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  1. shady06 added a post in a topic sun mountain c130 or titleist lightweight cart bag?   

    I guess I'm pretty boring, but I always just get the black version of bags usually. That red/black color scheme does look pretty sweet though. I'm sure you'll love it!
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  2. shady06 added a post in a topic sun mountain c130 or titleist lightweight cart bag?   

    lol they do look very similar, but I got the Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag not too long ago and absolutely love it. I've mostly had staff bags, but decided to go with a cart bag this time and couldn't be happier. Both bags look great so you can't go wrong with either one.
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  3. shady06 added a post in a topic Bridgestone J33CB or J36CB   

    Not intentionally bumping my thread, but just wanted to let you guys know I went ahead and took a chance and picked up a set of J36s off Ebay. They should be shipping this week and I can't wait to get them and put them into play. I want to thank all of you for your suggestions and quick responses, it means a lot to me. IF for some reason I can't hit these any better than my Taylormade RAC CB/MB combo's then I might try some Mizuno MX25's as those look a lot more forgiving, we shall see. I will update this thread again on my assessment of the J36s after I get them and put them into play. Thanks again!
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  4. shady06 added a post in a topic Bridgestone J33CB or J36CB   

    I played another round today with my Taylormade RAC CB/MB combo and every shot I hit felt horrible with them. My buddy has a set of older Taylormade Burner irons that are game improvement/borderline super game improvement with a pretty thick top line. I decided to try a few shots with them and I absolutely nuked every shot I hit with them. Can you give me an estimate on the J36s top line with any other club? I'd rather it not be too big, but I can live with it being bigger than my current musclebacks. Actually let me post a picture of the top line thickness and if you can tell me whether or not the J36's are thicker/thinner or just about the same that would be awesome.
    3, 7, 9 irons
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  5. shady06 added a post in a topic Bridgestone J33CB or J36CB   

    Yeah I'm going to visit a few shops tomorrow and see if they have an J36s on the rack, but I'm not feeling very optimistic. We shall see!
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  6. shady06 added a post in a topic Bridgestone J33CB or J36CB   

    Okay another quick question. How do the J36's compare to the Nike Victory Red's and the Mizuno MX300's? I'm going to try to hit the Victory Red's and Mizuno's tomorrow granted they have them in the store, but there is nowhere even remotely close to me that I can hit the J36's so trying to get an opinion. Thanks!
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  7. shady06 added a post in a topic Bridgestone J33CB or J36CB   

    Yeah I was actually considering looking at the pocket cavities, but wasn't sure how thick the top line was. I don't particularly care for a big thick top line to look at, but I know I can't have the best of both worlds. What about the J33's? Anyone have any experience with them? Are they that much different than the J36's? I really wish there was a place close that carried these so I could go hit both of them, but no luck.
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  8. shady06 added a post in a topic Bridgestone J33CB or J36CB   

    I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on them. How are Rifle 6.0 shafts? I've always played True Temper Dyamic Gold S300's. How will those Rifle's compare? Also how much more forgiving you think they will be than the Muscle Backs I currently play?
    lol as far as Bridgestone products go, I currently switched to their e7 golf ball from trying various balls and picked up more yardage without sacrificing too much control around the greens. I absolutely love them.
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  9. shady06 added a post in a topic Bridgestone J33CB or J36CB   

    Well I have two sets of irons that I'm currently going back and forth with, but can't seem to hit either one worth a darn. Those two sets are the Taylormade RAC CB/MB combo and Titleist 990. I played Titleist 962's in high school and hit them well, but sold them a few years back and regret that. You think getting the J36's would be a good choice? Throw some suggestions at me if not. Thanks.
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  10. shady06 added a topic in Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting   

    Bridgestone J33CB or J36CB
    Hello all! Right now I am playing muscleback irons and am struggling with them. I am looking at the Bridgestone irons because lately I've seen them getting a lot of good reviews and the two particular models are the J33CB and J36CB that can be had for relatively cheap. Seeing as these are cavity backs I think they will be a little easier to hit or at least I hope they would be. Anyways if you had to make a decision and each you could get for the same price, which would you get between the J33CB or J36CB and why? Thanks!
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  11. shady06 added a post in a topic Best Shot of the Week   

    The last round I played, my best shot came on the par 5 16th hole. Hit a beautiful drive that was long and right down the middle which left me with the choice of going for the green in 2. There is a pond right in front of the green so it's a tough choice, but I was about 210 out. Decided against hitting a 3 wood because there is OB over the green and decided to try to nuke my 22 degree hybrid. Caught it dead flush and knocked it 10 feet from the pin. Proceeded to miss the eagle putt for an easy birdie. Wish it was that easy all the time!
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  12. shady06 added a post in a topic What Do You Do for a Living?   

    Hello everyone! I was recently laid off from Caterpillar and now I'm attending school to hopefully do something in the medical field.
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