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  2. My understanding is that in 2012 the major forces within Syria were the Assad, Salafist (an ultra-conservative orthodox movement within Sunni Islam that is now known as ISIS), the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda Iraq (AQI). Russia, China and Iran were supporting the Assad while the US and NATO supported the opposition. The DOD decided that within the collective opposition there was the potential for a Salafist principality that would help isolate the Syrian regime and that is who we felt at the time was the best group of the opposition to support. 
  3. Changes to Handicap System for 2016 Released

    If they don't require signed score cards, will they require you to identify who you're playing partners were so if there's a question about a posted score they can verify it?   I see little value in not allowing those playing alone to post scores for handicap purposes if the verification system is so weak it's virtually useless in thwarting sandbaggers.  Conversely I don't want to be on the hook to verify a score with a stranger or club member I was randomly paired with who misrepresented their score.   I guess this will all have to get sorted out as there is a lot of ambiguity and potential for confrontations.
  4. 2015 NFL Football Thread

    I hate the Patriots but the refs really blew that call with the inadvertent whistle on Brady's pass to Amendola and running the clock down on the final play when Watkins was clearly trying to get out of bounds. The NFL is competitive enough without the refs messing up.  This year seems to be a really bad year for referees and injuries.
  5. Exactly, but at one point ISIS were the rebels in 2012 the US and NATO supported, so we have no idea who the current rebels will be and whose side they will be on in 3 years.
  6. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2018

    I like the changes for 2018, I always felt our handicap system was too lenient given the way it's managed overseas.
  7. Changes to Handicap System for 2016 Released

    For most this will be difficult to police but my club requires we submit our score cards for review for at least 75% of the rounds we post at our home course.
  8. Russia and China supported Assad long before ISIS was even called ISIS
  9. I'd guess Turkey wanted Russia that they were violating their air space and if they continued Turkey would retaliate.  I find it hard to believe a Russian fighter jet got near or in their air space and Turkey just shot it down without any previous warnings.
  10. The problem is the sides change depending on the country.  In Syria we're not sure whose side we're on as neither ISIS or Assad are great options for us.  Russia clearly supports Assad so Turkey either supports ISIS or just doesn't like Russia flying close to their airspace. 
  11. Poor Treatment of Muslim Passengers

    I only cited the blog because the Washington Post fact checked Trump's story with it.
  12. My ex business partner and I are both lefties, fellow golfers would always comment on how uncommon it was to see one lefty, no less two on the same team.
  13. Poor Treatment of Muslim Passengers

    Admittedly the author is hard right but I had heard from family and friends who lived in NY at the time (I was in VA) how disgusted they were that some people were cheering the attacks back in 2001.  I doubt Trump actually saw the protestors but it's not out of the realm of possibility that there were people cheering in the streets, though not likely 1000's as Trump suggests. Here's the full link if anyone wants to review it;
  14. Poor Treatment of Muslim Passengers

    I don't disagree, but looking at it from the airline point of view, it's all about liability.  If the men who were denied boarding turned out to be terrorists and the airline did nothing the legal and financial repercussions could have bankrupted the company.  There is also the potential of an altercation during the flight which would put more people at harm. I'd have preferred the airline officials spoke to the Arabic gentleman, verified they were who they said they were and once confident they weren't a threat allow them to board the plane and offer those who were concerned or uncomfortable to fly on a different flight.
  15. Cleat chaos

    I'm a pretty big guy and wear Footjoy Dry Joys and Icons, I notice both leave marks on the greens when they are wet.  The marks are minimal but certainly reflect a change in the soft spike and sole design of the shoes that place more weight on the cleats and less on the non-cleated portions of the shoe. I compared the soles of some newer and older shoes and noticed that the soles of the newer shoes bore more weight on the cleats and the older soft spikes did not extend as much beyond the sole of the shoe compared to newer shoes.