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  1. PatrickT added a post in a topic Drills for flattening out takeaway and downswing?   

    Hit 40 balls on an uphill lie. I call it the up-hill-drill. It will cure your over the top swing path in no time. It also trains you to hit the inside of the ball. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
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  2. PatrickT added a post in a topic Comfortable Golf Shoes   

    He might be right. I have an old pair of nikes that are the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever worn. I have many new pair of shoes, all different brands, and I always go back to that pair. I would definitely make sure you try on the shoes before you buy, and if you are the least bit uncomfortable, scrap them.
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  3. PatrickT added a post in a topic Hitting Irons better   

    I think you are focusing on getting the ball up. This is probably why only half the time you are doing so. Golf is a game of opposites. Hit down and the ball will shoot up. You will also have a much higher chance of getting a solid strike.

    Try it out. Good Luck
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  4. PatrickT added a post in a topic Does a big belly = better distance?   

    I have a feeling tiger woods would pack on some pounds if these two had a strong correlation. The man was probably a very good ball striker as you guessed. He also probably did learn to use his weight to his advantage, but when I was in high school I weighed 150 soaking wet and I could power a 3 iron to around 220. So I think it is really more form than mass.

    Look at the 15 year old on the tour a few years back, wasnt he 5'6"? but he could hit his driver over 300.

    Anyways, if you are thinking about packing on some pounds to add distance, I would suggest muscle over fat
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