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  1. Old irons vs. New Irons

    I play 75 or so rounds a year. once week for 9 or 10 months, occasionally twice and the a few golf trips where I pick an extra 20 or 25 rounds in spurts. what I have found unless I am swinging a couple times a week the mizunos are just to tight. I want a club that I can hit fairly well and not get punished....and maybe actually doesn't kill me if I hit a bit on the toe or whatever. if I was retired and playing 3 or 4 days a week my swing would be different and the 59's might be perfect.
  2. Old irons vs. New Irons

    I switched from Mizuno MP-59 to XR Pro's from Cally. they are just more forgiving and have helped my game. I still have not hit a better club then the Mizuno's but you have to work, practice and stay sharp. none of those things are high on my golf list...I don't have time for that. The XR pro is still a workable unit and is much more forgiving.
  3. Winter Depression Thread

    leaving for Miami in 4 days...life is getting better.
  4. I didn't read every response but the obvious thing to me is work on your lag putting so you don't have many 4 or 5 footers...not being a smart ass just that it seems to me unless you are constantly looking for 1 putt pars you won't have a tremendous amount of them during a round if your lag putting improves.
  5. New Guy at the Club

    Check with the proshop about some of the "open" games. most clubs have mens day events where it is a blind draw for teams or partners. They may reserve a couple of T times on the weekend first out for open games as well. You get to meet people, I find that similar HC's tend to gravitate to form groups out of these types of events. I can tell you this, the most important thing you can do is keep up. Sure some guys will hate giving you 6 a side or whatever the number is but if you are a fun guy, part of the group and don't hold play not many will care what your number is as long as it is honest. As a courtesy to the course and club you should pick up after 8 regardless of you are playing with. the absolute longest it should take to play a round at a private club is 4 hours and that better be due to a full course. 330 is pretty typical for a slow day at my club. Some of the caddy only clubs play little bit slower but you get the idea.
  6. Tipping your head pro

    I give our a head pro 100.00 at Christmas. I think he does a great job, I don't know if I should or how other members do things I just find it correct for me. I figure we have 300 golf members give or take, if half of them buck up the man gets 15k Christmas bonus. I think it is spot on but to each his own.
  7. Am I being a total whiner here?

    see this is quality stuff, you may be able stick around here! Welcome!
  8. Am I being a total whiner here?

    I can only tell you that is standard practice at just about every club I have been to, our super tells me the grass grows back much faster if you use lines and leave grass in between them.
  9. Started Playing Golf, Now I Can't Stop

    you are listed as a 28 handicap, obviously you don't understand...you probably think you are making a bad swing when the ball goes off line - please rookie mistake, it is an obvious warning the club is running out of quality shots! Simulators are never right, every year club manufactures make better and longer clubs...why else would anyone buy them if they didn't?? plus they have a full amount of good shots left in them which is a bonus! let me guess, you think lessons are going to treat you better in the long run then a new adjustable driver with 57 settings - please stop that is toooo funny, don't buy it some pro is just using you to make a living. I see on your sig you are a newbie, stick around we will learn you something about how to better - oh and ball flight laws lol don't even get me started on those!!
  10. Started Playing Golf, Now I Can't Stop

    when you get your job taken care and develop some spending to money to really fuel your addiction some thoughts to remember... - there are limited amounts of good shots in any iron set, when they run out replace with something new and exciting...sometimes after a break in the garage a set will develop more good shots in them but it is rare! Be prepared to replace every 2 years or so. - Drivers are evil beasts, they need to be replaced yearly, occasionally you will get a bad one and it doesn't last for the season! - putters are like women, if you want them to function properly they need some attention...never cheat on your putter it quite possibly will be the only long term relationship in your bag! - wedges are made to be replaced sometimes they don't last more then a month...design flaws are common - just because a simulator says you hit your current clubs as far as new ones don't believe it, obviously it is not calibrated correctly - when you start thinking to yourself should I join a club, yes is the correct thought! lay proper ground work with the boss in advance and she may think it was her idea!! Good luck!!!
  11. How to save an overgrown course?

    as a business model this sounds like a train wreck IMO.
  12. 2 years ago I take an old friend out at my club for his 50th birthday, we have 2 other old friends, I am the only regular golfer. On the first T my buddy asks my HC and we negotiate a game between us, he is an action guy and a good athlete just only plays a couple rounds a year. We agree to 7 a side (to many) par 3's are straight. I drive a ball down the middle, he slaps it left into the trees...we get to his ball and he is sitting deep in the rough with a tree in line, he is going nowhere but chip out. He looks at me and says "do you play the ball down"? I say yes...he smiles and says I don't, picks it up, cleans it, moves 2 steps to the right to clear his line and gently puts on top of the rough...and says so do we have for a distance here!!!!   LOL one of my favorite golfing stories!!
  13. Biggest improvement in your game this year

    Putting for sure, a club pro on a winter golf trip showed me a couple things on my grip and how to modify it, for the first 10 or 15 rounds my putting got worse...then it clicked. my index dropped 2.6 strokes over the next 2 months and has stayed within a .5 of my low for the rest of the season...I will be buying him a drink when I see him again this winter!! The crazy thing is I had played with him the day before and he never said a word, the following day on the putting green he wandered up to me, showed me 3 things and said commit to that for a couple months...and wandered away. the whole exchange was about 2 minutes!!
  14. I think the thread topic is misleading...Jack's record has already stood for 30 plus years and at a minimum it is going to stand for 10+ more, probably closer to 20 more...even it is eventually broken I think holding a record for 50ish years fills the criteria of standing the test of time. JMO
  15. Trump Makes Up Civil War Battle for Golf Course

    10 miles outside of DC is still in the DC market place...just like Merion is in Philly, Oakmont is in P-burg and so on. The imaginary battle I am sure was epic - just like the Donald!! The man is funny as hell IMO - I don't want him to be Pres but at least he has shaken the GOP to its core, the leaders are in a damn panic...LOL it is way overdue!! Now if we can just keep Shrillery out of WH maybe we can get something done!