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  2. Hey guys, great site Im getting back into playing after about 2 years off. I am currently hitting Some older Cobra SS oversize irons. I am starting to think my 'problems' arent with my swing, but rather my equipment. I am 6'7", and when I bought my clubs, they were extended to an inch over standard.. I was not 'fitted' for lie angle at all when I bought these irons.. hell I didnt even know it was important. I have a pretty upright stance, and I can get the ball where I want it, but I have to adjust some things that I dont feel I SHOULD have to.. For one, I have to stand about an inch to 2 inches farther away from the ball, which when swinging, is pretty uncomfortable, this is about the only thing that gets the ball to fly straight off my clubhead. When I swing natural and comfortable, I get about 10-15 yards right of the target, not a fade.. but blocked right, but make great 'contact' I went online to get some static measurements for fitting, and have gotten everywhere from 2, 3, or 4 (ping) degrees upright, with an inch over in legnth. My wrist to floor is 38" I am going to go get a fitting for some new irons, but it seems you have to KNOW which irons you want to buy, so they can fit you to that brand... well.. I have no clue. I want a club I can grow into, not out of. The X-18's felt good, but I couldnt really 'feel' mishits with them (a good thing?), I hit the RAC XD's off a mat in a shop. Till I went to a Golfsmith local to me, and grabbed the exact club ping reccomended out of a fitting cart there (4* up, inch over), wow..... even though it was off a mat, the cage was about 30 yards deep and about 30 feet high... the ball flew straight every time with a swing that feels natural to me. (club was a g5) Ping seems to be the only one that even makes 4* up. I guess IM just confussed on which equipment I should be looking into...?? I shoot (when I stopped playing) mid eighties on a consistant basis...