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  1. tngreg added a topic in Golf Talk   

    Traveling to Destin, Florida area 3rd week of Sept - Anyone else?
    Just wondering if anyone else will be down there and might want to get together for a round?

    I always take my clubs and try to get in a couple rounds when I'm on vaca.

    Greg from East TN.
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  2. tngreg added a topic in Golf Talk   

    Golf Course Suggestions for Destin, FL trip in Sept...Please
    Hey all,
    Hope summer is going well. The wife and I are planning a week in Destin FL area in Sept for our 10yr Anniversary. So I'm looking for recommendations on a decent course or two in Destin, FL or surrounding area..as we are staying near Seaside..

    Heck if anyone lives close I'm up for a playing partner too !!

    Any suggested good places for dinner would be cool as well!

    Stay COOL...IT freaking HOTT and muggy here in TN now....!

    Side-note: Recently picked up a Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid in 17degree...very nice club!!


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  3. tngreg added a post in a topic Courses in Knoxville, TN?   

    I live in Knoxville so here's the 411 on it..in the order that i consider nice public

    Landmark Golf Club at Avalon community…golfnow..great rates and very nice course! Weekday 28 on golfnow 45 regular. http://www.avalongolf.com/ Willow Creek Golf club ..very nice…45 during week I suppose… http://www.willowcreekgolf.com/ Centennial Golf Course.. www. centennial gc.com course good shape…very tight and kinda hilly..golfnow also..27 to 35. Three ridges Golf Course .. www.knoxcounty.org/ golf / three _ ridges /index.php Pretty good..course…on the eastside of knox…

    Near McGee Tyson Airport golf
    Pine Lakes Golf Ok course…29 to 33 ..totally public.. http://www.golflink.com/golf-courses/course.aspx?course=1045356
    Egwani Farms Golf…http://egwanifarmsgolf.com/index.shtml….Nice course but Avalon definitely better…for the $.
    WEST is BEST in this town..for culture, places to stay and eat.  Anything WEST of Cedar Bluff Exit off i-40…or near airport is ok too….Only course near downtown worth it is Three Ridges Golf above..Turkey Creek Shopping and Hotel Area…anywhere on “Parkside Drive” plenty of hotels and over 80 places to eat in 1.5 miles…
    Just let me know if you need want anyone to go play a round after work one evening. I work for ADT Security Services..in Knox..

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  4. tngreg added a topic in Golf Talk   

    Course info for Birmingham, AL Please
    I'll be in Birmingham AL doing volunteer storm relief work Aug 6th - Aug 10th.
    I'm from EAST TN and it'll be my first time to play golf in bama....i know it will be HOTT at that time of year!

    Any suggestion on a place in/near Birmingham to do an affordable evening round or maybe an early weekday round on my last day?

    Thanks all!

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  5. tngreg added a post in a topic New to golf...need help choosing clubs   

    I'm just now getting serious about my game and upgraded from some early 90's cobra irons to 09 Nike Slingshot HL iron set with hybrids.

    They are like night and day compared to my old irons. I love them and now i can start to concentrate on getting better. Got them half price since there 09 models. I'm just getting used to slowing down my swing and let these fine clubs do the work..I can increase my swing speed later when my ball striking improves.
    Good Luck!
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  6. tngreg added a post in a topic Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?   

    Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught. ~J.C. Watts
    Stating that, I'm going with Jack for my vote. This game is about tradition, honor and integrity. All of these are flawed in Tiger's character. He can cry and apologize all he wants, but he will never be viewed the same by gentleman serious about this game and its traditions
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  7. tngreg added a post in a topic What Do You Do for a Living?   

    I'm a desktop support specialist for a global security company based in FL. Just got serious about improving my golf game this year and looking forward to gaining knowledge here to help me get better.
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