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  1. boogielicious added a post in a topic China's 50-Lane Traffic Jam   

    I took this when I was in Shanghai a few years back. When the traffic light changes, everyone just keeps going. This wasn't a bad one either.
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  2. boogielicious added a topic in The Grill Room   

    Playboy to eliminate nude photos from the magazine
    The times they are a changin'...
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  3. boogielicious added a post in a topic Should Phil or Tiger be the Ryder Cup Captain   

    Both clearly deserve being captains. BC is not qualified to judge.
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  4. boogielicious added a post in a topic My Swing (JonMA1)   

    You realize @JonMA1 is being sarcastic. Your advice is ridiculous. Which issue of Golf Digest did you get it from? Please stop posting nonsense in people My Swing threads. There are trying to get help from knowledgeable players and instructors.
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  5. boogielicious added a post in a topic TST's New IPS Forum - Post Your Bugs, Etc.   

    Not sure.
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  6. boogielicious added a post in a topic Post Your GAME Golf Rounds   

    Wow! That satellite view of the course makes it look like it's on Mars!
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  7. boogielicious added a post in a topic Who do you take golf advice from?   

    I did a lot of searching early on. But I settled on Evolvr lessons and posting in My Swing thread. There is a lot of confusing information out there that may be right, but is poorly presented or the pro says one thing but does another. If you just went through one calendar year of Golf Digest, you would find many instances where one article contradicts another. So it is dangerous to your progress to read it without some skepticism.
    There are a few good books out there too.
    He's been playing a long time. Many of us happen to agree with him. I've read all those books and enjoyed them, but most of what the player said they did was actually not the case when other studied their actual swings with video. 
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  8. boogielicious added a post in a topic Ever wonder how bunkers are made?   

    Mad skills on that backhoe operator!
    Last Tuesday, we played a local favorite course. On the first hole, there was a backhoe in the bunker next to the green. They were rebuilding it. Of course, my approach shot was behind the bunker with the backhoe in the way! 
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  9. boogielicious added a post in a topic Question on Shoulders and Stance Alignment Effect on Ball Flight   

    You are now being off topic in your own thread. There are a bunch of other threads about the grip.
    How to Grip a Golf Club
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  10. boogielicious added a post in a topic hi my name is bima   

    Welcome to the site @bima93!
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  11. boogielicious added a post in a topic "Lowest Score Wins" by Barzeski and Wedzik   

    Depending on your level of fitness, try three times a week. Reps 10 to 20 depending on the weight of the ball..
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  12. boogielicious added a post in a topic President's Cup Matches Discussion Thread   

    I did not stay up, but I'm glad it was close. It will boost the ratings of the next one.  I don't think Day won a single match, correct?
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  13. boogielicious added a post in a topic The Films and Movies Thread   

    It's Complicated with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin.  Solid par.  Streep is excellent and Baldwin is great at playing the Ex.
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  14. boogielicious added a post in a topic Gun Laws   

    Maybe they classify it differently. shanty towns are extreme poverty. Favelas are more self contained separate fiefdoms. US inner cities are supposed to be part of the city, community. I could see why they would classify it differently. 
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  15. boogielicious added a post in a topic Cart bag with less than 14 slots   

    I would cruise the Sun Mountain and Ogio sites and see what they have. I think Mizuno may also have one that has 6 or 7 slots.
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