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  1. A Forum Just for Golfing?

    Most hosting servers come with Softaculous installed on cpanel which provides free or open source software for websites. On my server I have about 10 different forums I can install and setup free of charge. I'd think as an IT consultant you'd be familiar with them.
  2. A Forum Just for Golfing?

    You should have included this in the initial post. How would it benefit you? Setting it up is easy but it's one of those things that might get used a lot initially then dies out.
  3. Who is going to be the next big name in golf

    Does that mean we're already over Bryson, Koepka and Justin Thomas or they never made the list?
  4. Presidential Race 2016

    A Bernie / Trump debate gives the country of view of life without Hillary. The media will focus on the two of them and Hillary will be on the sidelines, kind of how she was leading 8 years ago and then lost to Obama.
  5. do we really need fancy putters

    Beyond the benefits of an Edel custom fitting you seem confident that the putters you own are right for you. I spent a fair amount of money buying putters that provided me that confidence. Ironically it wasn't one of the more expensive Scotty Cameron putters I own but a lower priced, used Odyssey Tank Cruiser. I still plan to get fit for an Edel one day but there's no one on Long Island that I'm confident will do a good job so I'd prefer to spend a few days in PA to get Aimpoint training and fitted by Erik.
  6. Presidential Race 2016

    You read my mind this morning. I was just thinking that this all be some setup to have Bernie end up as the candidate for the democrats. If we see the liberal media start to spend more time covering HRC investigations then we'll know that the support is switching to Bernie. Despite Hillary refusing to respond to the investigations that she calls Republican party witch hunts the reality is all the people heading up the investigations were appointed by Obama. I also just saw on Today that Bernie and Trump are going to have a debate for charity before June 7, not good for Hillary.
  7. do we really need fancy putters

    Ah the battle between need and want. We don't need fancy putters but we want them and like them. Just like we don't need fancy cars, boats, watches, etc. On a more serious note, putters are about confidence. If you gain more confidence using an Edel putter because it was fitted for your putting stroke or by using a Scotty Cameron putter because they are popular on the Tour in the end it is one less thing you have to worry about when you're on the course.
  8. 2016 Mets World Championship Thread

    I take it you're a big baseball fan? Just a guess
  9. Good point, I didn't think of that. Last year they held a US Open qualifier at our home course and that alone left the course in pretty rough shape. I can't imagine what a full blown tournament would do to it.
  10. Topgolf acquires Protracer

    Disclaimer: I have never been to a Top Golf location so my comments are strictly limited to videos I've seen, reviews I've read and their website Top Golf seems to be to golf what midnight bowling in the dark with glow in the dark balls and pins is to league bowling. They involve similar equipment while consuming copious amounts of alcohol but they don't do much to simulate the actual game. It would be a pretty big reach for Top Golf to step into golf instruction unless they reinvent themselves to spin off ProTracer as a separate business focused on instruction.
  11. 2016 Mets World Championship Thread

    Exactly, it's also great for napping to.
  12. I agree, he must be leaving out scores because the scores he's listed do not represent a -7.4 index.
  13. There will always be a price to pay for bucking the trend and making unpopular choices. I'm sure Muirfield members will have another shot at voting on the allowing women so they can get back into The Open rotation. If Muirfield eventually allows women it will be seen as a victory for the PC fanatics but the reality will be that the policy change is likely due to the memberships desire to get back in the rotation. I guess you take your victories however you can get them. The initiation fees must be really high at Muirfield because a $30,000 annual membership fee is pretty reasonable for all the "exclusivity" and perks some feel the women are missing out on. The club I belonged to last year was $25,000 per year and we weren't hosting PGA Tour Tournaments nor did we have the ultra elite of NY.
  14. Presidential Race 2016

    I didn't say it wasn't fair, you can talk about him all you like. All the attention from liberals and the liberal media has helped him secure the nomination and will likely help him beat Hillary. I was calling out the veiled attempts by some to pretend that their purpose of posting was anything more than to bash Trump.
  15. 2016 Mets World Championship Thread

    Crowning the Mets at this point is premature at best and I'm a die hard Mets fan. With Duda out they don't have a true first baseman and will miss his bat. Matt Harvey and DeGrom are not close to their 2015 fastball speeds and control and Matz is having some elbow issues. The bullpen is getting more work than anticipated and it's still very early in the season. Conforto and Cespedes have had hot bats but that won't last all season.