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  1. Private Country Clubs In Tampa

    In the Tampa area the best place I know if is Olde Memorial. it is golfers golf club, it is not cheap and based on your comments above you may not fit in but if you are really looking for a great golf club that is your spot.
  2. what is your go to shot from 100 yards in the fairway?

    pretty much as stock 52 with a touch of choke.
  3. Jordan Spieth's Official Thread

    soooo true, 5 days on some private island with the pretty little thing he has been with since HS...cloths optional...he will be fine!! cost him less the 50k to do it right and he will be back work before he missed - all cleared up!
  4. Presidential Race 2016

    I hated Bill when he was in office...now when you look at the current state of affairs he seems like a nice compromise! I mean you have a socialist, a crazy bitch, Canadian and whatever you want to call Trump....sigh
  5. Obama - Winner or Loser

  6. Obama - Winner or Loser

    sure great comment. we don't need a leader, a motivator, a guy who brought the country together, a guy who could work with the other side (tip o'neil) ... Reagan by todays standards would be a moderate and a great one! He is exactly what we need oh and he had the presence and the balls to be a world leader, he never bowed before a some middle eastern prince, he never cowered to Iran, he led the final defeat of Soviet Union....the list goes on.
  7. Obama - Winner or Loser

    Ronnie gets a C- and Jimmy Cater get C....you lose any and all creditability with that statement. Not even Democrats (at least the few with common sense that I do hang out with) agree with that. What would Reagan do?? jeez he is exactly what this country needs again!! Obama is the worst of my life time and probably the worst since FDR!
  8. Anyone here from PA??

    haven't played it since last summer, I have played it once a year for the last couple years. my experience has been it is a fine course in good condition.
  9. Myrtle Beach recap

    This!! once I realized I hadn't been to strip club in years and I could play in 4 hours in the Pinehurst area instead of 5 or 5.5 in MB....still have soft spot for the strand but not in a hurry to return - that being said I really miss playing Caledonia and the Dunes club every year!
  10. Where is your next golf trip going to be?

    Good idea, I love the town and area, I was fortunate enough to be asked to go there for the first by a client and have never stopped going back. I have done it on the cheap in the off-season (mid February), I have done it on the company dime where we flew a charter into Moore county airport...I can't say I am an expert but I do have some opinions. I have every intention of buying real estate there in the next 5 to 7 years so I feel kind of connected to the area.
  11. Dream Golf Trip

    How about a realistic dream for 3 perfect weather May days....Merion, Pine Valley and Galloway National...actually I could probably make that one happen if it was important enough to me!
  12. Where is your next golf trip going to be?

    First day back in the office after returning yesterday from Pinehurst NC...that yearly pilgrimage never disappoints!! Did winter / early spring trips this year to Pinehurst (father son trip), Miami, Jamaica and Pinehurst again(golf and drinking buddies trip) - now it is home for the rest of the golf season and start getting groups together for next winter. Thinking Palm Springs over Christmas for epic family vacation with son being Senior year of HS, Vegas because well it is Vegas, Tampa (clients) and of course Pinehurst right around now just like every year!!
  13. How old is too old?- Driver question

    it is certainly a preference but I find a driver starts to wear out after about a year and half, typical cycle seems to be. Do a fitting of some kind, find new awesome driver that hits ball like tour pro use for a full season, take off some time in the winter driver gets little bit tired over the winter but eventually sometime in April knocks the rust off and is fine getting on toward the end of summer the 2nd season or early fall driver tends to start missing a few more fairways then normal, may get switched with driver from previous experience if the kids haven't already taken one of them...but usually is fine for the season. over the winter weird things happen to club, it tends to be losing some distance, maybe it is just a hair tired or getting rough around the edges. come late Feb or early March after a winter golf trip or 2 the old girl just seems to be lacking...there is probably something AWESOME that has been developed over the last 24 months you have been with this club....and by the time April hits the process starts all over again!! funny thing is the exact same thing tends to happen with iron sets but they are on off years from the current driver....weird how they need to be replaced this way!!
  14. Too much money for Golf or a Mid-Life Crisis?

    you my good man are still a rookie...this is not even a full first step to golf issues much less a midlife...not even close!! the last 10 years or so since I joined my club between dues, equipment and golf only (no spouse) trips is about 24k a year and I am still waiting for a midlife crisis!! you have a green light to book at least 3 more golf trips this year and possibly consider joining a club!!
  15. Myrtle Beach in Early March

    have played TB 7 times I believe. it is solid, wide open fairways (huge), greens tend to be fast. if you are a bomber you will like the course. there are few spots to get in trouble by being greedy but for the most part it is bombs away. I personally don't love it but it is a quality course. have played Caledonia well into double digits. My old group used to play it twice every year we went...my thought is for college team it is going to be a hair short. From the tips it is par 70 about 6800 if I recall properly. It will take low score for sure but there are more places to get in trouble, it is certainly much more a thinking mans golf course! it is an absolutely gorgeous course and you will not regret having played it. make sure you get the chowder at the turn...awesome!! if you take the squad there again I think you should consider adding the dunes club to the trip, it is another awesome old school course that always delivers. Barefoot Norman is meh, Love is nice but pretty wide open, always has great rolling greens, Fazio and Dye are both 2 thumbs up! have a great trip.