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  1. Trump Makes Up Civil War Battle for Golf Course

    What if he said that George Washington played golf there!? 
  2. How did I not make this list? OK, Francis Ouimet may have a leg up on me.
  3. Clinton vows to stop saying 'illegal immigrants'

    Disagree with you there. All Presidents do executive orders. President Obama is not even close to what others have done. It is just the whining from the do-nothing congress that has made it seem so.  
  4. My Swing (3Mulligans)

    Keep filming yourself at the range so you can see progress. Sometimes feel is not real.
  5. Spike Marks on Someone Else's Line

    Those look comfy. I like the low heal too. How is the grip in wet weather? I've worn True shoes for a while and a pair of Footjoy M-Project. One has soft spikes and the others do not. Neither leave marks on the green. My issue with spike-less is wear and grip in wet weather.
  6. My knees will be sore the next morning unless I ice them. Also, my left ankle will be sore. I had an old injury there and I am just used to it being sore.
  7. Hello from Washington from a fairly new golfer!

    Welcome to the forum @snoopaloop
  8. What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

    I may be odd, but I like the canned jellied cranberry sauce from Ocean Spray. You know the one that makes the "schlock" sound when you slide it out of the can! Homemade sauces do nothing for me.
  9. My Swing (3Mulligans)

    Thanks for posting. It is really hard for us to tell much from that video. Either face on or from directly behind (Down-the-line) would be better. For down-the-line, have the camera on the line of your feet. One thing I did notice is you do not turn your hips at all. This limits your swing a lot. Check out the thread below. The shorter swing method you are using is helpful for a novice, but eventually you want to get a more full swing.  
  10. 2015 Australian Masters Thread

    Glad to see a guy my age win. Although, Peter Senior looks way older than me. 
  11. Unlimited Golf or One Round at Augusta?

    The way I read the question I voted unlimited golf. If I only got to play one round, I would stink so bad I would be embarrassed to play Augusta.
  12. Take it or leave it? Theoretical Hole in One query

    Nice high draw that missed the green but bounced off a side hill and rolled in. 
  13. I won a set of Titilest 716 AP2's

    I've been playing the 714 AP2s. I think you will like them a lot. They are more forgiving than typical cavity backs and feel great with good contact. What shafts did you get?
  14. Thanks. I was going to ask about how we could curb this.
  15. Winning a major vs winning a gold medal

    The Olympics is Huge in the US. Not sure why you think it is not. But Olympic golf is new and we need to see if it really takes off. The issue for me is how it is seeded. They limit the number of golfers from each country, which would eliminate good players from countries that have a lot of high level players. It will also let lower OWGR get in because they represent a country that has relatively few good players.