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  1. Irons too lofty?

    What's the tee drill? Oh yeah. I'm not super consistent with my ball striking.. I hit fat a lot more than thin though
  2. Irons too lofty?

    Picking the ball? And I think my divots are more centered under the ball than in front...
  3. Irons too lofty?

    I feel like I'm hitting my irons too lofty. I'm getting a decent amount of distance out of them, I guess (7 iron's 145-150) but when i compare my trajectory with anyone else's, it looks like I'm hitting a wedge... and I mean even on up to my 3 iron. Got any tips?
  4. Driving Distance

    Really? I feel like I could hit my irons a lot further if I could cut down on some of the loft. My 7-iron looks like my friends PW. I just feel like I pop everything straight up. The only reason I feel like my driver is decent is because I bought an 8* to help with the loft
  5. Driving Distance

    I hit my driver about 230-250 on average, but my irons fall pretty short. My 7 is right at 150
  6. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Student, and also do industrial maintenance work when I'm not at college