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  1. The quiet eye

    You can do your staring when the others in your group are doing there putts or reads. What makes play slow is waiting for everyone to finish before you start your routine.    I make my read when I first get to the green with AimPoint. 10-15 seconds max. Then I stand behind my ball when others are doing there thing. I already know my AimPoint. I'm looking at it while waiting. That's my stare time. So when it's my turn, I walk up, take my stance and putt. No practice swing. It is much faster and just as accurate. 
  2. Donald Trump for president?

    The mods may not read every word of every post, but we are monitoring this thread for bad behavior. It is a divisive subject and folks can get way too emotional and go over the line.
  3. 2015 NFL Football Thread

    It was a different game back then. Put Lynn Swann on Pitt today and he would have Antonio Brown numbers. He was an excellent receiver.
  4. 2016 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Discussion

    My money is on A-Aron Rogers! I like the Saturday broadcast when they go over their swings in painful slow motion!
  5. Donald Trump for president?

    Posters can be a honest and say whatever they want. They just can't insult other posters or use vulgar language or troll for emotional responses. So far, so good for the most part and I am being general here and not pointing at either of you.
  6. Mirror work at the gym before my workout. Focused mostly on hands further out at A5 and the pivot from A6 to A8. All slower mapping type movements.
  7. PBS Nova on muscle memory

    Interesting. Thanks for posting.
  8. The quiet eye

    I saw a special on it on Scientific American Frontiers. Alan Alda was the host and was working with a golf coach on putting. The info is below. http://www.chedd-angier.com/frontiers/season12.html 1206 - Episode 6 - On the Ball Release Date:3/19/02  Watch Episode  |   Download Transcript A Quiet Eye; Brainy Putting; Baseball Tech; No Limit I've used it and coached it in soccer for penalty shots. It can be very effect. For soccer, I would have the kids look up at the net on all sides and visualize where the wanted the ball to go. Then when they were ready, they would only look at the ball and never up again. I do a similar thing for putting. After I take my stance, I never look up again.
  9. Looks like something Joe Walsh would have done. But he would have kept the window closed. 
  10. Share a Fact from Your Job

    When I was in college, the worst job in my fraternity was having to clean the fry-o-lator. I always cooked so I didn't have to do that. 
  11. Finally Hitting Down on the Ball

    First, welcome to The Sand Trap.  Hitting of mats is tough on the body, especially those cheap hard mats. I don't think you necessarily want to sweep the ball all the time. Your new instructor seems to be trying to have you focus on getting your weight forward at impact. That is the key to preventing chunked shots. I would recommend continuing to work on what the Pro recommended. I would also limit the amount of full swings you take on bad mats and instead work on slow motion swings. Check out the thread below.     
  12. Donald Trump for president?

    There have been actually quite a few good conservative posters commenting as well. But almost all agree that they don't particularly like Donald Trump. We've had a few troll posters, but not as many as you would think in a political thread.
  13. Cool!  I would bring a lot of bug spray to the Amazon course.
  14. 2016 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Discussion

    I like this tournament. The course is beautiful.
  15. Longer or More Accurate?

    No wonder Mike Weir is struggling to stay on tour.