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  1. How did you make breakthroughs?

    I looked at it this way when i was trying to break 90. Pretty simple just five a hole dont worry about par or anythiing else just five a hole that is 90 realize that getting a bogey isn't the end of the world acually for someone try to break 90 thats a good score to break 80 it was just trying to get more pars than bogey's and not getting too upset with bad shots. bad shots you can recover from one bad one and one great one can still make par. Thats what worked for me maybe it can help you
  2. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Just got into golf a couple of years ago so i cant really speak on jack but i love watch tiger play power and grace combined beautiful to watch
  3. Your Home Course Website.

    my home course is:
  4. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I am a Lobster fisherman in the bay of fundy for those that are going to ask no its not like the deadliest catch, well kinda the same only on about one tenth the scale its hard work but i love it.