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  1. pingman added a post in a topic How old are your clubs? (and related thoughts)   

    My clubs are from last June. However old that is. lol
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  2. pingman added a post in a topic How far have drivers come since th G2?   

    DOOD!!!!!!!!! TOSS YOUR G2 IN THE GARAGE MAN!!!!!!!! You're losing distance, control and accuracy just playing with that thing. It belongs in the Smithsonian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look, I'm not gonna speak my mind cause It may be too harsh, so I'll quote the May issue of Golf Digest on Obsolete Equipment in the Drivers insert.

    "Rapid advances in this category usually make the driver the most obsolete club in the average golfer's bag because no club in golf changes as quickly or as drastically as the driver. For some manufacturers, driver product cycles are as short as six months, and for most, drivers get the bulk of the company's R&D financing. Think you're up to date because you play with a decent-size titanium driver with a graphite shaft? Think again. If it was made before 2005, (G2 is from 2004) retire it. In fact, even if you consider your 2008 TaylorMade r7 CGB Max the latest and greatest, you need to reassess. Since you bought it, TaylorMade has released six new drivers, all with more optimally shaped clubheads, thinnger walls and better custom-fitting options. Since 2004, several technological milestones have occurred: maximum trampoline effect, optimal clubhead volume, higher moment of inertia, and adjustability to name a few. They all bring us to the same conclusion: If you big stick isn't more or les brand new, you're not helping yourself." - Stina Sternberg.

    Hopefully that answers your question. Head out to a Golf Shop and check out the new drivers there asap!
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  3. pingman added a post in a topic Project X Flighted Shafts - Player Input   

    I used to play DG X200 Parallel shafts and the PX shafts I have now are more or less about the same. However, working at the golf course and having a golf pro and having many tools and technology at my disposal helps. Don't get discouraged about the PX shafts, maybe you just need something less stiff, you said you had S300's so try out some 5.5 PX's.
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  4. pingman added a post in a topic What tee box do you play from?   

    I play from the back championship tees all the time just because, as the OP said, i feel as if i'm cheating the game or something.
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  5. pingman added a topic in Golf Talk   

    9 Holes with 3 Clubs?
    First things first, my home course is fairly easy, and pretty short, and from the back you can play driver/8 iron all day. Today we had practice in preparation for pre-district this Thursday. Well, our coaches went out with the girls because they need a playoff to decide who will go play and they left us boys alone. So, being bored, I figured we go play as well......using only 5 iron, 9 iron, and of course a putter. The 5 of us took off and played 9 holes using the before mentioned clubs, and we played surprisingly well. Turned out the idea of messing around turned out to help us with our creativity and "feel" around the course. I fired a 2 under 33. It was pretty fun and we're hoping the coaches will take the girls out again so we can play again.

    Anyone else attempt something similar?
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  6. pingman added a post in a topic 15 year old son shoots 2 over for 9 holes   

    that's not bad! my first par round with the golf team was 2 years ago when i was a freshman. if it wasn't for my wicked baseball injury, i would've never played golf. damn i miss playing ball, golf is ight tho...
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  7. pingman added a post in a topic The Hammer   

    just think of it as the quickest 100 bucks they could ever make. don't be a sucker! it doesn't work!!! If it did, Ping, Titleist, Taylormade, Cleveland, and all manufacturers would have followed suit!!!!
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  8. pingman added a post in a topic Forged Irons Life Expectancy?   

    Just depends. Like many have said, if you like shiny things, not too long. However, if you play on hard ground, have the lie and loft angle checked every so often. My S57's aren't forged, and some courses down here are pretty hard and I have no problems with them. However working at a golf course with access to the lie/loft machines is a personal plus.
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  9. pingman added a topic in Golf Talk   

    CDW Commercials
    Is it just me or is that dood creepy!? Every time I see those CDW commercials, the guy has the most blank stare and monotone voice ever! I mean, can they make it any more obvious he's reading off of something!? Lol, either way, anyone else find humor in these commercials?
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  10. pingman added a post in a topic Lefties get no respect...   

    Actually, at my home course where I work at, the golf pro is a certified Ping retailer/fitter and has taught me what he knows. We have just the same amount of left handed clubs as right handed. We don't make much with the left handed clubs but people come from all over south texas because they know we have a great selection of left handed clubs. so, i'm just putting in my 2 cents about your opinion on Ping. However, yes, more times than none lefties are "shafted"
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  11. pingman added a post in a topic Hit the i15 driver today...   

    It's a great driver. Sounds similar to G10 in the way that it's not loud and obnoxious sounding like Nike, Cleveland, and others. I recieved my signature a few months before the i15/G15 line came out. I work at my local golf course and the golf pro has a the hook up. It's a great set and the driver/fairways are by far the best clubs i've ever hit. Great feel, great distance, but most of all, great workability which is of importance to me.
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  12. pingman added a post in a topic Best Ball for Mid, Mid-High Handicappers   

    Bridgestone e+ series and Titliest NXT series
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  13. pingman added a post in a topic Golfing & Cigars   

    I don't mind it at all. 95% of the people that go to my home course smoke, My father and uncles smoke, so I'm used to it. Doesn't phase me.
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  14. pingman added a post in a topic Driver Volume != 460 cc?   

    Hmm, idk, but personally I hate my driver. I'm thinking of getting new golf clubs soon, although my current set up is a few months old, because the huge 460cc drivers don't fit my eye. I'm debating whether going for the R9 TP or Cleveland's Launcher DST Tour driver and following up with the corresponding fairway's, irons, wedges, and putter (which might be my ocd of having the same brand throughout the bag). Either way, my current driver does a great job of shaping shots, however, in the pro shop at my home course where I work at, I've taken the demo R9 out for a round and found the smaller head gave me greater control. Just preference I guess. However, manufacturers are beginning to shy away from the 460cc heads as you can tell considering the new models, reason being because the only way to go now is backwards.
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  15. pingman added a post in a topic Putting grips on backwards?   

    I was reading the same article just a few minutes ago in my first block. All of my clubs have the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Round grip with the logo underneath(which is the proper terminology). It looks more professional to me, plus I just never liked the logo there. Everyone's different. Doesn't really help any, just a mere visual preference I guess.
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