.
  10. Game Strategy

    My suggestion, if this isn't already what you are doing, is to play it net. It will be a much more interesting game if you have a reasonable chance to move forward AND backward.
  11. Yeah, that's the question though. Sure if you're Tiger Woods and are happy just getting by on a 9 figure net worth from your playing career you can by picky. But what if you've just been grinding mini tours and Monday qualifiers for the last 5 years on your Uncle Fred's dime while sharing a motel room with 3 other guys. You were about to give it up and get a job at Lee's Discount Mattress Warehouse when suddenly the stars align and you shoot lights out for a year winning your way to a tour card. Thanks to your previous year's hype you get a $1 million/year sponsorship offer for as long as you can keep your card. Who knows if your level of play will last? If you get stage fright and play like crap you'll be back working at Lee's without even any prize money to show for it. You might think twice out about wearing that hat for the Hitler Youth Foundation.
  12. My Swing (allenc)

    Yesterday: 9/18 GIR on a short but fairly challenging par 64. Today: 8/9 GIR on a short executive course with 7 pars 3s and 2 pars 4s. The latter only had one approach shot with a numbered club but they were all in full swing range so I'm still very happy with it. On the one missed green I aimed away from the water and flared it farther left so even it wasn't very bad. Also that's 27 holes while hardly sniffing a fat iron shot. Several thinnish, but none bladed.
  13. Have you tried the UTI and the G30 in (approximately) the same loft? Which launches it higher in your experience?
  14. I keep losing my hybrid head covers so I was considering saving money by using long irons instead. I'd like suggestions of super forgiving and high launching long irons similar to hybrids. I don't know my swing speed but I can carry my 22 degree 'brid in the neighborhood of 200 yards. I know the Taylormade M2 ad campaign talks a good game and their 4 and 5 irons seem like a good possibility. Anyone hit them? How do so called driving irons and crossovers compare to SGI long irons? Thanks.
  15. My Swing (allenc)

    I'm not complete sure what was going on. The two highest scores were courses I don't play much. One was target golf where I didn't know the targets, and the other I was not used to the greens and had a lot of problems there. The later was yesterday (actually 89 not 90) and I hit 8 greens but only made 5 pars all round. I also only had two holes worse than bogey (double and quad). On both of those I was actaully right next to the green in reg, so that was pretty ugly. Hit lots of putts and chips well by the hole that I couldn't tell was downhill. Had four 3 putts and two 1 putts. The 84 the other day I remember I just had 3 ugly holes and did really well otherwise. I had three bad long game shots in a row for a 9. And two 4-shot-from-next-to-the-green-holes. In general though, I feel like my putting is ok and that my short game is better than terrible but maybe I'm fooling myself. My green side bunkers might be an even split between over the green, chunked up to the top of the lip, and a solid shot onto the green. So that part of my game is bad. I do better if the sand is a little harder. I hit a lot of drives that I wasn't very happy with and I have little idea which direction it's going to go, but I didn't really rack up the penalty strokes or anything. I could usually advance my second shot pretty far, and I obviously hit the greens that I hit. So it doesn't seem like my driver completely did me in. I'm pretty sure I hit a very high percentage of greens from something like 90 - 140 yards. Possibly more than I hit from 9 - 14 feet.