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  1. The Films and Movies Thread

    The Finest Hours - lip out par. Chris Pine's Mass accent was passable. Special effects were good too.
  2. My Swing (TrevMill)

    Welcome to the Sand Trap. Can you send us a face on view?
  3. My Swing (PumaAttack)

    When working on a new piece from your instructor, it is important to not forget about the other work you have done. I try to spend the first five minutes of a session going over the prior pieces. Sometimes I would focus so much on the new piece, that I would regress.
  4. Gator on the cart path! [Video]

    I would let that single play through!
  5. 2016 DEAN & DELUCA Invitational

    I'm a Finau Fan now!
  6. My Swing (smripley)

    Welcome to the Sand Trap and thanks for posting. I would start with the two threads below. Also, please check out the rest of the site. What I see as your main issue is your body is shifting back in the back swing this makes it hard to get the weight forward enough on the downswing in time for impact.
  7. 2016 U.S. Open Prediction Contest with Sun Mountain

    "I am Staying Ahead of the Game with Sun Mountain!" 1. Jason Day -1 2. Steve Stricker +1 3. Bryson DeChambeau -2
  8. Tee Restrictions by Handicap

    There is the problem. High HC players on the tips will always slow things down and hold up the players behind. Low HC players will be taking far fewer strokes. Strokes take time, as does searching a walking to a wayward shot.
  9. Your worst golf bargain

    I bought a golf hitting net that wasn't pain to set up. I rarely have ever bought clubs new and research the heck out of things before I buy. I guess I'm OCD that way! ?
  10. Your best golfing bargain

    Think of what you'll get for that bureau with the broken drawer!
  11. The frustration is real!

    I agree with @RandallT and @DaveP043. Start by posting a video of your swing in the Member Swings section and avoid magazine tips!
  12. My Swing (nevets88)

    It is still invalid.
  13. My Swing (b101)

    Sometimes it is good to take a break. You really don't lose your place in the progress you made either.
  14. The Biggest Secret? SLIDE Your Hips

    It may be how you are practicing to change your motion. It is hard to change something that you have done hundreds and even thousands of times unless you practice smart. Check these two threads out.