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  1. Will be taking 15 yr old teenager on first golf trip over Holiday break. He is a rookie golfer so I am looking for some thoughts on places, courses to consider. My thought is some kind of location with an easy wide open layout for him but in very good condition for me. I have been to Streamsong, Pinehurst, Vegas, and others but that is not the need here. Is there some kind of resort type place with 2 or 3 courses that are well kept but easy? my one thought from my past is Poupu Bay in Hawaii, it is was well kept but very open and forgiving...and he is not going to Hawaii! Any thoughts out there on this type of place?
  2. Conservatives on this site?

    it may be an overgeneralization but I happen to find it spot on and I pretty much agree across the board. I actually don't consider myself frugal but our government spends money like a drunk sailor in a...well you get the point!!
  3. That debate was joke...but then CNBC is a joke so I guess that could be expected. Cruz actually was awesome, the moderators came off as D-bags. Just another day in the life of the news media.
  4. well it could be one of 2 places for me because I am not moving. Merion - is 20 miles hard to argue, you can get a game and it is an active club. I have heard mixed reviews about the members there so that would be a concern. Pine Valley - is about 40 miles but it is not a real active club, you kind of need to bring your group with you. on more review I might actually go with Aronimink because it is a kick ass golf course and the people are great. Very active club, lots of opportunity to get a game.
  5. Wait, what? They use Trackman in baseball?

    I have 2 HS age sons who are in travel baseball programs, it is fair to say I am pretty deep into the baseball circuit (my HC has suffered accordingly) yes trackman is being used in baseball and not just at the MLB level. It is used all the way down into youth levels by Perfect Game and some others. It is used for many different types of pitching data, spin rate being among them but also for hitting. they are seeing launch angles, bat speed, exit velo etc for the hitter. The info is amazing. There is also a relative new product in the last year or so called Zepp. it is also pretty cool. it is a small sensor that has a rubber mounting boot that goes on the knob of the bat. it shows bat speed, hand speed, swing plane, time from first movement to contact and more, it also records swings and has screen model you can develop. to some degree the info is awesome, to some degree is paralysis by analysis, I mean you have .3 seconds to recognize and make contact so much of it has to be natural. But there is a tremendous amount of info out there if you want to learn it. One thing I have learned is many hardcore baseball people are nuts (including me if you ask certain people) they are will argue to the end of time over the smallest detail when it comes to the fundamentals...and then they will be certain that whatever they believe the best and only way to teach or do something. It is quite possibly the most set in stone group of people I have ever seen. Hitting in particular is a scary dangerous topic (religion is safer, it is much closer to discussing politics). I listen to people comment on what they perceive to be my sons swing, I just laugh because I teach him some things and we work on some things that just are flat against what they believe in, certainly against what they say but they don't know what they are seeing!! some of the golf swing debates are pretty similar...but I don't want to go there.
  6. Chicago golf course under fire for strip club outing

    It has been at least 10 yrs but I have been at "strip club" outings in the past. They have little do with golf and lots do with...well other things. From memory was played about 12 holes in about 6 hours if I recall properly. Anywhere the course could be seen from the road on public things looked just like a normal golf course. Everywhere that was tucked into the back of the property, was down in a hollow etc was a free for all. 10.00 cart dances that were really just a front for more negotiations, there was no shortage of guys there to make sure the ladies had plenty of lotion on areas not used to seeing the sun for extended periods of time...I believe we got kicked out at just before 3pm due to some leagues that were going to be starting! I recall one par 3 T box with 5 or 6 girls and at least as many foursomes "waiting" for the course to clear! LOL funny stuff it was much more common back in the 90's when business was booming and corporate rules were much easier to say thank-you!!
  7. The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    I stopped conning myself that my HC would get better by playing more...I have indexed between 7.5 and 9.5 for 4 yrs regardless of how much golf I play. The only way it goes to a 6 or 5 is by focused practice time....which is highly doubtful!!
  8. The Worst (and Best) Golf Club Logos

    another classic Aronimink
  9. 2015 U.S. Women's World Cup Soccer (was Hope Solo)

    but she is hot so who cares...i mean it is womens soccer - hot matters!! you need to watch something during all of the dull time when nothing is happening.
  10. My club runs 8 minute times and there is seldom an issue, 4 hour rounds are pretty standard on a full course, 415 on slow day. I find the spring time rough when you can hardly find a ball 5' off the fairway is the big issue in pace of play.
  11. Pinehurst

    played #2 the week after Easter, we stopped at the clubhouse on our way back from Dormie Club. on a flyer stopped at proshop and asked if they had an opening for the next day. They sent us off #10 at 805am on a friday morning for 400.00 plus the caddie. they didn't ask where we were staying. If you don't mind the cost #2 is a great walk...we actually skipped a round at TR to play #2 and felt pretty good about it. Honestly the best course for value IMO is Pine Needles, we played there for 140 I believe and did a replay for 60 more. basically 200 bucks give or take a little and played 36. great golf course and great value. #9 the old National course if a favorite of mine as well.
  12. the funny thing is none of this is about Augusta, Paula expressed an opinion which is her right. From there the Folks at Augsta said no thanks...that is the end of it. The rest of the would, could, should is just silly. It is a private club and they said no...move on, none of us including the LPGA are welcome unless invited. One other thing, they don't give a damn about the money so that may be the single worst arguement in this entire thread.
  13. Probably a good move at this point, it seems to have run its course!