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  1. Donald Trump for president?

    Let's not play games, this is the talking point democrats use (just as you used them) to discourage those that have sick, mentally ill, disable or lazy family members from voting Republican.  The threat is always if you elect a Republican they will take away something from you or a family member because all they care about is big business and it's a lie.  
  2. Donald Trump for president?

    That's the standard democrat scare tactic, Hillary uses it daily.
  3. Donald Trump for president?

    Unless the Super delegates switch sides, Sanders doesn't have a chance.
  4. Dangerous or Not? Your Opinion Please

    My responses assume we are playing in a tournament or for big money.  In a casual round I don't care what the other players do. I'd allow relief for 3&4.  The others are normal course hazards and need to be handled in accordance to the ROG.  I don't believe there are many black snakes that are poisonous, if the course was in an area where there were large black poisonous snakes I'd allow relief then too.  
  5. Donald Trump for president?

    If an employee does a good job and the business is stable existing, employees would minimally get a raise equivalent of cost of living. If you adjust the minimum wage each year to coincide with cost of living, you're going to force businesses that are not performing well to lay off employees to offset the costs. Not all businesses are created equally or have the same profit margins, so imposing mandatory cost of living increases on their wages would be a form of socialism imo.
  6. 2015 NFL Football Thread

    You can't look at his numbers based on the stats of today.  Where was he ranked in 2001 when he was inducted into the HOF?
  7. Donald Trump for president?

    Because wages are not tied to cost of living in business they are tied to employee performance, business performance and future financial projections.
  8. Donald Trump for president?

    The Federal Government doesn't know how to manage costs which is why they are so inefficient in providing services.  Those who manage budgets within the Federal Government view the size of their budget as a indication of their importance and encourage maxing out the spending of their budgets to ensure the budgets aren't cut in future years. General Services Administration (GSA) that was formed to reduce the costs of products and services purchased from the private sector is a joke.  The loopholes and inefficiencies have not reduced costs, the government is still buying $100 hammers. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae offered federally guaranteed mortgages that led to the mortgage bubble and financial collapse of banks. The next bubble will be student loans where students that racked up 100's of thousands of dollars in debt will default and the tax payers will be forced to bail out the banks that issued the loans. VA Hospitals and Obama Care have equally been mismanaged, starting with the billion dollar website that didn't work and then was hacked to the failed promises of keep your doctors. Social Security was secretly reclassified as an entitlement so the funds we paid into it could be stolen to help fund the National Debt. There are some areas like the military, FBI, border patrol, TSA, interstate highways that the Federal Government has to manage but beyond that, I want them out of my life, regardless of what party they represent.  
  9. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I'd be shocked if Tiger wasn't compensating Joe well while he healed or offered him the opportunity to carry the bag for other golfers.  If I remember correctly, Tiger okayed Stevie to do some caddying while he was out of golf for a while. 
  10. Donald Trump for president?

    Exactly, all the entitlement and participation trophy nonsense has created a lot of these individuals.  Instead of being angry with themselves they blame the wealthy and others for the tough life they have.
  11. 1st Tee Nerves

    I tee off with a 4h or 5w quite often when my driver isn't cooperating.  You lose some distance but at least your not OB or hitting from behind trees.
  12. New GolfNow layout is Awful

    Could be that the changed their cookie method and the cookies are getting blocked by firewall / anti-virus software.
  13. New Tesla Model 3 only 35k?

    If it competes with the 3 Series BMW and Mercedes C it's a good price point.  Most of the time new cars and prices are announced at base price.  I don't know how Tesla packages their cars but usually base price doesn't even include car mats so it will be interesting to see what a reasonably configured Model 3 will cost.
  14. Donald Trump for president?

    I agree to some level he's trolling the media but he needs to complement his trolling with some well thought out policies or rhetoric.  He's an intelligent, successful man but at this point in the campaign he needs to work on his credibility and sincerity.
  15. 2015 NFL Football Thread

    Calvin Johnson had some great seasons, he broke 1,000 yards 8* (984 yards in '09) out of 9 seasons.  The problem imo is he needs a longer body of work or post season stats to push him into the HOF category.